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Posted on 04.22.2022

Climate Change: Are You Ready to Tell Your Sustainability Story?

What would the health care industry have done differently if it had known when the pandemic was coming? Does foresight change behavior?... Read More »

Posted on 04.12.2022

Increase Awareness of Your Brand with LinkedIn Advertising

LinkedIn users have 50% more trust in LinkedIn ads compared to other social platforms, offering marketers a unique opportunity for engagement. Learn how you can implement LinkedIn ad strategies to achieve your organization’s goals... Read More »

Posted on 04.11.2022

5 Ways to Use LinkedIn to Promote Your Brand

LinkedIn can help your company generate brand visibility and growth, producing leads 227% more effectively than Facebook and Twitter. Implement these strategies to improve your LinkedIn engagement... Read More »

Posted on 04.08.2022

5 Digital Trends for Health Care Communicators

Communication in the online space continues to evolve as digital communities grow. People spend more time than ever on their feeds, opening new possibilities for health care organizations to connect with key audiences. Consider these five trends to increase engagement when developing your digital marketing strategy... Read More »

Posted on 08.19.2021

Nonprofit health systems: What does your 990 say about you?

What does your Form 990 say about your nonprofit hospital? Read more for communications guidance on what to say — and what to do when there’s not enough space to say everything you’d like... Read More »

Posted on 07.13.2021

3 Easy Ways to Write Better Emails

Today, we are exposed to more marketing messages than ever before. In fact, some estimates figure we encounter between 6,000-10,000 messages per day. Combined with the increase in email communications (upwards of 100 per day for most full-time employees) and the fact that our average attention span has fallen to only 8 seconds, the competition for eyeballs on your messages is fierce... Read More »

Posted on 07.12.2021

President’s Economic Executive Order Tackles Hospital M&A, Price Transparency and More

In a sweeping executive order targeted at reduced corporate consolidation, increased competition and concrete economic deliverables for the American people, President Joe Biden is urging more scrutiny for hospital mergers and a continued focused on price transparency... Read More »

Posted on 05.27.2021

Setting up a Hybrid Workplace? Keep Your Employees Engaged in Today’s New Environment

If your organization is planning to adopt a remote or hybrid work environment for 2021 and beyond, consider these suggestions to maintain morale and strong company culture... Read More »

Posted on 04.16.2021

New Rule Provides Access to Health Visit Notes

Health care providers routinely take notes as part of in-person or tele-health visits. Though those notes become part of a patient’s medical record, they have typically not been shared with – or even made accessible to – the patient. As of April 5, 2021, that’s all changed... Read More »

Posted on 03.04.2021

Creating a Positive Brand Experience Through Your Vaccine Efforts

If your facility is administering the COVID-19 vaccine to your current patient base or members of the community, consider these opportunities to build a positive brand experience... Read More »

Posted on 02.16.2021

Don’t Let the Pandemic Further Sideline Business Development Efforts

The pandemic is a huge challenge to business development efforts but not an insurmountable one. Keep growth at the top of your priority list with these seven tips to help you get out there—virtually... Read More »

Posted on 01.26.2021

Adapting Your Internal Communications for an Increasingly Remote Workforce

As we move through the first quarter of 2021 with continued uncertainty around the COVID-19 pandemic and when the U.S. might achieve widespread vaccination, many organizations have already embraced an increasingly remote workforce. With many companies choosing to go remote long-term, communications teams must adapt to ensure employees remain engaged and connected... Read More »

Posted on 11.30.2020

With Health Care Bankruptcies on the Rise, Communication is Key

With many hospitals already struggling, experts fear the latest surge in COVID-19 cases may trigger a wave of bankruptcies across the industry. While reorganization is a complex legal process, the importance of an effective communications strategy cannot be underestimated... Read More »

Posted on 11.23.2020

Preparing for COVID’s Long Winter

Despite COVID fatigue, providers of all kinds must draw upon their experiences from the spring at the outset of the pandemic and adopt new policies and procedures to protect patients and staff. Consider these ideas to help refresh and revitalize your outreach efforts for the season ahead... Read More »

Posted on 11.20.2020

The COVID-19 Infodemic: 3 Ways to Ensure Your Message Stands Out from the Crowd

False information in the time of coronavirus often travels as fast as the virus itself. With so much information available – true or not – how can you make sure your audience continues to trust and value your brand’s message? Here are three tips for marketers to keep in mind to avoid misinformation and help your message stand out from the crowd... Read More »

Posted on 11.19.2020

5 Tips for Launching Successful Digital Ad Campaigns

Though digital ads can be launched with only a few clicks, the success of any campaign hinges on the proper preparation and set up. Follow these steps before launch to achieve the best results... Read More »

Posted on 10.06.2020

The Show Must Go On: Strategies for Marketing Your Virtual Event

Due to the increasing popularity and necessity of virtual events, competition for attendees is fierce. Developing smart, strategic marketing tactics will help ensure your event stands out in the sea of webinars, livestreams and conferences. If you plan to host a virtual event, consider these tips to increase attendance and engage your audience... Read More »

Posted on 06.19.2020

#NumbersGame: Are you ready to talk with stakeholders about stimulus funds and other money matters in the age of COVID-19?

Is your organization ready to “have the talk” and demonstrate sound stewardship of taxpayer funds? Consider these strategies to help prepare and lead this important conversation with your stakeholders... Read More »

Posted on 05.26.2020

More people are searching for health care information during COVID-19. What does your two-star rating tell them?

Searches for health care information have gone up during the coronavirus pandemic. An organization with an appealing and informative website can be overlooked if it has a significant amount of unfavorable reviews on sites such as Google, Yelp, Indeed, Glassdoor and Healthgrades. How can you improve your online reputation?... Read More »

Posted on 05.12.2020

How to Ace Remote Presentations and Media Interviews

Giving a presentation, conducting a media interview, or just participating in an internal meeting is a dramatically different experience via video than in person. Here are a few tips to help health care leaders ace their next video engagement... Read More »

Posted on 05.11.2020

Special Edition Newsletter: COVID-19: Shining a Bright Light on Nursing Homes

Shining a Bright Light on Nursing Homes: New Federal Focus; States Also Turn Up The Heat; Media Play The Role Of Watchdog... Read More »

Posted on 05.06.2020

Marketing health care services during COVID-19

Your hospital may be ready to begin seeing patients for routine care again, but are patients ready to return? Consider these communications strategies to help the community see your facility in a new light post-COVID-19... Read More »

Posted on 04.30.2020

Special Edition Newsletter: COVID-19 Reading and Resources: Re-Opening Health Care Services

Re-opening Health Care Services: CMS Recommendations; Variation By State; Doctors Fear Declining Health Conditions; Americans Are, Indeed, Waiting; Hospitals Communicate Safety... Read More »

Posted on 04.28.2020

From Crisis to Connection: Social Media Tips During COVID-19

In the midst of the COVID19 pandemic, many of us turn to social media for support and a sense of community. Consider these five tips to help your business adjust your social media strategy to strengthen trust and connections with your audience during a real-world crisis... Read More »

Posted on 04.06.2020

Leadership Communications and COVID-19

Communicating regularly with internal audiences is more important during the COVID-19 pandemic than ever. Don't waste time overthinking the message. Follow these 6 tips for creating valuable updates for your teams... Read More »

Posted on 03.16.2020

COVID-19 Updates and Resources

As many of our clients already know, our firm is providing support to health care providers, payors and suppliers across the country as we navigate this global crisis together. Our employees in Tennessee, Kentucky and California are all now working remotely, but can be reached at our usual phone numbers and by email... Read More »

Posted on 03.16.2020

Special Edition Newsletter: COVID-19 Updates and Resources

Your Lovell Team is Here in a Crisis; The CDC is Always Your Go-To Source; States Respond as Hospitals Prepare; The Current Numbers; Recources for Employers; Helping Families Through the Crisis; Just the Facts, Please; History's Lessons; Giving Helps... Read More »

Posted on 03.05.2020

Special Edition Newsletter: Communications Considerations and the New Coronavirus

Communicating in the age of coronavirus; Useful COVID-19 Resources... Read More »

Posted on 02.27.2020

Communication considerations and the new coronavirus

As the nation braces for an anticipated outbreak of the new coronavirus, communications teams at hospital and health systems across the country are moving into action... Read More »

Posted on 02.21.2020

Telling Your Hospital’s Story

Solid community relationships are essential to your hospital’s long-term clinical and business success. Regular engagement with your community and its key stakeholders helps ensure these ties stay strong and your hospital’s messages are heard loud and clear... Read More »

Posted on 02.14.2020

My Internship Experience | Natalie Simpson

My time at Lovell made me more confident in my communications skills and in my decision to pursue a career in public relations. Being able to learn from people with a variety of backgrounds was extremely valuable, and it opened my eyes to how broad a career in communications could be... Read More »

Posted on 01.23.2020

Big Tech and Your Health Data

How vulnerable is our private health data in the digital age?... Read More »

Posted on 01.17.2020

ADA Accessibility: What Does It Mean for Your Hospital’s Website?

Is your hospital’s website ADA compliant? If not, you could be alienating users and opening yourself up to potential lawsuits. Reduce your hospital’s vulnerabilities by implementing these five website best practices to make your site more accessible... Read More »

Posted on 01.13.2020

Readiness Checklist: Communications Plays Vital Role in Cybersecurity Preparedness

Are you ready? Communications plays a critical role in cybersecurity preparedness. Update your crisis communications plan today with this 8-point checklist... Read More »

Posted on 12.18.2019

3 Tips for Protecting Your Organization as Privacy Laws Evolve

As high-profile data breaches become more commonplace, states are taking measures to protect their residents. Two significant privacy measures have recently taken effect: the California Consumer Privacy Act and Nevada SB 220... Read More »

Posted on 12.13.2019

Nonprofit Hospitals Brace for Next-Level Transparency

A new era of transparency isn’t just coming – it’s here. Is your hospital ready?... Read More »

Posted on 11.19.2019

Building the Foundation for a Successful CON Hearing

It’s a tale as old as time… Your hospital wants to grow or add new services, but your competitors are keen to protect their turf. The outcome often hinges on who can most clearly demonstrate their position to the Certificate of Need board. While no two CON programs are exactly alike, there are a few foundational strategies health care organizations can deploy to influence a successful outcome... Read More »

Posted on 10.17.2019

Digitizing Care: Meeting Patients Where They Are

Not sure your digital presence is up to par? Check out these small changes you can make to enhance patient satisfaction... Read More »

Posted on 10.04.2019

Uncomfortable in the spotlight? Here are 4 tips to overcome your fears

Here is some advice to make public speaking less daunting and even help you learn to enjoy it... Read More »

Posted on 08.26.2019

M&A communications: finding harmony when styles and cultures clash

Health care mergers and acquisitions come in many shapes and sizes, just like brides and grooms. And much like planning a wedding, clashing styles and cultures can make for a bumpy ride when preparing for the “big day.” To smooth the way for the “big day,” consider adopting these “traditions” to help present a cohesive message and earn support from your stakeholders... Read More »

Posted on 08.01.2019

Build a Case Study That Drives Interest and Sales

A compelling case study can be a critical component in demonstrating your organization’s skills and competencies to potential new customers... Read More »

Posted on 07.01.2019

Hospital M&A: Seeking a Partner? What to Share & When

With successful mergers and failed unions alike dominating recent headlines, many leaders are wary of saying too much, too soon. For some, it’s a legitimate concern – especially potential sellers whose brands – and sales potential – risk damage should the deal fall apart. (It’s worth noting that about a quarter of announced partnerships never make it to the altar.) Others simply prefer not to invite scrutiny before the due diligence process is complete... Read More »

Posted on 06.27.2019

More Than Hits: How to Measure Media Relations Success

If your organization is investing in media relations, how are you measuring its success? What are you evaluating other than the number of media hits per quarter or year? Without identifying Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) on the front end, it’s difficult to know where to focus your media relations efforts and then evaluate the results... Read More »

Posted on 06.06.2019

What’s New AP? Stylebook Updates 2019

AP Style is the standard for professional newswriting, and professional communicators are expected to know it and use it properly. So buy a new copy, update your online subscription, or follow @APStylebook to help you stay in style for 2019... Read More »

Posted on 05.30.2019

Seeking 5-Star Employee Reviews? Start Here.

Organizations that want to attract top talent must focus on maintaining a positive brand image and ensuring current employees are happy in their jobs... Read More »

Posted on 05.22.2019

Best Practices for Addressing Negative Online Patient Reviews

As the health care industry becomes more consumer focused, online review sites are providing new challenges for hospitals and health systems that must navigate the pitfalls of responding to complaints while honoring patient confidentiality. But with challenge comes opportunity. Here are some best practices organizations should consider when building their response strategies... Read More »

Posted on 05.13.2019

Tough Decisions: Strategies for Communicating Hospital Service Line Changes

How hospitals communicate change — whether they’re closing an underutilized and hard-to-staff obstetrics unit or discontinuing inpatient care to focus on other services — can have far-reaching impacts... Read More »

Posted on 04.10.2019

Recruit Health Care Staff with Email Marketing

Looking for a simple, cost-effective way to recruit healthcare staff? Why not use the same email marketing strategies you’re already using to promote your products and service lines? Get started with these simple tips... Read More »

Posted on 04.04.2019

Communication Rules for Workforce Retention During a Health Care Merger

How do you avoid employee turnover during a health care transaction? Check out our latest blog for key communications strategies to minimize attrition... Read More »

Posted on 02.25.2019

You Posted Your Chargemaster. What Now?

You posted your chargemaster. What now? Hospitals have largely complied with CMS’s rule to post charges, but more is needed to avoid being cast as the face of consumer-unfriendly healthcare... Read More »

Posted on 01.25.2019

Preventing Media Leaks During Health Care Transactions

Working on a health care transaction? Explore these tips on preventing and preparing for media leaks... Read More »

Posted on 01.08.2019

Successful Issue Communication Begins with Stakeholder Mapping

When communicating a health care issue or crisis, stakeholder mapping is a critical planning step... Read More »

Posted on 01.03.2019

4 Tips for Effective Internal Emails in the New Year

New year, new you, new communication model?... Read More »

Posted on 11.29.2018

In the know: Five communication tips for keeping health system board members informed and engaged

Consider the following five strategies to help your C-suite elevate its board communication and engagement efforts... Read More »

Posted on 11.20.2018

Communication Strategies to Be Thankful For

Thanksgiving is almost here. For professional communicators, it’s helpful to draw upon the strategies of the industry to navigate tricky family conversations... Read More »

Posted on 10.02.2018

Want Coverage? Show Me the Data!

Many clients ask us how to get major media coverage for their company. There are plenty of strategies to do this, of course, but one of the better ways to get reporters’ attention comes down to a four-letter word: Data... Read More »

Posted on 09.17.2018

Four Things Your PR Partners Need to Help You Earn Business Press Coverage

To help your PR partners in their efforts to secure top-tier national business press for your health care organization, they will need all the pieces of the puzzle to pitch a complete and well-rounded story... Read More »

Posted on 09.14.2018

3 Tips for On-Camera Media Interviews

Congratulations, your PR team has secured your company an on-camera interview with a targeted media outlet! Here are a few last-minute reminders to ensure you are fully prepared before the camera rolls... Read More »

Posted on 08.14.2018

Three questions to ensure internal messages hit the mark with employees

Maintaining open and transparent communication between staff and management is essential to foster an effective and hardworking team, particularly in the ever-changing world of health care... Read More »

Posted on 07.17.2018

What You Built Failed … and They Still Came. What Now?

