Branding and Thought Leadership Help Diagnostic Lab Launch New Product


Diatherix Laboratories is a CAP-accredited molecular diagnostic laboratory specializing in the precise detection of infectious diseases. In advance of the launch of a new diagnostic panel, the company sought to elevate brand awareness within the hospital and skilled nursing spaces and become thought leaders in the discussion of multi-drug resistant organisms (MDROs).

Strategy and Tactics

We partnered with Diatherix to help name, plan and promote ABX Crossroads, a scientific symposium to foster a national dialogue on the prevalence and detection of MDROs. The daylong conference engaged pharmacists, pharmacy directors, infection control officers and healthcare administrators in a multifaceted discussion about this growing healthcare crisis. Outreach and promotional activities included:
  • Creation of ABX Crossroad social media platforms
  • Active engagement of key MDRO-interested parties through traditional and social media
  • Development of sponsorship information, promotional materials and website content
  • Design and execution of email marketing program
  • Media outreach and engagement

Results and Client Response

By all measures the premier ABX Crossroads event was an overwhelming success:

  • A maximum capacity crowd attended the event;
  • 91% of participants indicated they were “very satisfied”;
  • Three out of four said the program provided value to improve their professional effectiveness;
  • Industry media ran stories before and after the event, with one headline in a leading healthcare trade publication posing “Are You an Antibiotics Steward or Deadbeat?”

Thank you so much for the invaluable support Lovell provided in helping us produce and present our symposium. We could not have done ABX Crossroads without you. From day one your creative approach, strategic thinking and professional connections were important factors in our success.

– Betty Hawkins, Diatherix Vice President Strategic Initiatives

Ultimately, our efforts with Karmanos brought their brand to an audience of more than 112 million in our first year.