5 Ways to Use Linkedin to Promote Your Brand

As the world’s largest professional network, LinkedIn is a vital platform for promoting your organization. Producing leads 227% more effectively than Facebook and Twitter, LinkedIn can help your company generate brand visibility and growth. Try these five strategies to improve your LinkedIn engagement.

Curate your content to encourage user interaction.

Include a visual element. Posts with images receive 98% more comments, and videos receive five times more engagement than other content. It’s also important to keep copy short. If you want to share long-form content, create a brief lead and add a link to the full article or blog. Include a clear call to action and name your audience to gain their attention and invite them to follow the lead. Lastly, tagging individuals and company pages will share your content with their networks as well as your own, which will generate more engagement.

Post content that aligns with the interests of your target audiences.

Seventy percent of people want health care brands to offer a reassuring tone. Create content that highlights real stories of team members or patients to emotionally connect with your audiences and build trust. Further, 77% of people want health care brands to share how they are helpful in the “new every day,” after COVID-19. Publish content that connects with the struggles or goals of your followers. For example, create a poll that asks your audience to vote for their top wellness goal and connect it with your services for a personalized experience.

Optimize timing of your posts.

Consistency is more important than frequency. Your network will expect content on the basis you set, so publish according to a schedule that works best for your company and stick with it for at least a month. Then analyze when you receive the best engagement and adjust. The ideal dates and times for health care brands to post are Tuesday through Thursday between 10 a.m. and 2 p.m., according to HubSpot.

Utilize linking strategies to boost internal and external SEO.

Optimize your LinkedIn page by encouraging employees to add your company as their employer on LinkedIn. This creates more links to your company page, which will boost your inbound link profile and increase your visibility through your employees’ networks. However, it’s important linked employees clearly state in their profiles that opinions are their own and not a direct representation of the company. Additionally, link to specific pages on your website that are relevant to the content shared in your posts, instead of just your homepage to diversify SEO.

Capitalize on LinkedIn’s hashtag algorithm.

Hashtags increase brand awareness. LinkedIn users can look for content by searching hashtags and follow them for alerts on new relevant posts. Hootsuite recommends including two or three relevant hashtags in your content to increase visibility. Also consider utilizing hashtags in your company description so your page will appear when users search specific key words like #healthcare or #mentalhealth.

Comment on and share the content of industry leaders.

Interacting with other LinkedIn posts is a great way to increase your organization’s reach and engagement. When you comment on a post, it shows up in the feeds of people in your network as well as the original creator’s network. Because this allows you to reach a wider audience, your commentary should add to the conversation. Supporting other organizations’ content builds your credibility, and adding your perspective establishes you as an industry leader. However, it’s recommended that companies post at least one piece of owned content for every four shared.

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