The lesson here is the same as with any event or launch of a new initiative. Consider everything that could go wrong, and plan for it... Read More »

Posted on 02.13.2018

Optimizing Corporate Profiles for Online Reputation Management

A company that wants to get ahead of the competition by positioning itself as an industry leader needs to establish a comprehensive thought leadership strategy, which includes leveraging its online presence... Read More »

Posted on 11.20.2017

There’s No Such Thing as a Private Internal Communication

The next time you’re drafting an internal memo or firing off an email to your colleagues, ask yourself: What if it ended up in the hands of a reporter?... Read More »

Posted on 09.22.2017

‘Mini Satans’: An All Too Common Lesson on HIPAA Violations

Healthcare professionals behaving badly on social media can be costly... Read More »

Posted on 09.18.2017

The First Rule of Internal Communications

The importance of employee communications surveys to a successful internal communications program... Read More »

Posted on 08.10.2017

A Beginner’s Guide to Incorporating Automation into Your Healthcare Marketing Efforts

Marketing automation is here to stay. With more than 51 percent of companies utilizing this technology in their business communications, marketing automation—the system by which emails are triggered based on specific action someone takes on a web page, social media post or prior email— is a powerful asset for any company’s customer acquisition and relationship management strategies... Read More »

Posted on 07.11.2017

6 Subject Line Tips for Boosting Email Open Rates

Are stale subject lines hurting your email marketing campaigns? You have been told for years not to judge a book by its cover. But what about not judging an email by its subject line?... Read More »

Posted on 06.19.2017

@APStylebook 2017: What’s New?

I guess I’m getting soft. I’m beginning to welcome rather than rebel at some of the AP Stylebook’s updates for 2017... Read More »

Posted on 06.14.2017

Should You Livestream It? Considerations for Using Live Video in Marketing Efforts

Livestreaming has become a popular feature on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Here are a few considerations to keep in mind when deciding whether to livestream on behalf of your brand... Read More »

Posted on 04.03.2017

Dark Social 101

If you or your organization create content for social media and analyze your results, you’ve probably come across the term dark social... Read More »

Posted on 03.02.2017

Blog with Strategy in Mind

Research finds companies that blog receive 97 percent more links to their websites and generate 55 percent more site visits compared to companies that do not. If you’re thinking about starting a blog, consider these pieces of advice before you get started... Read More »

Posted on 02.16.2017

Don’t Overreport: Identifying the Social Media Benchmarks That Really Matter

Social media analytics and reporting are critical to monitoring performance, but which metrics really matter?... Read More »

Posted on 02.09.2017

Virtual Desk Cleaning: Habits for Staying Organized this Year

Eliminating clutter and organizing your 'virtual desktop' can help increase productivity and create healthier habits for the year... Read More »

Posted on 02.01.2017

Calm in the Storm: Weathering a Communications Crisis

For the novice and veteran communicator alike, managing a communications crisis can be chaotic and overwhelming. But regardless of your level of experience, or what industry you’re in, there are a few best practices you can utilize to ensure you weather the storm with calm... Read More »

Posted on 01.31.2017

It’s Time for Your Hospital to Communicate About MACRA

Medicare’s new Quality Payment Program will have a major impact on the workflow and finances of clinicians across the country. Here’s what your hospital needs to know, and how you can communicate it to your clinicians... Read More »

Posted on 01.26.2017

What will the new year bring? PR trends for 2017

Looking for ways to raise your organization’s profile in 2017? Here are three important trends to consider adopting this year... Read More »

Posted on 01.17.2017

Attention Healthcare PR Pros: Feeling Stressed?

Public relation executive ranks among one of the top ten most stressful jobs in 2016... Read More »

Posted on 12.29.2016

When Stories Get Stale: How to Spruce Up Your Content Marketing

Is your content marketing feeling a little old? Spice things up for the new year with a few of these tips... Read More »

Posted on 12.27.2016

Tips for Managing Online Reputation and Review Sites

Safeguarding your company’s online reputation is an ongoing process that takes commitment and diligence, but it is critical to success in today’s technology-focused environment... Read More »

Posted on 12.22.2016

Communicating with Multiple Generations in the Workforce

Generations often communicate differently at work – here's how you can bridge the gap... Read More »

Posted on 12.21.2016

Tips for Making Your Messages Mobile-Friendly

Here are some easy tips to help improve your mobile performance... Read More »

Posted on 12.15.2016

Journalism is changing. Here’s what it means for your business.

The journalism industry is changing. Here’s what business leaders need to know to keep up and protect their brand... Read More »

Posted on 12.13.2016

5 Alternatives to the Press Release

Consider five alternatives to the press release to tell your story or share your news... Read More »

Posted on 12.08.2016

Translated Resources for Health Programs

The ACA’s Nondiscrimination in Health Programs and Activities final rule has interesting implications for communicators... Read More »

Posted on 12.07.2016

Change Communications: Maintaining Focus and Trust in Uncertain Times

The right strategic communications can help maintain employee focus and foster trust – even in the most uncertain times... Read More »

Posted on 12.06.2016

Attract New Audiences and Grow Your Business in Three Simple Steps

Use these lead generation techniques to engage your site visitors and gain new clients... Read More »

Posted on 11.17.2016

Why You Need Video Marketing In Your Social Strategy

The more times your videos are shared, the wider your brand reaches, thus expanding your audience. Here are a few reasons you need to incorporate video into your social media strategies... Read More »

Posted on 11.15.2016

Sharing Your Strategic Vision

A prescription for engaging employees and physicians around common – often complex – goals... Read More »

Posted on 11.08.2016

Seven Ways to Reach Physicians

“How can we improve our communication with doctors?” Here are seven ways to reach physicians... Read More »

Posted on 11.03.2016

Thou Shalt Not Steal: Understanding Plagiarism

Do you understand what constitutes plagiarism? What is plagiarism?... Read More »

Posted on 11.01.2016

Updates to Twitter: How Recent Changes Can Affect Your Content

In the past few months, Twitter released changes to these limitations that make it much easier to share content. But how will this affect what you or your organization share?... Read More »

Posted on 10.20.2016

Why Interactive Content Needs to be in Your Social Toolbox

How can your brand stand out in this vast sea of social messages and algorithms that are pulling you down? Interactive social content... Read More »

Posted on 10.12.2016

Media Relations Etiquette

There’s more to effective media relations than writing a strong pitch. Understanding how to work with reporters, and observing proper etiquette, is just as important... Read More »

Posted on 09.26.2016

Healthcare Communicators, Now Hear this HIPAA!

Lovell media experts recently discussed the latest guidance from the U. S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) regarding HIPAA, the privacy regs of the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act... Read More »

Posted on 09.08.2016

Building Blog Readership: Basic Do's and Don’ts

Maintaining a blog is a great way to educate your audience and demonstrate thought leadership. Here are a few tips for engaging your readers and expanding the reach of your posts... Read More »

Posted on 08.23.2016

Maximizing Media Coverage: A Checklist

There are many ways you can leverage positive media coverage to get more attention for your business... Read More »

Posted on 08.18.2016

Should you attend that conference? Identifying relevant opportunities and making the most of them

Conferences and other professional development events are great opportunities to network, learn new skills and expand your knowledge... Read More »

Posted on 08.11.2016

Social Media Monitoring: What You Don’t Know Can Hurt You

Before launching into the development of a social media strategy, consider doing some social media monitoring around your brand and its keywords... Read More »

Posted on 07.28.2016

How to Make the Most of a Networking Event

Follow these guidelines to help relieve your stress and get the most out of your next professional networking event... Read More »

Posted on 07.27.2016

5 Tips for an Effective Email Marketing Campaign

The competition within an inbox is fierce, so you want to be sure to create email campaigns that are effective and engaging. Here are some tips to keep in mind when creating an email marketing campaign... Read More »

Posted on 07.18.2016

My 5 favorite things about working in PR/marketing/communications:

If you’re involved in PR, you understand it’s an industry like no other and one that is constantly evolving... Read More »

Posted on 07.14.2016

Who is your blog? 3 easy tips to give your blog an identity

When it comes to starting a blog, there are a few factors to consider first. What will you write about, and how often will you do so? Who are you trying to attract to your blog? What do you want your audience to learn, and most importantly, how do you want them to perceive you (the author) and your blog? To help you figure it out, here are three tips to launching your blog identity.                 1) Consider your brand.If you are a solo blogger, your brand is all a... Read More »

Posted on 06.28.2016

Do Emojis Have a Place in your Social Media Strategy?

Mobile marketing is no longer optional for most brands, as smartphone usage has increased to 54% of all digital media consumption in the U.S... Read More »

Posted on 06.22.2016

Social Networks: the who, what and when you need to know

Social networking is a powerful way to reach an audience. Thanks to the variety of platforms, it’s not difficult to find the right one for you. Whether you’re a consumer looking to absorb information, an organization trying to communicate with your target audience or a business speaking to other businesses, there is a site that fits your purpose. Here is your cheat sheet on the most popular social networking sites, including: who is using them, what they’re posting and the best times to re... Read More »

Posted on 06.15.2016

Time to Ditch the Pitch Template

A few weeks ago, after several failed attempts to connect with a trade magazine editor, I spent a few minutes on the phone with another contact at the publication. She explained the editor isn’t particularly “open” to being pitched, and he gets a lot of pitches, so he routinely deletes emails from unfamiliar senders without even opening them. Harsh. But understandable. According to a recent analysis by Ragan’s, PR pros now outnumber journalists five-to-one, up from two-to-one about... Read More »

Posted on 06.10.2016

Instagram Ups Its Game And Focuses More On Businesses

Many companies continue to ask “should we have a presence on Instagram?” If your business model is B2B, this likely isn’t the social media platform for you. But if you sell directly to consumers, Instagram may be an option worth considering, particularly in light of recent changes to the fast growing platform. Two years ago Instagram introduced advertising options and has continued to fine tune its offerings, which includes using Facebook info to better target consumers with more relevant... Read More »

Posted on 06.07.2016

3 Steps to Writing a Press Release Reporters Will Want to Read

Press releases are written with the intent of sharing news on a particular topic with your target audience through the media. Because the means of getting your message across is the media, it’s important to develop press releases with the reporter and editor in mind. Here are three steps to do just that: 1.Determine your Announcement First, ask yourself if your announcement is newsworthy. If not, it’s unlikely it will generate media interest. Some popular press release topics include:  ... Read More »

Posted on 06.03.2016

What’s New in @APStylebook 2016?

The internet, chickpeas and cross-dressers. What do these three things have in common? They’re all addressed in the 2016 edition of the Associated Press Stylebook! This is one of my favorite (nerdy) events of the year, and I’m happy to share some of the latest do’s and don’ts from AP. Finally, internet and web join the ranks of the lowercases. Like email before them, you no longer need to capitalize either term. And new in 2016, voicemail is now one word. If you were writing it... Read More »

Posted on 06.01.2016

Marketing Healthcare Information Technology Solutions: Made “Easy”

If you’ve been involved in the development and execution of marketing campaigns for healthcare IT products in recent years, you know it’s not exactly a simple task. With hefty price tags, complex technology and multiple stakeholders involved in the sales cycle, marketers must be cognizant of the unique challenges in today’s changing healthcare landscape and find ways to overcome them. Consider the following strategies to avoid the common pitfalls and create more compelling and effective m... Read More »

Posted on 05.27.2016

Infographics…. Can they help tell your story?

Infographics are an effective way to share information. They are a mix of graphics, information, and images that collectively relay important content in a fun and efficient manner. They are visually pleasing, direct, and informative, and have become a go-to for many companies. Visual aids are important with the prevalence of social media in today’s world. We move so quickly that information presented in a visually stimulating way is more engaging than text alone. When trying to tell your organization... Read More »

Posted on 05.19.2016

3 Important Considerations For Building Your Website

In today’s mobile and tech-centric society, a business can struggle to survive if it lacks a strong online presence... Read More »

Posted on 05.03.2016

Earned vs. Paid Media: What’s Right For Your Business?

For most companies looking to enhance brand awareness and drive business, media coverage can be an important part of their strategy... Read More »

Posted on 04.18.2016

New Data Behind Facebook's Expanded Reactions

If you’ve been on a long vacation for the last few months, here are a few things you’ve missed: it’s an election year and Facebook has unveiled Reactions to keep the Like button company... Read More »

Posted on 04.12.2016

What are TweetChats and Who Should Participate in Them?

If you’re looking to engage with a particular audience, tweetchats can be an easy way to have a discussion without having to go through all of the steps to set up a focus group or meeting... Read More »

Posted on 04.07.2016

For the Love of Pete: Technology and Idiocy in the OR

What’s the key to not being outed for your disrespect, unprofessionalism or insensitivity to others? Be respectful, professional and compassionate... Read More »

Posted on 04.05.2016

Adapting to a New Workplace: Tips On Settling In

Did you score that new job you’ve always wanted? Receive a promotion? Congratulations! Here are few things to remember when starting a new position... Read More »

Posted on 03.31.2016

The Importance of Transparency in Social Media

I admit I was a late adopter to the Instagram craze, but it didn’t lessen the excitement of finally discovering a social media platform I actually love... Read More »

Posted on 03.29.2016

The Media and Campaign Rhetoric

By all accounts, the 2016 Republican presidential primary race has hit some remarkably low points, from name-calling among candidates during televised debates to protests and violence at campaign events. How did we get here and where can we point the finger of blame?... Read More »

Posted on 03.24.2016

Why Your Company Should Start Blogging

Making the decision to launch a company blog is huge. There are a lot of questions you should ask yourself when making the decision... Read More »

Posted on 03.17.2016

Molding Minds: The Psychology of Social Media Marketing

Kleenex, Google, Chapstick and Sharpie are all brands that have become so well-known over time they’ve replaced the generic name of the product. Ever wonder how a product can reach such notoriety?... Read More »

Posted on 03.15.2016

4 Ways to Use LinkedIn as a Thought Leadership Tool

Traditionally, LinkedIn has served as a platform to connect professionals with others in their networks. Now with more than 400 million members, the site has grown into a space for its members to establish a voice and showcase their expertise... Read More »

Posted on 03.10.2016

Is There an App for That? Considerations When Deciding on a Healthcare App.

Developing a mobile healthcare app just because everyone else has one might be a costly mistake. Consider these questions when making your decision... Read More »

Posted on 03.08.2016

Celebrate #NationalProofreadingDay!

National Proofreading Day is celebrated each year on March 8 to raise awareness of the importance of proofreading. That’s a worthy cause for everyone, not just professional communicators... Read More »

Posted on 03.01.2016

What’s your playbook for managing change?

Up to 70% of our work time gets wasted. When facing significant changes at work or big projects, don’t discount the power of the pause button... Read More »

Posted on 02.23.2016

Tips for Creating Effective Dashboards

In today’s short attention span culture, more and more organizations choose to ditch their text-heavy reports in favor of visually appealing dashboards for showcasing their data. Dashboards can help you highlight the most pertinent information and make it easier and more efficient for users to digest. While you may not want to eliminate full-scale reports completely, incorporating dashboards into your reporting routine can help generate greater interest and engagement with your data. Here are s... Read More »

Posted on 02.16.2016

Pinterest for Business: Tips and Tricks for Using Pinterest to your Company’s Advantage

Pinterest for Business: Tips and Tricks for Using Pinterest to your Company’s Advantage... Read More »

Posted on 01.11.2016

3 Ways to Increase Your Productivity at Work

In the workplace, there is very little that ranks above maximizing productivity. Here are a few tips to leave you feeling more organized and productive at work... Read More »

Posted on 12.17.2015

Five Steps to Improve Internal Communication

Effective internal communication is a vital to a company’s success. Five simple steps can help guide organizations looking to start or improve their internal communication strategy... Read More »

Posted on 12.08.2015

Give the Gift of a Great Pitch

Public relations professionals write pitches every day, but are they what reporters really want?... Read More »

Posted on 11.05.2015

Afraid of Social Media? It’s Time to Overcome.

