5 Digital Trends for Health Care Communicators

Communication in the online space continues to evolve as digital communities grow. People spend more time than ever on their feeds, opening new possibilities for health care organizations to connect with key audiences. Consider these five trends to increase engagement when developing your digital marketing strategy.

Video content will continue to drive engagement.

TikTok continues to prove that short video content excites people about brands and encourages conversations. Platforms like Twitter and Instagram are following suit by offering improved ways to create video content that drives engagement. By moving from static, photo-based posts and advertising to dynamic video content, health care marketers have the opportunity to showcase their organizations’ creativity and more easily tell important stories.

The user experience is key.

As the pace of technology continuously advances, consumers expect their online experiences to be fast, simple and engaging. There is no exception when it comes to accessing their health information online. It is important for current and potential patients to easily access health information and resources. Health care marketers focused on attracting new patients through SEO and paid tactics must ensure they are providing a meaningful, relevant online experience. Make sure your website is optimized and consider how you can integrate mobile experiences that are more compatible with your users’ lifestyles.

Social channels are utilized to build relationships.

People on social platforms expect to have conversations and interactions, not just see advertisements. While these channels are a great place to advertise, it’s important for health care organizations to use the content they create to build relationships and generate discussion. Further, the public expects brands to continue to engage with them in conversations they initiate, not just post and sit back. Focus on highlighting current news and posting informative content to educate and build trust with your publics.

Authentic brands are successful brands.

Transparency is a vital part of maintaining trust. Keeping your audience informed about what is happening in your organization and providing context relative to health care helps to humanize your organization. Additionally, don’t ever assume your audience is not aware of your shortcomings. People feel empowered to call out fake news and hold organizations accountable on social platforms due to the nature of the forums. Providing authentic information to the public can help your clinic or organization come across as genuine and aid in attracting and retaining patients.

LinkedIn is facilitating B2B marketing and recruitment.

LinkedIn has become the top social platform for professionals looking to network, positions themselves as thought leaders and find development opportunities. The launch of new features through the LinkedIn creator program allows health care communicators to leverage new tactics like video and newsletter content and provides tools that can help establish company leaders as influencers in their space.

Social platforms are an integral part of the digital marketing mix. Capitalizing on these channels’ accessibility and reach will allow your organization to strengthen its existing audience relationships and extend its reach to create new ones.