Fear of the unknown can be a hurdle in implementing strong social media strategies... Read More »

Posted on 10.30.2015

Trick or Treat? Social media delights and haunts

Social media can be useful or uncomfortable... Read More »

Posted on 10.20.2015

Are the Holidays ‘Off Limits’ For Releasing News?

The holidays can be a great time to get media exposure for your news... Read More »

Posted on 10.13.2015

Sharing is Caring: 6 Tips for Announcing Your New Website

How to share your website using SEO tools, internal communications, media relations and social media efforts... Read More »

Posted on 09.15.2015

The Showdown: LinkedIn Pages vs. Groups

Just as Facebook offers several types of accounts, so does LinkedIn. Turns out there are a few key differences between groups and pages that companies should be aware of before setting up their account... Read More »

Posted on 09.10.2015

When Is It Time for A Company Name Change?

Companies evolve, merge or consolidate which are all good reasons for a name change. The decision can be worthwhile... Read More »

Posted on 08.25.2015

Social Media: Size Does Matter

Social media: Size does matter... Read More »

Posted on 08.20.2015

Yelp for Healthcare

Yelp for healthcare? Yep! Learn how Yelp is bringing health and medical data to its platform... Read More »

Posted on 08.18.2015

The Daily Healthcare Reading List

Healthcare communicators have to stay on top of the day’s news without getting bogged down in hours of reading. This list of top healthcare news sites and email blasts can help you stay informed without investing a lot of time... Read More »

Posted on 08.13.2015

Multigenerational Communication

We’ve heard a lot about Millennials lately but what about the others? What defines them? Most importantly, how do we effectively communicate and market to each?... Read More »

Posted on 08.06.2015

LinkedIn Marketing: Back to Basics

LinkedIn marketing has become an effective B2B sales tool. Improve your LinkedIn marketing strategy by optimizing your personal and company profile... Read More »

Posted on 07.28.2015

Six Tips To Produce An Effective Testimonial Video

Learn six tips on how to produce a testimonial video that will speak to your audience and please your C-suite... Read More »

Posted on 07.16.2015

HIPAA and Web-Based Platforms: Tales of Woe

Using cloud-based services and responsible for PHI under HIPAA? Better read this... Read More »

Posted on 07.14.2015

Peer into the World of Periscope

Live streaming apps aren’t just for high profile brands; innovative healthcare professionals are getting in on the action with Periscope... Read More »

Posted on 06.30.2015

Does the FTC Act Apply to You? You Might Be Surprised.

FTC updates plain language truth in advertising guidance... Read More »

Posted on 06.23.2015

Sponsored content leaving a bad taste? Not if it’s done well.

A recent study from the Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism indicated negative attitudes toward sponsored content. Here are some guidelines for writing sponsored content that readers will appreciate and enjoy... Read More »

Posted on 06.16.2015

Hospitals Should Consider Social Media

A strong social media presence can help a hospital or physician clinic strengthen authentic relationships and engagement with patients, staff and community partners. Conversely, a total void of social media presence can lead to gaps in trust, knowledge and confidence among key stakeholders. There are risks to getting in the pool, and there are risks to sitting it out... Read More »

Posted on 06.09.2015

Reclaiming Brand Influence

Influence is a powerful force in branding. Learn how to maximize your brand potential by implementing these four key concepts... Read More »

Posted on 05.28.2015

The Sheer Side of Business Communications

Are you keeping up with the latest communication strategies? Find out why businesses are using transparency to nurture success... Read More »

Posted on 05.21.2015

Where Truth and Fiction Collide

Iconic 1971 “Hilltop” ad sparks memories, engagement for @cocacola and @mccann... Read More »

Posted on 05.19.2015

When it Comes to Public Relations, Which Type is Better?

When it comes to type A and type B, many think one personality is better than the other. In the world of PR, however, it turns out both personalities are best... Read More »

Posted on 05.14.2015

Millennials Stimulate Changes in Healthcare

Millennials are key influencers in today’s healthcare environment. They are now the largest generation in the U.S. and represent one-third of the total USA population... Read More »

Posted on 05.12.2015

Pew Report Explores 2015 Media Landscape

The 2015 State of the News Media report from the Pew Center for Research provides important data and analysis about trends and changes across all segments of the news media, helping inform the work of public relations professionals... Read More »

Posted on 05.05.2015

Important Factors To Consider When Developing an App

Study shows companies who launch poor performing apps risk losing up to 25 percent of their consumer base... Read More »

Posted on 04.16.2015

Like Moths to the Flame: The Irresistible Pull of Business Jargon

When it comes to using jargon in business communications, it’s worth remembering that sometimes the most effective way to communicate is the simplest... Read More »

Posted on 03.31.2015

In media relations: Is it time to put down the phone?

Public relations professionals should consider striking the follow-up phone call from their media relations playbook. When your pitch goes unanswered, it’s time to try a second email or contacting a colleague... Read More »

Posted on 03.26.2015

Social Media Backlash: Is it Wrong or Are We Just Overreacting?

Social media campaigns today can be a hit or a miss. Avoid the social media backlash with a few quick steps... Read More »

Posted on 03.24.2015

Content Still King as Google Contemplates Algorithm Change

Potential change in Google algorithm could be positive for marketing and public relations professionals... Read More »

Posted on 03.19.2015

Score One for the Press Release

PR pros win big with Google's surprise announcement that it now allows press releases to appear at the top of news links about a company... Read More »

Posted on 03.10.2015

How Minimizing Language Undermines Communication

Learn how minimizing language undermines your communication and credibility... Read More »

Posted on 03.05.2015

Survey Says: LinkedIn the Top Social Platform for America’s Fastest Growing Companies

Social media use and policies in the nation’s fastest growing companies... Read More »

Posted on 02.17.2015

The Benefits of Working in an Office

Learn about how working in an office benefits your work productivity... Read More »

Posted on 02.13.2015

Lovell Communications Brings the “Love” this Valentine’s Day – 12 Things Our Employees Love the Most About Public Relations

This Valentine’s Day Lovell Communications is bringing the love as we share some of our favorite things about working in public relations. We asked our team of dedicated, hard-working PR professionals to explain what they love most about their job. Here’s what they had to say: “I love helping companies create and protect their brand reputations and grow their businesses so they can meet their financial and performance objectives.” – Paula Lovell, Founder “I... Read More »

Posted on 02.10.2015

Eat, Pray, Write

8 writing resources for communication neophytes (and seasoned pros)... Read More »

Posted on 02.05.2015

Telling Your Hospital's Story: Getting the Word Out About Good Quality

Thoughts on how to share your hospital's quality story - even if the news isn't good... Read More »

Posted on 02.03.2015

Google Fiber: Adding Buzz to our Boomtown

Google Fiber is coming to Nashville. Read how this new technology will further enhance the city’s boomtown reputation... Read More »

Posted on 01.29.2015

Super Bowl Media Day: A Good Opportunity Gone Bad

Super Bowl Media Day is not a good template for your event’s media availability! Tips for PR pros on how to pull off a well-managed scrum... Read More »

Posted on 01.22.2015

Deliver a Clear Message – On and Off the Field

The Seattle Seahawks sent a tweet that sparked backlash from both fans and twitter users. Readers were infuriated and embarrassed by the Seahawks comparison between football and the civil rights movement. Manage your reputation and have a digital content strategy for successful social media communication... Read More »

Posted on 01.16.2015

Optimize Twitter Performance with New Tweet Activity Dashboard

Optimizing Twitter performace with New Tweet Activity Dashboard!!... Read More »

Posted on 01.13.2015

Want a Job? Five Reasons Internships are Essential

If you’re a college student or a recent college graduate, chances are you’ve been told the importance of internships. The term permeates through college career centers, classrooms and job interviews. During my time at Vanderbilt, my peers and I often spent spring semesters in a frenzy – perfecting our resumes, sweating through interviews and receiving the rewarding (or disappointing) employer emails. Is the stress really worth it? Do internships merit all the hype? I strongly believe ye... Read More »

Posted on 12.31.2014

Avoid Becoming Too Casual When Communicating Internally

If you look at the headline above, you might assume this is another column about Sony and a lesson regarding appropriate emails in the workplace. Rather, it’s a cautionary tale that in our world of quick-trigger “tagging,” “liking” and “tweeting,” we need to stop and think about properly navigating the hierarchy of an organization and communicating appropriately. If you fully embrace the speed with which you can share information over social media, you might be t... Read More »

Posted on 12.23.2014

Humor Is a Powerful Tool in Healthcare Communications

Last year at this time, I shared some shopping advice for anyone looking for that last minute gift for the hard-to-buy-for medical coder, or hospital and clinical billing office team. I recommended “Struck by Orca,” a humorous book of 32 color and black and white images illustrating some of the most unusual new ICD-10 codes. This year I continue my holiday tradition and am happy to report the folks who brought you Orca have followed up their 2013 debut with yet another sure-fire stocking stuffe... Read More »

Posted on 12.18.2014

Media Scrutiny in the Aftermath of a Crisis: Worse than the Crisis Itself?

Every organization faces the specter of a crisis that could damage its credibility or viability, result in loss of customers or support, or even result in injury or loss of life. These are daunting—almost unthinkable—prospects, yet we see news story after news story about organizations trying to cope in crisis. What’s particularly interesting is that, in today’s world, the crisis itself is just the start! Media ​analysis and public scrutiny of how a crisis is handled can be j... Read More »

Posted on 12.17.2014

Lessons from a Scandal: Write with No Expectation of Privacy

As we sit behind our keyboards day after day, I’m beginning to think we are lulled into a false sense of security, believing  we have a firm grasp on what we send into cyberspace and ultimately sees the light of day. Sure, there is the occasional snafu when you hit ‘reply all’ to an email and everyone in the office sees what was meant for only one.  However we are just as guilty of behaving badly in varying degrees by putting something in an email, IM, or text we’d cring... Read More »

Posted on 12.10.2014

Women Speak Up – How their Voice Pitch Plays a Role in the Office

As someone fairly new to the working world, I have spent the past six months learning how to present myself in an office setting so I am considered professional, confident and knowledgeable. Something I hadn’t considered before is the power of voice pitch. This past week, I began reading studies about the effect the pitch of a woman’s voice can have on how she is perceived in a business environment and I am intrigued by the findings. Researchers and anthropologists espouse that, at least hist... Read More »

Posted on 12.04.2014

Getting Creative in the Battle over ICD-10

Just as providers are (once again) gearing up for the transition to ICD-10, a new battle is brewing that has many experiencing déjà vu. In recent weeks, several state medical associations have begun lobbying Congress to attach a two-year delay to a “must pass” spending bill this month, prompting ICD-10 proponents to take to social media to speak out against the effort. (For those of you not following, the transition to ICD-10 – a system of codes used to describe medical se... Read More »

Posted on 12.02.2014

The Art of Communicating Effectively

Why the way you deliver a message is so important  Understanding the delicacies and nuances of effective message delivery can be critical to your professional and personal reputation.  I cannot count the number of times I’ve been offended by the delivery of a message rather than the message itself.  So when it’s important that I clearly and accurately articulate a message, I remember these five steps. Determine the message purpose. Messages are often misconstrued be... Read More »

Posted on 11.25.2014

Facebook and Healthcare?

Reuter’s recently reported that Facebook is exploring online “support communities” centered around healthcare. These may take the shape of online forums for people who share a particular ailment or applications that would help people improve their lifestyle, the article notes. For a company that strikes privacy concerns deep in my heart, this is an interesting prospect. Of course, no one is making me—or you—use Facebook. So the power is still in our hands. Nonetheless, h... Read More »

Posted on 11.18.2014

‘Tis the Season for Media Pitching: Five Helpful Tips

I love this time of year, not just for the holidays and family time but also for the ample PR opportunities the 24/7 news cycle provides communications professionals. You would think this is the worst possible time for media relations outreach, but that is not completely true. Yes, it’s a very busy time for retail businesses, but for other industries, that’s not necessarily the case. The fact remains, the 24/7 news cycle and its need for fresh content is never-ending. The media enjoy repor... Read More »

Posted on 11.11.2014

What Taylor Swift and The Avengers Teach Us About Marketing Strategy

The word “leak” has historically been almost a curse word in the world of marketing and public relations – particularly for agencies that specialize in crisis communications and brand reputation management. Typically, a lot of time is invested in preventing the premature leak of information (positive or negative), which means planning strategically and developing a detailed checklist and timeline of communications tactics. Such plans detail when to release information publicly and how to r... Read More »

Posted on 11.06.2014

Generating #BrandAwareness

Whether or not you’re a Twitter advocate, you’ve most likely heard of the hashtag. This “pound sign” symbol tags the word or phrase following the character and then groups the phrase with all other similarly tagged hashtags. Hashtags have garnered copious success since their Twitter debut in 2009 and are now used regularly on blogs and other social networking sites such as Facebook, Instagram and Google+. Notwithstanding its popularity, the symbol has faced criticism and skepticis... Read More »

Posted on 10.21.2014

How theSkimm has Branded Itself for Success – USA Today on Steroids

With its conversational tone, sassy headlines and fast-pace passages, theSkimm has taken news by storm. After all, who wouldn’t enjoy receiving their daily news from an entertaining and short email blast? For those of you unfamiliar, theSkimm is a daily email newsletter that provides national and world news to its readers in a succinct and witty way. The email is sent every weekday morning circa 6am and is designed to be read on a mobile device - successfully targeting its millennial audience. Along... Read More »

Posted on 10.17.2014

Business Continuity and Crisis Communications: Why “Failing to Plan is Planning to Fail”

Recent news stories about the threat of Ebola and the confirmed first cases of enterovirus in Tennessee have caused me to reflect on my time as a state public health communications and media relations director. Those days were some of the most rewarding (and yes, challenging) of my professional career. My work contributed in ways large and small to protecting, promoting and improving the health of state residents. My former colleagues and I spent significant time planning and practicing for public health e... Read More »

Posted on 10.13.2014

Preparing for a Media Interview? Practice, Practice, Practice!

Talking with reporters can be stressful. Even when you’ve got a good command of the interview subject matter, the in-the-moment pressure of knowing your every word is being filmed, recorded or written down can leave you tongue-tied. To avoid any interview missteps, the best thing you can do is practice before the interview.Practicing helps you get comfortable with what you want to say, and how you want to say it, before you’re face-to-face with a journalist. It should remove some pressure,... Read More »

Posted on 10.09.2014

6 crisis communications considerations as US hospitals prepare for Ebola

This post first appeared in Becker's Hospital Review.  In the months and weeks leading up to the first Ebola diagnosis within the borders of the U.S., communications teams at hospitals and healthcare systems across the country were undoubtedly thinking about how they would respond if the disease presented in their emergency rooms. If they weren't, well, now is the time for trial by fire.. As the media frenzy surrounding the first case in Dallas is approaching fever pitch, it'... Read More »

Posted on 09.30.2014

5 Speech-Writing (and Giving) Lessons to be Learned from Emma Watson’s United Nations Speech

Since her 10-year role as the courageous bookworm and Harry Potter star, Emma Watson has often existed as Hermione Granger in the eyes of her fans. Despite her prestigious education and other Hollywood roles, she faced heckling during her time at Brown University and continues to face Hogwarts-inspired teasing as she makes a name for herself outside the wizarding world. On September 20, 2014, Watson – the U.N. Women’s Global Goodwill Ambassador – addressed the United Nations with a... Read More »

Posted on 09.25.2014

Apple Watch: Healthcare Game Changer or Just Another Gadget?

Apple recently launched its latest creation, the Apple Watch. Debuting at a news conference on September 9, along with the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 plus, the Apple Watch will be released to the public in early 2015. The smartwatch will be able to collect health data and share it with healthcare providers via Apple’s HealthKit app. The Apple Watch works as a health and fitness device, picking up pulse rates to measure workout intensity and measuring total distance covered, type of exercise perform... Read More »

Posted on 09.18.2014

Writing for SEO Part Two: Basic Optimization Tips and the Logic Behind Them

Tuesday we looked at the evolution of search engine optimization over the last two decades and discussed that strong, effective writing is now—thankfully—a compelling factor in how a Website page performs in search engine results. Gone are the days of keyword stuffing and white-on-white text (a.k.a. “black hat” SEO). Today’s search engines reward sound, concise writing, relevant content, updated pages optimize-part-IIand viewer interaction. ​ We’ve already shared... Read More »

Posted on 09.16.2014

Writing for SEO Part One: Basic Optimization Tips and the Logic Behind Them

In many of ways, writing for SEO, or search engine optimization, has come full circle. Search engines first appeared in the early 90s and have been evolving ever since. And while the early ones were not very efficient, it was common knowledge that the best way for writers to get people to seek out and read content on the Web…was to make sure it was good.  It’s just common sense to write informative and readable content, right? Sure, but when Google introduced PageRank, an algorithm t... Read More »

Posted on 09.11.2014

#TwitterFail: When Being Trendy is Dangerous for Your Brand

I love watching trending topics on Twitter. I find “in the moment” dialogue of world events fascinating. Though I am not a regular tweeter, you can bet I’m reading when something big is happening. A few of my favorite trending topics have included when Felix Baumgartner jumped from 24 miles above earth, when Ussain Bolt broke the 200M record at the 2012 Olympics, when Beyonce performed during half-time at the XLVII Super Bowl. [DiGiorno joins the regrettable tweet club] It was during th... Read More »

Posted on 09.04.2014

Similarities between Public Relations and ABC’s Hit Series “Scandal”

Television Drama Imitates (Sometimes) Real Life at Lovell Communications It’s official: fall is underway. As we say goodbye to summer pool days and outside grilling, we usher in football season, crisp autumn leaves and, one of my personal fall favorites, the return of several hit television series. My recent television addiction is “Scandal,” which enters its fourth season on September 25. With 10.5 million viewers having tuned into its May 2014 season finale, I’m not alone... Read More »

Posted on 09.02.2014

Public Relations a Bright Spot in Entry-Level Job Market

Now that the school season is officially under way, many college students (and their parents) are wondering about the kind of jobs that will be available for new graduates in the years ahead. According to labor statistics and projections, public relations is a field that young scholars might do well to consider. Overall, entry-level job prospects have been dismal in recent years, even as the economy has recovered. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), the unemployment rate for those between... Read More »

Posted on 08.28.2014

Developing a Unique Selling Point

How does your business stand out among your competitors? What makes you different? If you can’t quickly answer those questions, you may be starting or running a business without a unique selling point (USP). There are plenty of businesses like grocery stores and big box retailers that provide similar products, so what makes them unique? A USP provides a company with the point of differentiation it needs to stand out from the crowd and is the foundation for a solid marketing and sales strategy. An e... Read More »

Posted on 08.26.2014

No Surprises Here: Journalists Still Value Newsworthiness Most

Implementing an effective media relations strategy requires understanding the needs and preferences of professional journalists, and staying abreast of how those needs and preferences are evolving. So I was interested to read the results of Business Wire’s 2014 Media Survey, which queried 300 North American journalists to determine the types of information and assets they need to effectively cover a story. While more than 300 members of the media participated in the survey, 50.4% of respondents ide... Read More »

Posted on 08.21.2014

Soaked in Success: Behind the Marketing Strategy of the Ice Bucket Challenge for ALS

If your Facebook news feed looks anything like mine lately, it’s probably full of videos of your friends participating in the #IceBucketChallenge. The Ice Bucket Challenge is a campaign to raise awareness for Lou Gehrig’s disease, which is a progressive neurodegenerative disease that affects nerve cells in the brain and the spinal cord, and there is currently no cure. The campaign was started by a 28-year old man in Massachusetts who was diagnosed with the disease in 2012. He challe... Read More »

Posted on 08.19.2014

Breached: Tips for Rebuilding Trust After a HIPAA Violation

It finally happened. After years of helping hospitals communicate with patients about data breaches, I recently found myself on the receiving end of one of those letters. The language was factual, yet cold. I was advised to review my credit report and bank accounts carefully and given some oh-so-helpful tips to help keep my information safe (wait, wasn't that their job?). Frustrating? Yes. But I'm hardly alone. With more than 90 percent of hospitals reporting at least one data breach in the... Read More »

Posted on 08.14.2014

Marketing to Seniors? 10 Tips for Reaching an Older Patient Demographic

Hospital marketers - like all marketers - can be distracted by the latest whiz bang promotional tool. But new toys can often turn off older patients, who represent an important piece of the patient mix pie for most hospitals. Your new Instagram campaign or GoPro giveaway may leave 65+ set cold. Here's a handful of tried-and-true seniors marketing ideas - along with a few new tips thrown in. Newspapers. Older Americans are one of the few demographic groups who are holding onto the... Read More »

Posted on 08.12.2014

How to Survive (and Succeed) as an Introvert in Public Relations

It was my biggest critique growing up. "Speak up, Jacq!" I heard it from my high school volleyball coach, my parents at the dinner table and my first boss. For years, I struggled to shout my name louder in sports practices and felt swallowed up during group gatherings. I was labeled the "quiet girl," or worse, "stuck up." A few years ago, I found an accurate description for myself: introvert. I researched it extensively, had several 'aha!' moments, and I learned to e... Read More »

Posted on 08.07.2014

Why I Love Healthcare Marketing (And You Should, Too!)

As a (semi) recent college grad who studied sports broadcast communications, I get a lot of people asking me why I chose to focus on healthcare marketing instead of diving into the sports world. I would love to give you my life story but I am going stick with why I love healthcare (and you should, too!) The short of it is that I had an internship junior year at The Rehab Documentation Company (ReDoc) and worked under one of the co-creators of WebMD. That summer drew me to healthcare for good. Here are a... Read More »

Posted on 07.31.2014

BuzzFeed Reminds PR Pros Plagiarism Still Alive and Well

Just as the New York Time's Jayson Blair episode begins to fade from memory, this week we're reminded that plagiarism is still very much alive and well. BuzzFeed writer and editor Benny Johnson was fired after a review determined he had committed plagiarism and incorrectly attributed information in more than 40 of his posts for the online news site, according to a written apology from the editor-in-chief. Talking Points Memo (TPM) outlines the incident in a recent post, and while this occurrence... Read More »

Posted on 07.29.2014

Reporter Gets it Wrong? What’s a Public Relations Pro to do?

Neither journalism nor media relations are exact sciences. Both have a lot of room for human error, and errors do happen. Despite the best efforts of reporters and their sources, sometimes the final story contains mistakes. I've been on both sides of this issue, as a reporter trying hard to achieve 100 percent accuracy and as a public relations professional poring over every detail of a story to ensure accuracy. Those experiences have taught me a few things about how to achieve a favorable resolution... Read More »

Posted on 07.24.2014

“Share a Coke” Provides Refreshingly Fun Marketing Communications Campaign

I'll admit it. Since the beginning of June, I've been searching in vain. Every time I stop to fill up the gas tank or cruise the aisles of my local grocery store, I secretly wonder if this day will bring my quest to an end. My 10-year old son encountered the current bane of my existence. Unfortunately, I was in a rush, this time to get my youngest child to soccer practice. I didn't hear him casually mention that the beverage cooler at the convenience store included a perfectly chille... Read More »

Posted on 07.22.2014

Distracted? Use these 5 tips to Increase your Productivity in the Public Relations Workplace

If you work in agency PR, then you know you are constantly pulled in a million directions as important client needs tend to pop up when you're in the middle of working on something else. Being able to switch gears and get back on track is important to optimizing productivity and meeting client deadlines and requests. Everyone has their personal tricks to help stay on track throughout the day, but here are a few ideas in case you find yourself struggling to be productive: Take a short break. In a 2... Read More »

Posted on 07.17.2014

Reporters Continue to Depend on Media Releases for News 

There is constant debate throughout the industry regarding the future of press releases. Will social media eventually make traditional media unnecessary? Will fact-filled, well-constructed, informative releases be replaced by 140-character tweets? According to a new study, communications professionals can rest easy. Out of 300 seasoned journalists surveyed by BusinessWire, approximately 70 percent said their job would be more difficult without access to the thousands of press releases distribut... Read More »

Posted on 06.24.2014

Give Your Media Relations Efforts a Summer Boost

Summer is in full swing. And as folks flee their offices for family vacations - or just any old reason to use some accumulated time off - some businesses may experience a bit of a summer slowdown. News reporters, as you might imagine, experience the summer slowdown acutely. While you're getting pummeled with out-of-office replies and voicemail recordings, they may be calling everyone on their contact list to try to find news that's worth covering. This makes the summer months an ideal time t... Read More »

Posted on 06.18.2014

Preparing for “The Worst of Times” During Hospital Board Meetings

I was recently on a conference call with several members of a hospital executive team, and I found myself comparing municipal hospital board meetings to a Charles Dickens novel. Like public meetings of almost any stripe, hospital board meetings can be the best of times... unless, of course, they're the worst of times. When the local Girl Scouts laud your facility for helping a dozen fourth grade girls earn first aid badges, or the father of new triplets thanks your medical staff for saving his wife a... Read More »

Posted on 06.12.2014

Important Daily Readings for Healthcare PR Pros

At Lovell, we like to think of ourselves as healthcare experts. As we all know, the healthcare industry is ever-changing and it can be hard to keep up with the latest policy changes or implementations. This is why it's vital to stay up-to-date on everything healthcare, and as a healthcare communicator, it's even more important to be in the know. Immersing yourself in daily reading will ensure you stay current on the latest news and trends. Here are a few of our recommended readings: Local Dail... Read More »

Posted on 06.11.2014

Professional Development: Make Time Because It Matters

You've saved, invested and finally purchased your dream home, which includes every high-end finish and furnishing you've imagined. Unfortunately, you can never seem to find time for its upkeep and maintenance. You ultimately delay necessary repairs or ignore them altogether. You're just too busy! This sounds absolutely crazy, right!? Coincidentally, this scenario reflects a reality for far too many PR and communications professionals when it comes to professional development. The as... Read More »

Posted on 06.05.2014

“What Fresh Hell is This?” An Overview of Updates to AP Stylebook 2014

The AP Stylebook 2014 is here! I previously shared a rant about AP's decision to allow the use of "over" rather than "more than" to indicate greater numerical value. So I'll consider enough to have been said on that. But, as always, there are other interesting changes that accompany this year's release of the AP's style guide. One that may actually come as a relief to some is that state names will now be spelled out in the body of press releases and news storie... Read More »

Posted on 06.03.2014

Secrets of Lovell Communications, World-Class Public Relations Professionals

I don't know about you, but I am always up for a good secret, especially one that will help my PR career! I started my adventure to learn the secrets of becoming a PR pro a year ago, and I don't think I could be in a better place today. I have just completed my third month with Lovell Communications, having learned more about the public relations and communications world in that short span than I ever would have thought possible.  "Team Lovell" is a remarkable group of people. E... Read More »

Posted on 05.29.2014

In Memoriam: Memorable Quotes from Dr. Maya Angelou

The world lost one of its greatest communicators on May 28, 2014. World-renowned American author, poet and civil rights activist Dr. Maya Angelou passed away at the age of 86. Following the news, tributes to her life poured onto social media. Many on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram shared their favorite quotes with their followers. Dr. Angelou was known for her inspiring words that shed light onto the beauty and injustices of the world. Here are a few of my favorite quotes from such a brave, thoughtfu... Read More »

Posted on 05.27.2014

Controversy Sparks Conversation about Hospital Advertising

A couple of months ago, an advertisement for the da Vinci Surgical System sparked quite a bit of controversy - and an interesting, ongoing conversation about the ethics and value of hospital advertising.  To refresh your memory: The ad, which appeared as a full page in the New York Times Magazine, featured a large photograph of a physician team from the University of Illinois Hospital & Health Sciences System. Below the photograph sat the headline: "We believe in da Vinci Surgery because ou... Read More »

Posted on 05.22.2014

Is the definition of “mobile” changing? Google thinks so.

Google announced to the Securities and Exchange Commission it has no plans to release its 2013 revenues from mobile advertising since the definition of mobile is changing and it simply doesn't make sense to break it out separately. Google informed the SEC in a December letter, which was disclosed publicly this week. So, what does Google envision falling into the mobile bucket moving forward? According to the letter filing, the company said, "Our expectation is that users will be using our... Read More »

Posted on 05.01.2014

What makes businesses Pinteresting?

In just over 12 months, Pinterest has gone from a social network of choice to an essential marketing tool for many brands. Its online bulletin boards can help humanize a brand and display personality. With more than 1.36 million visitors every day, Pinterest also gives businesses a platform to tell a compelling story, driving traffic back to their website in the process. In fact, Pinterest has more referral traffic than LinkedIn, Google+ and YouTube combined. For many brands, it's the next step on... Read More »

Posted on 04.17.2014

Risky Business: Online Comments & Social Media Interactions May Have More Impact Than We Intend

When Facebook officially turned 10 earlier this year, the company took the opportunity to reiterate what founder Mark Zuckerburg has long espoused as Facebook's mission: "to give people the power to share and make the world more open and connected." Social media and all Web 2.0 platforms have undeniably enhanced and multiplied our opportunity to "share"and "connect" with the world. But can we share and connect too broadly, too often, too much? Research shows most pe... Read More »

Posted on 04.08.2014

In Denial: AP Caves in “Over” v. “More Than”

If I've been slow to write about this it's because, like many, I have been in denial. AP, say it isn't so! Last month the Associated Press announced new to the Stylebook in 2014: over, as well as more than, is acceptable in all uses to indicate greater numerical value. For those who never really understood the difference in the first place, over generally refers to spatial relationships: The mirror hangs over the mantel. More than is used to indicate greater num... Read More »

Posted on 04.03.2014

Tapping into March Madness: Lessons from Garden and Gun Magazine

Southern lifestyle magazine Garden and Gun has absolutely nothing to do with college basketball. Its readership isn't likely to have a particularly high level of interest in the sport, either. But we're all aware of the March Madness phenomenon - the anticipation that accompanies NCAA Tournament bracket selections and pools. Whether or not the games turn out to be as exciting as this year, the true appeal is seeing how the teams match up and guessing which teams will advance in the tournament. And that's... Read More »

Posted on 03.27.2014

Exactly what is Native Advertising?

The buzzword native advertising came on the scene a few years ago but didn't really gain traction until last year when it began being thought of as the savior to publishing. It's now one of the hottest things in the online advertising industry. Sorry banner ads, you aren't what you used to be. I don't usually like to use Wikipedia as a source but honestly, it has the best definition for native advertising. It defines it as--an online advertising method in which the advertiser attempts to gain attention by... Read More »

Posted on 03.25.2014

First Kiss with Success: The Powerful Effect of Viral Video

If you haven't seen the latest viral video sensation, stop right now and watch "First Kiss" before reading any further. Sixty-four million views on YouTube and landing on the first page of Reddit is the last thing filmmaker Tatia Pilieva, or Melissa Coker, founder and creative director of the clothing company WREN, were expecting. Coker was on a shoestring budget but asked Pilieva if she could help create something to showcase her clothing line's fall collection. Pilieva's idea... Read More »

Posted on 03.20.2014

150 Clichés to Avoid in Copywriting

Last month The Washington Post released a list of 150 "verbal crutches, stock phrases, filler words, cliches and perpetually misused expressions" that the writers of its Sunday Outlook section try to avoid. For professional communicators who - like our team at Lovell - spend a lot of time writing, the list of "Things We Do Not Say" is a good reminder of what lazy writing can look and the importance of choosing clear, descriptive words and phrases. Here are a few of my favorite offende... Read More »

Posted on 03.13.2014

Cloudy and Cool in our Nation’s Capitol

The Nashville Health Care Council has closed the book on another highly successful Leadership Health Care Delegation to Washington, D.C. The NashvillePost, as always, did a great job of covering highlights of the Delegates' discussions with numerous elected representatives, business leaders, regulatory officials and "inside the beltway" journalists with whom the group met. Our firm was delighted to serve as a sponsor of the trip for the third consecutive year. We couldn't help but... Read More »

Posted on 03.06.2014

Honoring Confidentiality Agreements: The Price of Failure

Facebook is an excellent way to get a message out to 1,200 friends fast - just make sure it's a message you want public! Patrick Snay told his daughter about a court-approved $80,000 settlement he won against a former employer for age discrimination. Unfortunately for him, he was not allowed to do that according to the confidentiality agreement attached to the settlement. What would be the harm in telling his daughter?  No one, of course, would know about the private conversations of a family. Mr... Read More »

Posted on 02.21.2014

Treat the Cause, Not the Symptoms

With technological advances come new perils for the workplace that have both operational and brand protection implications. A physician office manager posts a comment on social media inquiring about a patient's specific medical condition, resulting in a HIPAA violation. An unencrypted flash drive with protected health information (PHI) is stolen from the vehicle of a physician practice employee, costing the practice fines of $150,000. A health plan's photocopiers are returned to a leasing... Read More »

Posted on 02.13.2014

How To Say “No Comment…”

Companies often find themselves in situations where they are not in a position to make public statements, and the challenge is always how do you say, "No comment," without saying, "No comment?" PR consultants, who focus on corporate and brand reputation, and lawyers, who focus on corporate legal exposure, often give conflicting advice. Lawyers like, "No comment." The non-commitment that comes from that statement makes their job so much easier. "No comment,"... Read More »

Posted on 01.30.2014

A Tip for Media Relations Success

Have you ever tried to get the media's attention to no avail? Watch this short clip for a tip on how to build relationships with reporters.     Erin George is a Senior Account Supervisor at Lovell Communications. You can view more of Erin’s blogs here. Connect with Erin at erin@lovell.com or @ErinLawley... Read More »

Posted on 01.16.2014

Rethinking Email

So just as marketers are getting comfortable with consistently bulking up their social media budgets, comes along a McKinsey & Company study reporting that email marketing is delivering superior ROI on virtually every measurable front. Even as email usage declined 20% between 2008 and 2012 (ground that was captured by social media and instant messaging), the researchers report that email: was 40 times more effective than Facebook and Twitter combined as a means to acquire customers; was three... Read More »

Posted on 01.13.2014

Transparency Making Headway in Healthcare

Poor communication can hinder collaboration and success in business and in relationships. I recently read an article about how Hewlett-Packard CEO Meg Whitman turned around their company by implementing more effective communication strategies. She contends that, for a company to be successful, everyone from stakeholders to employees to customers must have a clear line of sight, thus a more transparent view, into the company's strategy and performance, whether it is good or bad. She suggests that if... Read More »

Posted on 12.05.2013

“Struck by Orca” A Humorous Look at ICD-10 and the Importance of Unique Healthcare Communications

Looking to buy a last minute gift for that hard-to-please medical coder, or just want to bring a little holiday humor to the hospital or clinic billing office? Well, look no further. “Struck by Orca,” a book of 32 color and black and white images illustrating some of the most unusual new ICD-10 codes, just launched its first print run. Highlighted recently in Modern Healthcare’s business blog, the idea emerged after a group of friends began amusing themselves by looking up odd code... Read More »

Posted on 12.04.2013

Preparing for Successful Communications During an IPO

The U.S. IPO market is building momentum, and listings through the third quarter of 2013 have already outpaced the total number of IPOs for all of 2012. Healthcare is leading this trend. Based on the EY Global Trends Report Q3 2013, North America reported 36 healthcare IPOs during the first nine months of 2013 compared with 22 in real estate and 20 in technology, the next two most active sectors. The largest IPO in the third quarter of 2013 was a healthcare company - Envision Healthcare Holdings Inc., raisi... Read More »

Posted on 11.21.2013

Rock Star Healthcare C-Suite Panel at Becker’s Names 10 Top-of-Mind Thoughts for 2014

After a lively discussion on the financial and cultural impact of hospitals employing physicians, panelists at the Becker's Hospital CEO Roundtable in Chicago last week were asked by healthcare publishing veteran Chuck Lauer what was foremost on their minds today about healthcare. They had only 30 seconds to respond; here is a summary of their comments. Data collection. It will be at the center of quality outcomes and financial reimbursement. Evidenced-based medicine. Physicians w... Read More »

Posted on 11.20.2013

Talking About Hospital Quality

Good news, hospital marketing directors! The government shutdown message on the CMS Hospital Compare website has been updated and it looks like we're back on track for a December 12 data refresh. If the prospect of explaining your hospital's quality performance (again) makes you feel like calling in sick, you're not alone. From our earliest years in school we learn that talking about report cards is no fun - particularly if a sibling or neighbor down the street has something to crow about... Read More »

Posted on 11.05.2013

Smartphones: The Key to the Engaged Patient’s Heart

It's official. I've joined the ranks of those device-addled people for whom one form of media is simply not enough. I came to this realization one evening as I toggled between email on my phone, shopping on my iPad and catching up on Netflix - all while sitting next to my husband as he did the same thing. Though I may find this sudden inability to unplug troubling, new research shows I'm not alone. In today's multi-screen world, our devices accompany us everywhere - acting as both compa... Read More »

Posted on 10.17.2013

Communicating for the C-Suite: How to write for the CEO

Want to write something fresh for the CEO? Scratching your head over how to make the CFO seem more multi-dimensional? Tired of having legal eviscerate your press releases? Communicating for the C-suite can be challenging. Corner offices tend to be populated by strong minded, fast thinking, hard driving professionals who don't have a lot of time for rewrites or coming up with just the right word. That's our jobs as professional communicators. But it doesn't take many emails from the C-suit... Read More »

Posted on 10.10.2013

Tips to Increase Open Rates in Email Campaigns

Email campaigns are widely used for numerous reasons to communicate a message to a specific audience. They can be used to distribute newsletters to clients, target consumers in a certain geographic area, engage potential new clients, and more. The million dollar question in all of these campaigns is, "How do you increase open rates?" According to Emma, a popular email marketing provider, the average open rate for the entire Emma community is 20 percent. Open rates actually vary by industry, wit... Read More »

Posted on 10.08.2013

Social Media Tug-O-War: Who owns it in your organization?

Social media is a hot topic. Talking about the fact that social media is a hot topic is a hot topic. And yet, many companies struggle to define ownership of their social media strategy or to even formulate a strategic social media plan in the first place. In my experience, it typically starts organically. Someone around the table will ask, "Do we need to do more on social media?" After everyone unanimously and enthusiastically agrees, chaos ensues. The team runs down the list: What social me... Read More »

Posted on 09.25.2013

LinkedIn’s New Analytics Feature Drives Better Content Marketing Strategies

LinkedIn is used as more than a social media platform for finding a job nowadays. It is a great place to share industry related content with all of your connections or company page followers. Now LinkedIn has added analytics for company pages, allowing you to compare your page to your competitors and gain further knowledge about your followers and their interaction with your posts. This information can help you better develop content marketing strategies. According to an article recently published by Rag... Read More »

Posted on 09.19.2013

Study: Facebooking During a Crisis is Good PR

A new study shows that posting to Facebook during a time of crisis can help improve an organization's overall image. Researchers at the University of Missouri School of Journalism created two fictional universities and gave study participants news stories about crises occurring at each. After the participants read the stories, the researchers measured participants' attitudes toward each institution, as well as their perceptions of the severity of each crisis. Then participants were shown Facebook... Read More »

Posted on 09.12.2013

Strategic Planning: Advice from Experts

Just when you thought you knew all you needed to know about strategic planning, Tennessee Bank & Trust hosts a round-table discussion with experienced business leaders that will remind you how much you have forgotten and why you need to think about your strategic plan all year long. There are great nuggets here. What is your top piece of advice about strategic planning? ​... Read More »

Posted on 09.11.2013

View from the Top: New Study Reveals CEO Perceptions on Communications

I recently read a new survey published by the Arthur W. Page Society, The CEO View: The Impact of Communications on Corporate Character in a 24x7 Digital World, that shared insight from interviews with 20 leading CEOs of Fortune 50 companies on their opinions about strategic communications and the changing role of Chief Communications Officers (CCOs) in today's companies. The commissioned research is an update to the Society's 2007 study The Authentic Enterprise assessing the strategic importance of commun... Read More »

Posted on 09.03.2013

Community-based Nonprofits: Communicating Goals to Maximize Fundraising Potential

With the economic sluggishness of the past few years, nonprofits have been hit hard. Charitable giving is one of the first areas where patrons and donors cut back on their budgets, and federal funding through grants also decreases significantly at the same time. Small, community-based charities supporting local programs like community libraries, children's education, outreach to the elderly, and similar goodwill initiatives face overwhelming challenges because they rely so heavily on volunteer... Read More »

Posted on 08.27.2013

We All Lie Like Rugs Apparently, and Social Media Makes It So Easy To Get Caught

To be honest, I do not think it is always a good idea to tell the truth. And anyone who says they never tell a lie is the biggest liar of us all. In fact, research shows that on average each person in the United States tells a lie 1.65 times a day. And Cornell University professor Jeff Hancock, who conducts research around dishonesty, has found that one in 10 text messages contains a lie. He also found that people lie less in emails than in person, something that isn't surprising as we have... Read More »

Posted on 08.22.2013

Literally v. Figuratively

Much has been made of the use, misuse and overuse of the word "literally." Literally, of course, means something that is actually true: "Literally every pair of shoes I own was ruined when my apartment flooded." When we use words not in their normal literal meaning but in a way that makes a description more impressive or interesting, the correct word, of course, is "figuratively." But people increasingly use "literally" to give extreme emphasis to a statement that cannot be true, as in: "My head literall... Read More »

Posted on 08.16.2013

Survey from The Fed Underscores the Economy is Improving

I enjoy being a part of the Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta panel of business people who respond to questions about what they think is going to happen with inflation in the Sixth District over the next 12 months. In mid-August, the Fed reported the results from more than 200 business firms, and I'm in line with the majority who report that their sales are up "above normal" slightly, but so are their unit costs.  We expect labor costs to increase and the rate of inflation to be a... Read More »

Posted on 08.15.2013

On The Importance of Newspapers

Before the start of 2013, I made a media wish. I hoped for the return of the "reputable journalist" and the resurgence of traditional media outlets upon which the general public can rely for timely, accurate, in-depth information that matters. With the closing of Nashville's The City Paper, and the continued blood-letting at The Tennessean, it's clear that I won't be getting my wish this year. And at this rate, I'm starting to lose hope. I was, however, heartened to read the... Read More »

Posted on 08.13.2013

Sacrifices Might Seem Permanent But They Don’t Have to Last Forever

Laurel Staples' Better Woman blog is casual and informative. She does a great job with her video and audio production. Check out some of the successful businesswomen she interviews.   Rosemary Plorin is President of Lovell Communications.  You can view more of her blog posts here. Connect with her at rosemary@lovell.com or @plorin.  ... Read More »

Posted on 08.02.2013

Our Summer Intern's Experience

Sharing our summer intern's experience... As my summer internship with Lovell is quickly coming to a close, I can hardly believe how time has flown. My experience has been filled with growth, laughter and lots of learning. Aside from shaping me into a more well-rounded PR professional, my favorite thing about these past two months has been the people I've gotten to work with and learn from. The associates here, each and every one, have been so kind and generous with their time and knowledge... Read More »

Posted on 07.31.2013

Breaking Through the Noise: Secrets of Successful Hospital Internal Communication

It's no secret hospitals have a lot on their plates these days. From the adoption of electronic health records and the transition to ICD-10 to the uptick in mergers and acquisitions, the need to effectively communicate with employees and physicians has never been greater. Unfortunately, neither has the noise level. Gone are the days when employee newsletters and town hall meetings were the only tools a hospital communicator needed in her arsenal. Today's caregivers are being asked to do more than... Read More »

Posted on 07.26.2013

LinkedIn Launches Sponsored Updates

LinkedIn has joined social media giants, Facebook and Twitter, by launching Sponsored Updates, a way to filter your LinkedIn posts and announcements directly into the LinkedIn news feeds of users throughout the business networking site. LinkedIn's Sponsored Updates provides a marketing tool for increasing awareness and shaping the perception of your brand, products or services. This new feature will allow your company, organization or institution to build relationships by delivering your content into the n... Read More »

Posted on 07.24.2013

When Two Worlds Collide: M&A Communications During the Integration Challenge

As a professional with extensive experience in international mergers and acquisitions, I often hear that mergers and acquisitions rarely live up to the original intent behind the deal. Bain & Company recently published a report of their findings from research they conducted on M&A activity from 2000 to 2010, and they found that companies that pursued mergers and acquisitions as part of their growth strategy outpaced the growth of companies that did not.  Most interestingly, companie... Read More »

Posted on 07.19.2013

Maximizing Facebook Graph Search for Your Business

Facebook has begun launching its newest feature, Facebook Graph Search. Graph Search gives users a more personal experience, allowing them to ask questions such as "Where have my friends traveled this year?" or "Find friends who like reading." Users are able to search for places, interests and products, but now the engagement level has been upped to combine the three with your friends, or friends of friends, experiences. There are many ways any business can benefit from Graph Search,... Read More »

Posted on 07.12.2013

ACA Implementation Requires Unprecedented Stakeholder Outreach, Brings Unique PR Challenges

Americans will have the opportunity to purchase health insurance from state or federal exchanges beginning October 1, 2013. Do you understand health insurance exchanges? If you don't, you aren't alone. A Kaiser Family Foundation poll released in late April found that 42 percent of Americans were even unaware the ACA is now law and being implemented. Envisioning the level of stakeholder communications required to adequately inform Americans about their options and responsibilities under the new la... Read More »

Posted on 06.18.2013

The Daily Healthcare Reading List

As a healthcare communicator, it's important to stay informed about industry news. But with everything that's got to get done during the work week, and the abundance of news outlets to choose from, it can be tough to find time to read everything that you'd like to. That's why I've developed a pared-down list of healthcare industry websites, email newsletters and blogs I try to browse for at least a few minutes every day. For the most part, these sources cover the stories and topics ne... Read More »

Posted on 06.06.2013

Hospitals, Are you talking price? 4 tips for hospitals navigating transparency

Unless you've been living under a rock, you know that transparency has become the new normal in healthcare. From core measures and HCAHPS to Leapfrog scores and Physician Compare, the average consumer now has unprecedented access to data. However, last month's release of hospital prices for more than 100 procedures has subjected providers to a new level of scrutiny. The data revealed huge variations in hospital charges for the same procedure, even among facilities located in the same market. While m... Read More »

Posted on 06.04.2013

AP Stylebook Turns 60, Releases 2013 Edition

Every year (like a big ole geek) I look forward to the latest updates of the AP Stylebook, the "essential style guide for journalists." Mastering journalistic style is an important skill for the communicators who write news releases and other materials for media. Face it - interesting a reporter or editor in covering your organization or client is a special challenge of its own. The least we can do is write in proper journalistic style. Just as a potential employer has little tolerance for typo... Read More »

Posted on 05.24.2013

Silver Linings: Responses in the Wake of Tragedies

If there are any silver linings in the wake of natural disasters like the tornadoes that devastated Moore, Okla., this week, they often come in the form of community and organizational responses. Time and again, people and companies demonstrate support and empathy for the victims of disastrous events by opening their hearts - and their wallets - to help others rebuild. Here are just a few highlights from this week's silver linings: CBS Monday pulled its season finale of the sitcom "Mike &... Read More »

Posted on 05.21.2013

Federal Reserve Survey Indicates Some Concern Over Labor Costs

I appreciate the regular surveys conducted by the Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta. They are like quick sound bites that create an up-to-date picture about what business people believe is going to happen in the next six months. The latest survey is comforting as it relates to cost-of-goods inflation worries, but it looks like businesses are anticipating some labor cost pressures...and I'd have to agree. What are you thinking about the next six months for your business? As it relates to s... Read More »

Posted on 05.16.2013

The Importance of a Mentor

All my life, I've been fortunate enough to have a variety of mentors and positive role models. Whether that's been friends, teachers or coaches, I have always had someone I could confide in, and trust to give me the best advice to help me grow. In college, as I began my journey to becoming a public relations professional, I knew I needed someone to fill the shoes of my professional mentor. A mentor can't be just anybody. The best type of mentor takes you under their wing, and gives you the ex... Read More »

Posted on 05.14.2013

Medical Drama Misses Mark on Crisis PR

I've always been a fan of the television medical drama "Grey's Anatomy," a show that follows the fictional lives of surgical interns and residents as they evolve into expert physicians at a Seattle hospital. Even in the seasons when the writers seemed to be on an extended vacation (season four), the show's complex characters and medical challenges have continued to hold my interest. Usually, when the show's medical content strays from reality, I don't let it bother me. After all, it's fiction. But a f... Read More »

Posted on 05.02.2013

Citizen Manhunt: The Rise of Social Media in Breaking News

If you are one of 63 percent of Americans who say they followed the tragic Boston Marathon bombing news very closely, it's likely you kept up with the story on television. According to a report released by Pew Research Center last week, 80 percent of Americans followed the story on TV. About half (49 percent) say they tracked the story online or a mobile device. The national survey, conducted April 18-21 among 1,002 adults, reports a quarter of Americans (26 percent) got their information on the inci... Read More »

Posted on 04.30.2013

April Showers Bring Runners Power

A little rain Saturday morning didn't stop runners from competing in the Country Music Marathon and Half Marathon. I was one of the crazy ones out there at 5 a.m. gearing up to run my first half marathon. Running a half marathon was not something I ever saw myself doing, but some coaxing from friends led me to a spur of the moment decision to sign up in December, and it was quite the experience. The rain began around 5 a.m. and only got worse. You would think this would deter runners and fans from a... Read More »

Posted on 04.25.2013

Is Your Brand Living on the Edge with Facebook?

Facebook has changed. Again. Their new feature, EdgeRank, is supposed to help ensure that users receive content that is relevant and wanted. The EdgeRank algorithm determines which posts on your company or personal page will appear on your followers' news feeds. According to Facebook, EdgeRank factors several distinct attributes in determining what appears in a news feed, including the number of comments a post receives, who posted the story and what type of post it is (such as photo, video, sta... Read More »

Posted on 04.11.2013

@SEC Embraces Social Media for Communicating with Investors

The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission has recently issued guidance on use of social media by corporations as a means to communicate with investors. But the guidance is receiving mixed reviews and, as Fortune magazine put it, received a definite "dislike" from many investors. The SEC addressed the role of social media in investor communications in response to an investigation into information released by Netflix (NFLX) CEO Reed Hastings on Facebook. In July 2012, Hastings used his personal... Read More »

Posted on 04.09.2013

Lululemon Navigates ‘The Great American Yoga Pant Crisis’

While walking by a Lululemon Athletica Inc. store in Nashville last week, I noticed the words "The Great American Yoga Pant Crisis" across the store front window. Thank goodness we survived the controversy, but will the company? Since Lululemon last month announced a recall of women's black Luon yoga pants due to sheerness and issued a warning of a yoga pants shortage, there has been a steady media buzz on the story from parodies on late night talk shows to social media. News outlets around... Read More »

Posted on 04.04.2013

Lovell’s Insider Look at Healthcare Policy

One of the best parts about working for Lovell Communications in Washington, D.C., is the proximity to Capitol Hill. Even if you're not a political junkie, you can't help but get caught up in the conversation about the latest controversial legislation, political gaffe, or the looming "crisis" our country is facing during any given week. But once a year, I get to go a little deeper and get a true Inside-The-Beltway look at the world of healthcare policy by attending the Nashville Health... Read More »

Posted on 04.02.2013

April Fool’s PRanks – Worth it? Or too Risky?

April first doesn't simply mark the first day of the month, but more importantly a day filled with pranks providing comic relief to the workday. There's your traditional harmless office prank, like flipping offices around, changing your co-workers office signature, taping a colleague's phone handset down to the base, sticky-noting cubicles, and the list goes on-and-on. But, on the rare occasion, some companies have tricked thousands of people into believing some truly bizarre things. Top PRan... Read More »

Posted on 03.26.2013

Celebrating 25 Years: Looking Back & Paying It Forward

Of the lessons learned from our recent global recession - and its slow moving recovery - the importance of small business on the U.S. economy is near the top of the list. The U.S. Small Business Administration reports that small businesses represent more than 99% of all employer firms, and provide approximately half of all private sector jobs. Half! Imagine how that impacts local communities in the way of local spending, home purchases, educational investments and charitable donations... Read More »

Posted on 03.22.2013

Affinity Program Serves Tens of Thousands of Members

    Challenge For years, Community Health Systems (CHS) and its hospitals had a very successful seniors’ membership program focusing on individuals over the age of 60.  Lovell Communications Inc. (LCI) was asked to develop a program to generate additional members between the ages of 35 and 60. Strategy & Tactics Research shows women make between 70 and 90 percent of all healthcare decisions and spend two out every three healthcare dollars. Two-thirds of hospital procedures are perfo... Read More »

Posted on 03.12.2013

In Public Relations: Why Do Women Outnumber Men?

While catching up on some reading recently, I stumbled upon this video from Ragan.com in which three New York City public relations professionals - all women - discuss why they think women dominate the public relations industry. In their answers, the three indicate that they think women have some innate qualities and interests that match them to the profession. "Women are passionate about communication, and passionate about connecting," one says. Another cites expert skills with multi-tasking:... Read More »

Posted on 03.05.2013

Does Your Writing Need a Tune-up?

Determining what represents good writing is somewhat subjective, but good writing should always be free of misspellings and grammatical and punctuation errors. These "mechanics" of writing are fundamental to effective communication and your mastery of them - or lack thereof - creates a certain impression of you when people read your work. Technical flaws in your writing style may distract clients, employees or customers from your message and cause you to appear less credible as a source of informa... Read More »

Posted on 02.26.2013

Have it YOUR way: Take a lesson from Burger King to avoid being hacked

Last week, Burger King was no king in the social media realm. Burger King's Twitter account was hacked which led to an avatar change featuring McDonalds as well as posts with racial slurs and other obscenities. Social media is fast-paced and doesn't provide much time to react before news like this goes viral. To protect your brand reputation, it's important to plan ahead. Here are five tips for social media managers to avoid being put in a scenario like Burger King: Ch... Read More »

Posted on 02.12.2013

How to “Work It” When the Red Light Goes On: Four Tips to Help Your CEO Deliver a Good Performance on Video

Some corner office executives are "naturals" when it comes to public speaking or communicating in front of a camera - some, but not most. Most CEOs are too busy running their companies to set aside time for "talking head" training or even a rehearsal prior to a video shoot. Here are four tips to help you coach your CEO when he or she needs to deliver an important video message to employees or other stakeholders. Do your homework. It takes a bit of advance work before you should... Read More »

Posted on 02.01.2013

The Perfect Pitch; Telling a Story that Matters

As I worked on crafting the "perfect" media pitch over the past few days, I found myself stuck on how to best communicate the story I wanted to tell. How pitchy is too pitchy? Do I sound like I'm trying too hard? I finally asked myself, why would anyone care about this? Once I answered that question myself the words began to flow. The key to any successful media pitch is telling a story that matters. Reporters are pitched with numerous stories each day from people just like me who think the... Read More »

Posted on 01.29.2013

Internal Communication – and lots of it – Keys to Telecommuting Success

After more than a year of working remotely, I've become a full believer in the benefits of telecommuting. The studies that say those of us logging hours from off-site locations are more productive and have higher morale and job satisfaction than when we were office dwellers - they sound right to me. But that's not to say that anyone can just grab a laptop, ditch the office, and achieve employee nirvana. There are multiple potential pitfalls on both the employee (did someone say snooze button?) an... Read More »

Posted on 01.25.2013

Economic Change Means Communication Transformation

The buzz on Capitol Hill is economic reform, but what impact does the economy have on the public relations sector? As social media continues to gain legitimacy as a key platform to interact with customers and constituents, companies are experiencing the need for solid communications planning and those with the skills to implement the tactics. Public relations budgets are increasing at a rate outpacing the GDP growth. Despite the negative economic media coverage, many businesses are expandi... Read More »

Posted on 01.17.2013

Facebook Graph Search

Yesterday, Facebook unveiled its newest product - Facebook Graph Search. The product aims to put Facebook head-to-head with Google by allowing users to search for people, photos, places, and business pages, all from within the social networking site. Graph Search is currently in a limited beta version available to US audiences only, and there's a waiting list. While I wait for my invitation, I wanted to share a little about what we can expect from the upcoming Graph Search. "In the past, F... Read More »

Posted on 01.15.2013

Out with the Old, In with the New: 15 communication resolutions for professionals

In an effort to shake a holiday hangover and get back into a work routine, I found myself reading quite a bit last week, trying to catch up on national and world events. As I reviewed a host of local and national publications and websites, I noticed my inner editor was tripping over some perennially tired and lazy writing conventions – as well as a few absolute misuses of language. To balance the curmudgeon inside me, I made sure to "like" and "share" the sharp... Read More »

Posted on 01.08.2013

Lessons Can Be Learned from 2012’s PR Disasters

The end of the year brings countless recap articles, but none interest, amuse and horrify me quite so much as those describing the worst P.R. blunders of the year. One of these, from Business Insider, not only makes fun reading but also describes company responses to these disasters that's instructive should you ever - heaven forbid - find your organization in a similar situation. Lesson 1: Act Fast. KitchenAid, NRA Magazine and McDonalds all moved quickly to address or rectify the situation. Kitchen... Read More »

Posted on 01.03.2013

Capturing the Attention of a Visual Society with Infographics

Every day, the internet is filled with 1.5 billion pieces of content, 140 million tweets and two million videos. We consume, on average, 11 hours of information each day, whether it's from social media such as Facebook or Twitter, the news, or another medium. How can we retain all that information? Put simply, we can't. We are a visual society; images capture our attention, which is why infographics provide for a perfect way to reach your audience to get your message across. Infographics are visu... Read More »

Posted on 12.27.2012

Will Journalism Rebound? My Media Relations Wish for the New Year

As I was catching up on some of my industry reading last week, I happened upon a story from Ragan.com titled, "6 PR and social media predictions for 2013.※ All the predictions were thought provoking, but I thought No. 3 - "The reputable journalist is revived" - was particularly worth sharing. The author makes the point that the rise of blogging and social media has increased the volume and accessibility of online news, often at the expense of what she calls "re... Read More »

Posted on 12.18.2012

A New Year’s Resolution for Defining and Nurturing Organizational Culture

The holiday season brings chocolate covered pretzels, gift baskets and popcorn tins! It also means office gatherings which, for some offices, may be the only formal employee gathering throughout the year. In recognition of the holidays, Lovell Communications Inc. enjoyed a wonderful dinner and time of laughter and fellowship last week. Toward the end of our dinner, we each gave our personal thank you to the group for a year of quality work and meaningful results for our clients. Those kinds of imp... Read More »

Posted on 12.13.2012

Top Five Ways to Get – and Stay – on a Reporter’s “Nice” List This Christmas:

Contact the right person. Do your homework. Research the reporter, topics they have previously covered and any recent articles they have produced. If you aren't sure who to contact, visit the outlet's website. Usually a station will have a section for contacts, including phone numbers or email addresses for managing editors, assignment editors, and beat reporters. Tailor your pitch. It's important to take the time to craft a message based on each reporter's unique interests and it lets... Read More »

Posted on 12.11.2012

Give your LinkedIn Profile a Professional Makeover

Nowadays it's extremely important to update your social media accounts, especially if you're on the job hunt. As of September 30, 2012, LinkedIn was noted as the world's largest professional network on the Internet with 187 million members in more than 200 countries and territories. According to the Cnet article, 93 percent of job recruiters tap into LinkedIn to find qualified candidates. Overall 92 percent of employers and recruiters already use or plan to use social media to find job cand... Read More »

Posted on 12.06.2012

Just Say (or Write) It: The Best Quotes Sound Normal

When some writers begin to craft a speech, a statement on behalf of an organization, or a quote from an executive for a news release, they must suddenly forget they're writing for real people. Because real people don't speak in the stilted, awkward style these writers often use. Stilted means something that is unnaturally formal, such as writing that doesn't flow smoothly. Worse than awkward, this unnaturally formal "speech" can make the individual or organization sound ar... Read More »

Posted on 11.29.2012

Retract that! How – and when – to seek a correction

Let's face it, everyone makes mistakes - even journalists. From minor oversights like a misspelled name or botched title to egregious errors (remember the unfortunate Obama Bin Laden headline?), it's human nature to slip up every now and then. However, that doesn't mean you have to take it on the chin if you're on the receiving end of an error. Here are some quick tips for knowing how and when to ask a reporter to make it right: Is it really wrong? First, ask yourself this question a... Read More »

Posted on 11.27.2012

Playing the Long Game in Media Relations

Earlier this month, we placed a feature story in the Washington Business Journal about Vetcorps Landscaping, a company founded by a pair of United States Navy veterans who struggled to find work after returning home from deployment. Their goal is to grow the business so they could hire more military veterans and donate a portion of their profits to charities supporting veterans and their families. The WBJ story was a big success for Washington, D.C.-based Vetcorps. It reached a target audience of potential... Read More »

Posted on 11.20.2012

It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year…

It has always been my family's tradition to wake up on Thanksgiving Day and watch the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade from start to finish. This was, and still is, a major accomplishment for the kid who loathed parades; but the Macy's Parade was different. It signaled the start of the holiday season and was the only appearance that the real Santa Claus ever made in public! As an adult I had the good fortune to spend Thanksgiving 2008 in New York City. I was able t... Read More »

Posted on 11.16.2012

Want A Promotion? You’ll Have to Pay for It.

Facebook has added a new advertising opportunity for individuals and businesses. The company recently released a new experimental feature which allows you to promote your updates, photos and posts to increase the chances of reaching a larger percentage of your targeted audience. If you're willing to pay an average of $7, Facebook will guarantee that your "promoted" post will appear near the top of your friends' news feeds. Of course, if you decide not promote your post, many o... Read More »

Posted on 11.13.2012

Dual Relationships and Social Media: The personal and professional risks of being “friends”

I have to admit, I'm fairly fond of Facebook. I'm your average mid-40s, working Mom who's really enjoyed rekindling friendships with friends from childhood and college. I've also enjoyed staying in touch - on a personal level - with colleagues and even clients from other parts of the country. We post photos of our families, share the occasional recipe or one-liner, and celebrate those rare nights when we get out on the town with girlfriends or go off on a well-deserved vacation. Inno... Read More »

Posted on 11.08.2012

Instagram: It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Facebook

Perhaps you hadn't noticed when Facebook purchased Instagram last spring. The purchase came just after Facebook changed its look and user experience with the introduction of Timelines, which replaced the Facebook profile to offer a complete history of your Facebook usage dating back to the activation of your account. Whether or not you took note then, Facebook is going to great lengths to make sure you know just who owns the free photo sharing application now, starting with last week's launch of... Read More »

Posted on 11.07.2012

Video Testimonials Reap Strong ROI

Challenge: Hospital administrators make the decisions about whether or not, and to whom, they should outsource hospital-based services.  The competition is stiff, and TeamHealth wanted administrators to know that, compared to their competition, TeamHealth has higher customer service satisfaction scores (based on third-party research.) Strategy and Tactics: Lovell research showed that peer-to-peer recommendations are one of the strongest influencers in the decision-making process for hospital CEOs.  I... Read More »

Posted on 11.06.2012

Presidential Election Provides Marketing Opportunity for Consumer Brands

Since it is Election Day I thought it would be interesting to showcase how some well-known consumer brands have capitalized on one of the tightest presidential elections in our nation's history. Here are some of my favorites: Spirit Halloween promoted the sale of Romney and Obama Halloween masks. The company said they have successfully predicted the past few elections based on total sales of each candidate's mask. Of course, those sales will likely never surpass the Richard Nixon mask, which acco... Read More »

Posted on 11.05.2012

Media Placement Draws Business Interest

Challenge The founders of startup company Vetcorps Landscaping wanted to create awareness of the young company in order to secure new clients and grow the business. Washington, D.C.-based Vetcorps, which hires American military veterans and donates a portion of its profits and time to veteran-focused charities, was particularly interested in securing more corporate clients. Strategy and Tactics Lovell Communications deployed a media relations strategy that introduced Vetcorps to local media outlets... Read More »

Posted on 10.30.2012

Are You Worthy of an Endorsement?

By now many of you have probably received email notifications of a new feature offered by LinkedIn called "Endorsements." With one simple click, the new feature makes it easier for you to acknowledge your connections for their skills and expertise in the business realm instead of writing a formal recommendation. This allows people in your network to quickly distinguish where your strengths and expertise lie. According to the LinkedIn Help Center, the difference between an endorsement and recomm... Read More »

Posted on 10.25.2012

Women’s Entrepreneur Event - Sharing Start-Up Advice

At the Entrepreneur Center's Women's Coffee Series, I was interviewed by Beth Chase, CEO of C3 Consulting. Women entrepreneurs and those considering starting a business asked some interesting questions during and after the session. Below are my favorites, along with my answers. Q. The vast majority of start-ups fail in the first five years. As the founder and president of Lovell Communications, when did you feel like you could relax and know your business was going to make it? A. Thi... Read More »

Posted on 10.23.2012

Suffering from political ad fatigue? You’re not alone.

It's been more than a month since the Democratic National Convention, where President Barack Obama quipped, "If you're sick of hearing me approve this message, believe me, so am I." The president was commenting on the unprecedented amount of money pouring into political advertising during this general election season, which has resulted in a television-watching experience that can leave you wondering if that rerun of Seinfeld is sharing a time block with a political drama. According... Read More »

Posted on 10.18.2012

Healthcare Marketers Can Finally Demonstrate ROI to Physicians

I've said it for more than 25 years: good communications is at the root of all successful businesses, relationships and educational experiences. Now, communications will have a financial pay-off for physicians who effectively teach their patients how to manage their health and adhere to their treatment plans. In the past, physicians were encouraged to talk with their patients so the patients could understand their diagnoses and treatments and have a "warm and fuzzy" feeling about the doctor... Read More »

Posted on 10.16.2012

Social Media: Changing the Campaign Trail

As we near Election Day, and as a former political campaign manager, I find myself being reminiscent of days on the campaign trail. I was reading Tweets and Facebook posts after the recent vice presidential debate when it dawned on me how much campaigning has changed in the last three presidential elections. Today the cost of producing a political campaign is higher, the campaign season is longer and social media has forever changed the communications strategy of accumulating votes. The biggest chan... Read More »

Posted on 10.11.2012

Common AP Style Errors

The AP Stylebook sets forth the rules of writing for the news industry. For those of us writing for and pitching news to reporters, it's important to know and follow their style. This is particularly true as newsrooms continue to become leaner than ever before, with even less time - not to mention tolerance - for reformatting our material for us. Do you need to brush up on your AP style? Here are some of the most common errors I regularly observe. 1. It's Internet, not internet. You shoul... Read More »

Posted on 10.09.2012

All I Need to Know About SEO I Learned From an Urban Adventure Race

Last weekend I participated in a 30 mile urban adventure race in downtown Nashville. The concept is simple: teams of three to six people are sent on a mystery course around the city to find clues, solve puzzles, and complete challenges. Each teammate is designated as a runner or a biker, and three teammates are required to be on the course at any given time. I'm a fairly new runner and not a biker by any means, but the team said I wouldn't run more than eight miles, and would definitely not have... Read More »

Posted on 10.04.2012

Social Media Is Raising the Cost of Living

It seems impossible to think there is anyone left on the face of the planet who is not connected by some type of social media- LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare, or any of the other social networks we have grown so accustomed to using. We love it because it is a free way of staying connected. Whether your involvement in social media is casual or habitual, professional or purely for fun, have you ever taken a moment to consider the impact your social media use is having on your life? I don't m... Read More »

Posted on 09.27.2012

Brand Confidence: What’s Your Call?

How confident are you in your brand? Likely not as confident as the NFL, which seems convinced that fans, players and broadcasters will quickly forget the replacement referee crisis as soon as an agreement is reached...whenever that may be. The league seems to be in no rush to cut a deal to end the "crisis." That's confident; but is it smart? After Monday night's most controversial call of the strike to date, the Twittersphere united fans and players in disgust.  Angry fans reporte... Read More »

Posted on 09.25.2012

Don't Mind the Bed Bugs, and Other Communication Tips

For the past year, my fiancé and I have been renting a condo in a large and fairly new building in Washington, D.C. To keep residents informed of the various condo goings-on, the community manager distributes a weekly e-newsletter. On occasion, we'll get an unscheduled newsletter if there is an immediate issue or concern. Like the email we received at 8:18 p.m. on a recent Thursday, titled: Notice of Bedbug Sighting in Nearby Unit. The email contained a short message referring to an attached notice... Read More »

Posted on 09.21.2012

The Social Platform to Raise Awareness for World Alzheimer's Month

September is World Alzheimer's Month. Alzheimer's has become the sixth-leading cause of death in the United States and one in eight Americans over the age of 65 is affected by this disease. Alzheimer's disease was first identified more than 100 years ago, but research into its symptoms, causes, risk factors and treatment has gained momentum only in the last 30 years. Because of our work with many hospitals, health systems, nursing facilities and non-profit organizations, we often... Read More »

Posted on 09.18.2012

Quick Tips on How to Conduct a Video Interview and Prevent Heartburn Back in the Editing Suite

We produce videos for many of our clients; many are testimonials and the interviewees are not accustomed to being videotaped. I wanted to share some tips on how to get the best responses from the people you interview. Most of the time, people are nervous in front of a camera and, as the one asking the questions and trying to get good footage, it's the interviewer's job to put them at ease. Here's how I approach it: Decide in advance what you want your subject to say, and don... Read More »

Posted on 09.17.2012

Healthcare Social Media Nightmares

You're a savvy and knowledgeable healthcare marketing expert. So you know a social media HIPAA violation when you see one, right? Below are 10 social media nightmares that any hospital, health system, nursing home, etc. could face on any given day - even if the organization doesn't engage in any proactive social media. Each of these little disasters poses some kind of challenge for the provider (or "covered entity," as defined by HIPAA), but only one is a true violation under fe... Read More »

Posted on 09.11.2012

Fallen Officers and Fire Fighters Remembered in 9/11 Social Media Tribute

It's difficult not to feel the spirit of patriotism today. Whether you're at home, in the office, or out in the streets, you can't overlook the anniversary of September 11 - especially not if you have any connection to social media. That was exactly the New York City Police Department's intention with its planned Web Tribute to honor the officers killed on September 11. Today, once per hour, the department will post messages to honor each NYPD fallen hero with links to individual mem... Read More »

Posted on 09.06.2012

A Big Turn On: WORDS

One of my colleagues, who is famous for the provocative and razor-sharp use of her vast vocabulary, used a word the other day and, while I knew what it meant, I am certain I had never heard anyone actually use it in ordinary conversation. It rolled between my ears and made me smile. When discussing a particular comment made by an individual, she asked me to keep in mind that, "he is quite hyperbolic." Having spent more than 25 years in healthcare communications I was, just for a second, confuse... Read More »

Posted on 08.30.2012

How Simple Changes to Website Images Can Increase Search Engine Discovery

"A picture is worth a thousand words" - or maybe more, if it's on your website. Most websites contain images because they are a powerful way to keep visitors on your website longer. Images keep people's attention and can range from an infographic containing important statistics to an intriguing picture related to your business message. Did you know that images can also help people discover your website through search engines? Images can be optimized to provide more opportunity to pla... Read More »

Posted on 08.28.2012

Copyrights and wrongs: An attorney’s insight on using news clips

Securing a media placement for a client is always a reason for a little celebration. But sometimes, it can lead to a little bit of head-scratching when clients want to know how they can use those media clips to promote their business. "Can we post the story on our website?" "Can we copy and paste the story into an email and send it to our customers and business prospects?" "Can we make copies to leave behind on new business calls or hand out at an industry conference?"... Read More »

Posted on 08.23.2012

Butt Is It News?

By now everyone has likely heard that photographs have surfaced of Britain's Prince Harry in the nude that were taken as the 27-year-old partied in a hotel suite in Las Vegas last week. And it's likely you heard about it because the photographs went viral. So what's the news here? Is it that the prince was photographed in his altogether? Or is it news simply because the photos became an overnight sensation on the Internet? Who's driving the train here? Obviously, Prince Harry is... Read More »

Posted on 08.16.2012

Facebook Hits the Mark with its Enhanced Targeting Option

The demand for advanced analytical insight is increasing and, as marketers, we continually strive to gain more data on audience and engagement from our social media campaigns to demonstrate the value of our online efforts. Last month, we discussed how Twitter's enhanced features aim to improve the social site's targeting options and search functionality. One of these updates includes a "Promoted Tweet" option that allows advertisers to target its audience based on geographic location, d... Read More »

Posted on 08.14.2012

Operating Room Videos Are Exciting

At the end of a long day in the OR, shooting for a hospital client, almost anything can happen... Read More »

Posted on 08.09.2012

Social Media’s Growing Role in Investor Relations and Corporate Communications

Though Gibson Guitar entered into an "agreemen" with the federal government earlier this week, the company was immediately clear it was not going quietly into the new arrangement. Within hours of inking a deal with federal authorities, Gibson CEO Henry Juszkiewicz had a few words to share with the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service - and anyone else in the wired world that was interested in listening. Juszkiewicz didn't mince words when he spoke of Gibson being "subject to two... Read More »

Posted on 08.07.2012

Connected: Remember, We All Put Our Pants on the Same Way

Just today, I had lunch with a music industry executive at which we discussed the complexities associated with music's booming digital landscape as well the challenges I face as a new employee at one of Nashville's top PR firms. Needless to say, the conversation was passionate - filled with all of the emotion one would expect when human beings navigate unchartered waters. As I sat there listening to someone whose walls are decorated with "Top Selling Album" awards; it was interesting... Read More »

Posted on 08.02.2012

Olympic Commercials Worthy of a Medal

Every four years I prepare for late nights and touching stories that make me teary-eyed and proud as I watch American athletes sing our national anthem on the medal stand. Yes, I am talking about one of my favorite obsessions...the Summer Olympics. My devotion to the summer games started at a young age (I still love you Mary Lou!) and I have been fanatical ever since. Record viewership numbers reported by NBC earlier this week (40.7 million viewers for the opening ceremonies and 28.7 million on the... Read More »

Posted on 07.31.2012

Making the Most of Your Press Release - Part Three

This is the final piece in our three-part series on SEO-friendly press releases. In Making the Most of Your Press Release - Part One we discussed the importance of keyword selection, headlines and keyword usage. Making the Most of Your Press Release - Part Two followed by covering the importance of backlinks and anchor text. Part three of our series focuses on connecting landing pages, rich media additions and following up after distribution of your release. 6. Landing Pages: A landing page is a customiz... Read More »

Posted on 07.26.2012

Twitter Updates Search Features and Improves Results

Notice anything different about Twitter? This month, in an effort to enhance search functionality, the social networking and micro-blogging platform improved its search features, allowing you to discover people, topics, mentions and hashtags more easily. If you haven't visited the site recently, here are a few changes to look out for: Search Term Autocomplete: Type in any search term and watch as Twitter offers autocompletes of related terms, keywords and topics. For instance, a search for "news... Read More »

Posted on 06.21.2012

How to Use Pinterest for Business

... Read More »

Posted on 06.12.2012

Making the Most of Your Press Release - Part Two

Let's continue with our discussion on making the most of your press releases with an explanation of backlinks and anchor text. This is the second post in our three part series helping you ensure your press releases are properly optimized for better search engine results. (To review the first three tips, please visit: Making the Most of Your Press Release - Part One.) Previously we discussed the importance of researching and choosing three to five keyword targets and using these keywords throughout yo... Read More »

Posted on 05.31.2012

Rebranding Health Insurance Exchanges

Earlier this month the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services started considering a name change for one of the healthcare reform law's most important consumer-facing provisions: health insurance exchanges. As I read the story in Kaiser Health News about the possible rebranding, I found myself nodding along with the premise: Health insurance exchanges are intended to be consumer-friendly online marketplaces where individuals and small businesses can compare and purchase health insurance - but the wor... Read More »

Posted on 05.29.2012

Making the Most of Your Press Release - Part One

Traditionally, press releases were the standard for announcing company news. Corporate PR firms (or the company's in house public relations experts) would review news to be announced and diligently summarize the information in a well written press release. If the news was compelling, the timing right and the announcement correctly formatted and presented, the story might run in a print publication or even via the broadcast media, and the company's information would be seen by massive audiences... Read More »

Posted on 05.24.2012

It’s Etch A Sketch in a Landslide!

Every consumer brand dreams of a high-profile mention that suddenly propels its product it into the national spotlight. Right? Well, maybe.  What if the attention comes in a politically-charged environment? That's the situation in which Ohio Art, creator of Etch A Sketch, recently found itself. And the way the company responded is an excellent example of "grace under pressure" and great marketing. Etch A Sketch's moment in the spotlight came as the result of a comment made by... Read More »

Posted on 05.22.2012

Expanding your LinkedIn Network

Earlier this month on the blog, we wrote about the launch of LinkedIn's new iPad application. Today, I'd like to offer some tips professionals can use to help expand their LinkedIn networks. With more than 161 million professionals in 200 countries currently using the site, there is surely room for everyone's network to grow. #1 Stay Active and Engaged: Unlike Facebook or Twitter, most people don't log in to LinkedIn on a daily basis. Unfortunately, infrequent visits to the page... Read More »

Posted on 05.17.2012

Dick Clark and Me: An Interview Blast from the Past

When Dick Clark passed away recently, it hit me on so many levels. An American icon, gone. America's Oldest Teenager, gone. My youth...well, that happened a few years back. I went back into my archives of videos from days working for the fledging CNN/WTBS sister stations, and I found an interview with Dick Clark that I conducted when he was recording in Nashville and produced for an old TV magazine show called, "Winners." Back "in the day" we were producing piece... Read More »

Posted on 05.16.2012

Getting Aggressive About Passive Voice

Passive voice. That lofty, abstruse language construct so multifarious it tests even the journeyman writer - and completely eludes the novice. But take note. Understanding passive voice - and its emasculating impact on otherwise good prose - is crucially important to improving one's writing. If the goal is to write strong, persuasive, behavior-changing content, the writer must eliminate passive voice in all but the most impactful instances. While the Internet is replete with example... Read More »

Posted on 05.10.2012

How to Lose a Blogger in One Pitch

... Read More »

Posted on 05.09.2012

Managing the Digital Suggestion Box: Five tips for pleasing your most vocal customers

"If you don't have something nice to say, don't say anything at all." Growing up in the South, my mother instilled this bit of wisdom in me at a young age. And I try to take her advice to heart - even if I don't always follow it to the letter. For example, when the neighborhood restaurant we regularly order take-out from recently messed up my order for the fourth time in as many weeks, I chose to email the manager directly rather than blast the business on Facebook. However,... Read More »

Posted on 05.01.2012

LinkedIn Launches New iPad App

The world's leading professional networking site, LinkedIn, has recently launched its first iPad application. With more than 150 million users in 200 countries, the site's long awaited app creates an easy way to stay linked in with professional connections. For those of us who have only used the LinkedIn website, the new app is a pleasant surprise as it displays simple visuals and quick tools to check updates and messages. The redesign creates a sort of "social news" feel an... Read More »

Posted on 04.26.2012

Before turning to a thesaurus, consider this

Ever find yourself sitting at your desk, simultaneously staring at a draft of a writing project and an online thesaurus? You toggle back and forth between the two, looking for words that can substitute for those two or three terms that seem to appear in every sentence. Well, before you start plopping synonyms on the page, consider how differences in meaning and connotation can dramatically affect the tone of your writing. Tone, as you'll recall from high school English courses, is the mood of a p... Read More »

Posted on 04.24.2012

A Great Night for Nashville PR

Last week the Lovell team enjoyed an evening of industry camaraderie and peer recognition at the Parthenon Awards, sponsored by the Nashville Chapter of the Public Relations Society of America. The Parthenons take their name from Nashville's Parthenon, a replica of the original in Athens, Greece, and an appropriate icon for our hometown, nicknamed the "Athens of the South."  (If you haven't been to Tennessee to visit us yet, the Parthenon is a must on your sight-seeing list!) We we... Read More »

Posted on 04.19.2012

Virtual Meetings - How to Use Skype for Internal Communications

Today, companies can be widely dispersed. Employees may live in different cities or countries from where the organizations are centrally located. Younger generations may request working from home or the local coffee shop, saying they feel more comfortable and inspired outside of an office setting. Some companies may not even have an office, but a team of mobile employees collaborating through various new technologies. So what happens when an important discussion needs to take place between members of an org... Read More »

Posted on 04.18.2012

Google’s Algorithm Changes – Can You Keep Up?

Did you know it's estimated that Google changes its search algorithms about 500 times each year? The website generates more than one billion searches per day, and engineers are continually altering Google's algorithm to achieve faster search speed, more accurate results, and better relevancy. A few weeks ago, Google released its monthly report of "search quality highlights" for March. According to WebProNews, the report included a total of 50 changes, including modifications to Google'... Read More »

Posted on 04.12.2012

This Week’s Hot Couple: Facebook and Instagram. Will it Last?

You've probably heard the old saying, "If you canâ't beat 'em, join 'em." Last Monday, Facebook did just that when it purchased Instagram, a free photo sharing application for iPhone and Android. While there are a few theories as to why Facebook made this one billion dollar purchase, most of them stem from the same belief: Facebook feared competition. Perhaps Facebook wanted to buy Instagram (which has been downloaded more than 30 million times since its 2010 release) befo... Read More »

Posted on 04.10.2012

Do It Like Disney

I recently had the good fortune to experience a magical few days in Disney World. Though I spent most of my time enjoying the parks as my six-year old did, I could not help but notice how thoughtfully and thoroughly the Disney Company does its job. If ever there was an enduring - perhaps, indestructible - brand, it's Disney. That kind of success and endurance does not occur by accident. The culture of Disney was clearly set in stone (or castle rock) by its founders and has been protected an... Read More »

Posted on 04.05.2012

For Marketers Who Want Their Commercials to Go Viral: Be coy with your logo and “out there” with joy and surprise.

Using infrared eye-trackers and technologies that analyze facial expressions, an assistant professor at Harvard Business School has predicted what’s needed in commercials to make them more apt to go viral. The bottom line: 1. Don’t flaunt your brand logo. Show it repeatedly, but subtly. 2. Use joy and surprise, and use it early.  People stay more engaged and stick with an ad when it starts with joy or surprise.   Special note... Read More »

Posted on 04.03.2012

How to prepare for your first PR job

Last week Lovell Communications was fortunate to spend a few hours with a group of students from Lindsey Wilson College’s chapter of Lambda Eta Pi (the national communications honor society) and introduce them to the ins and outs of “agency life.” Many of the students are graduating in May and will be searching for their first PR jobs shortly thereafter.  Before they came to our offices, some members of the Lovell team got together to discuss things we wished we had known about or considered as we pr... Read More »

Posted on 03.29.2012

Refresher Course in Event Reporting

Earlier this month, I attended Leadership Health Care’s 10-Year Anniversary Delegation to Washington, D.C.  In case you’re unfamiliar with it, Leadership Health Care is an initiative of the Nashville Health Care Council aimed at fostering the next generation of Nashville’s healthcare leaders. Every year LHC organizes a trip to our nation’s capital to hear from lawmakers, Congressional staff, and leaders of key trade associations, among others. During the two-day event, I served as a scribe... Read More »

Posted on 03.27.2012

To Apply or Not to Apply? That is the Question.

There are several “opportunities” on the domain name front that are important for brand managers and trademark owners to consider, particularly for global consumer brands. To understand these opportunities, it’s necessary to unleash an entire new litany of acronyms, so brace yourself and here we go… First, you have to know that a TLD is a top-level domain, or the suffix to the right of the dot in your URL.  So for http://lovell.com, .com is the TLD. A brand TLD is a new creation, and the appl... Read More »

Posted on 03.20.2012

How to Rank Higher in the Search Engine of Life

Recently, I've just returned from a vacation where I noticed a fun similarity in the way Google ranks website value and how people rank each other's social value. And as you may already know, our social value can be extremely important in the successful marketing of our business as well as in our overall happiness. If you didn't already know, Google ranks websites for its search engine results by backlinks. A backlink is a link from another website back to your website - thus the name backlink. The more... Read More »

Posted on 03.15.2012

Pinterest Craze Could Result in Legal Troubles

Not long ago, I wrote a blog post about one of my favorite social media sites, Pinterest.  While I continue to enjoy using Pinterest to discover, organize and “pin” new ideas, I have stumbled upon some recent news that has caused concern. Last month, Kristen Kowalski, an attorney and photographer in Georgia, decided to delete her Pinterest account after conducting research on Pinterest’s terms of use.  As a photographer, she had read various complaints from other photographers who took issue with th... Read More »

Posted on 03.13.2012

The Path to Greatness is Along with Others – Now Go MeetUp!

A friend of mine and I met up for dinner after work the other night. It was the first warm evening of spring and we were soaking up the last hour of sunlight on the patio at a nearby restaurant. My friend, Jami, commented on how we hadn’t caught up in weeks and wondered what had been keeping me so busy. As I began chatting about book club meetings and indoor rock climbing, early morning yoga and weekend brunch gatherings, she stared back bewildered. “Who are you doing all of these things with?”... Read More »

Posted on 03.12.2012

Paula Lovell named one of Nashville's In Charge by Nashville Post

Paula Lovell was recently named one of Nashville's 2012 In Charge in Public Relations and Advertising by the Nashville Post. Lovell Communication's Nashville clients offer their congratulations to the firm.  ... Read More »

Posted on 03.06.2012

Risky or Not, Social Media Has Big Impact on Public Perceptions of Hospitals

Hospital and healthcare marketers are challenged by attorneys and compliance officers who, rightfully so, are constantly wringing their hands about the use of social media.  Their main concern is that an employee will unwittingly violate patient privacy rules and bring on lawsuits as well as public ridicule. It makes sense for legal counsel to tell marketers to play it safe; that's an attorney's job.  But it's a marketer’s job to figure out how to harness the power of social media like Facebook to he... Read More »

Posted on 03.01.2012

Introvert Power: Why we make great communicators

“What are you thinking over there? You’re awfully quiet,” a client once said to me. It felt more like an accusation than an observation. We were midway through a strategy session on a new product and I had been listening intently as the sales team shared information – much of which I was hearing for the first time. Aside from asking a few questions, I hadn’t interrupted, interjected or otherwise hijacked the conversation to share half-baked recommendations or serve my own agenda. Was that wrong? I... Read More »

Posted on 02.28.2012

The Golden Rule Applies Online, Too: Social Media and Civility

A Washington D.C. reporter’s recent series on underage drinking resulted in an unexpected and disturbing backlash as teens and their parents reacted with outrage. To be clear, their outrage wasn’t directed at the minors caught in the act, the merchants who’ve sold to underage drinkers for years or the parents who leapt to the defense of their law-breaking children; this venomous backlash was directed at the reporter for doing the story. Upset teens flooded the TV station’s Facebook page and repor... Read More »

Posted on 02.23.2012

What Does Media Consolidation Mean for Public Relations?

During the past few months, I’ve been fascinated by an ongoing story of media consolidation in Philadelphia. It has gotten me to thinking about how the collapse of competitive news markets across the country is affecting the public relations business. If you’re not a news junkie or a fan of all things The City of Brotherly Love (I’m guilty of both), let me fill you in on some of the highlights of the story.  This summer, the newsrooms of the broadsheet Philadelphia Inquirer, tabloid Daily News and... Read More »

Posted on 02.21.2012

Use Google+ to boost SEO

Though not everyone has quite jumped on the Google+ bandwagon yet, reports are showing that the service is experiencing significant growth, with its traffic increasing by more than 55 percent in December 2011.  Now, more than ever, it is important for brands to become more familiar with the functions of Google+ and its potential benefit to businesses.  Back in November, we blogged about the rollout of Google+ for businesses and brands. Now, we are learning that these Google+ pages have been integrated int... Read More »

Posted on 02.17.2012

When Social Posts Go Awry – A Reminder to Healthcare Workers

Social media is becoming an increasingly valuable tool for many healthcare professionals. But legal issues can arise when healthcare providers using social media platforms send posts that constitute HIPAA violations. This important privacy law protects the patient/provider relationship, but limits a medical provider’s ability to engage with a patient through social media. Last month we learned about the tweet that postponed one man’s death row sentence. With this and other social media blunders in mi... Read More »

Posted on 02.16.2012

Three Noteworthy Social Media Tips

I recently attended a social networking panel discussion at Belmont University. Sharing their opinions and expertise on social media were panelists Gerry Gorman, CIO of Cat Financial; Bob Hutchins, CEO of BuzzPlant; Clint Smith, CEO of EMMA; and Christi McNeil of the Social and Emerging Media team at Southwest Airlines. While some panelists took a more conservative approach to social networking than others and each company uses social networking in various ways, they each made some great points worth rememb... Read More »

Posted on 02.14.2012

Cowbird Debuts New Saga on Valentine’s Day

If you’re still trying to wrap your head around Pinterest, a booming visual bookmarking site that has grown almost 400 percent in the last four months, then the mere mention of a new social site might cause your eyes to glaze over. But before you click away, hear me out. Email and text messaging have left many of us accustomed to instant gratification when it comes to communication, though impulsive tweets and status updates often lead to regret. Our methods of communication have evolved so rapidly, ma... Read More »

Posted on 02.13.2012

Looking for your first job? A Few Things to Remember When Getting Started

For many college seniors, this time of year comes with a tremendous amount of excitement and anticipation for the future.  The final semester before graduation is filled with job hunting and planning the next chapter of life while also completing strenuous courses and projects in order to graduate.  Just two years ago I was in the same position and was anxious to start a search for a job that would truly use the skills I had acquired throughout the years.  I felt confident that my leadership positions, v... Read More »

Posted on 02.09.2012

Twitter: What language are they speaking?

About a week ago, my 84-year old father asked me to give him a primer on Twitter.  He’s not looking to weigh in on the next hot trending topic, but he’s noticed the increasing prevalence of Twitter in news coverage.  From presidential candidates to Superbowl scores to the announcement of the Oscar nominations, newscasters and producers can’t seem to resist citing the latest buzz on Twitter. So while many millions of television viewers are exposed to what may have been recently tweeted about... Read More »

Posted on 01.24.2012

Costa to Concordia Passengers: “Ya’ll Come Back Now, You Hear!”

I was interested in the crisis communications response of Costa Cruises, its parent Carnival Corporation, and the cruise industry overall to the wreck of the Costa Concordia even before the latest gaffe.  In a stunning new development this week, Costa Cruises offered passengers of the doomed Concordia’s January 13 sailing a 30 percent discount on their next cruise. Tasteless falls hopelessly short of properly characterizing this offer, made shortly after a 13th victim was recovered from the vessel and wi... Read More »

Posted on 01.19.2012

PR Pros Push For Wikipedia Editing Rights

In November, our blog identified the inability of companies to edit their own Wikipedia pages as one of the biggest risks of having your business listed in the ubiquitous crowd-sourced online encyclopedia.  Fearing that posts will become biased, Wikipedia does not allow any business – or any organization or consultant working for that business – to make changes to its page due to perceived conflicts of interest (COI). An unfortunate side effect of that policy is that posts often contain outdated or... Read More »

Posted on 01.17.2012

How to Improve Your Business’ Facebook Page

Facebook is expected to exceed one billion users by August 2012 thanks to countries such as Brazil and India where Facebook use is rapidly increasing. Remarkably, more than 50 percent of users log in daily. If used correctly, Facebook is a great tool to increase awareness of your business; however, it can be confusing. If you are acquainted with Facebook, you’re probably aware that there are a few different types of pages: personal, community, fan and business pages. While these pages were created to prom... Read More »

Posted on 01.10.2012

Facebook Upgrades Insights Analytics Tool

Marketers should be adept at demonstrating the value of online marketing efforts to their client or company. Tools like Google Analytics and Compete.com provide excellent ways to measure and report, in-depth, on company website traffic and the effectiveness of an online strategy. However, tools for measuring social media marketing success have only had capacity to report on very basic statistics (# of likes, shares, comments, etc.)…until now. Last month, Facebook rolled out an upgraded version of their... Read More »

Posted on 01.04.2012

Content Marketing Grows Up: 5 Tips to Freshen Up Your Strategy

Read any marketing, PR or social media blog these days and you’ll likely stumble across dozens of articles on content marketing. Fueled by the growth of social media, it offers companies a new way to engage customers and build their brand. In fact, 2011 saw industry giants like Nissan, Boeing and HSBC embrace the concept with the launch of sophisticated websites and video content designed to share their stories in a fresh new way. While content marketing – also known as brand journalism – is get... Read More »

Posted on 12.29.2011

Pinterest: A Unique Twist to Social Media

If you are a twenty-something female like me then you most likely know what Pinterest is, and you may even be borderline addicted.  For those of you who aren’t so acquainted, Pinterest is a relatively new social media site with a unique twist that allows its users to communicate through vibrant images.  With a quick visit to the Pinterest “About” page, you will learn that Pinterest is a virtual pinboard that lets you organize and share anything you find on the web.  An easy way I describe it to my... Read More »

Posted on 12.22.2011

Do MBAs Need More PR Training?

Thanks to the Public Relations Society of America, students seeking their master’s degree in business administration (MBA) might soon find themselves taking courses on public relations and crisis communications in addition to traditional offerings like accounting and finance. Earlier this month, the PRSA announced its MBA Initiative, a program designed to address what it calls “a lack of training in communications and reputation management skills among MBA graduates.” Through the initiative, a sel... Read More »

Posted on 12.20.2011

This Year, Give Yourself the Gift of Good Holiday PR!

The holidays translate to “busy, busy, busy” for virtually everyone, right?  Well, not necessarily.  As major holidays approach, newsrooms slow down and reporters can find themselves with not enough news on their hands.  What’s a reporter to do when everyone closes up shop for a few days and the flow of news tips and interesting media events dries up? In the spirit of the season, here are a few tips for helping out your reporter friends this year and giving yourself the gift of good PR at the sa... Read More »

Posted on 12.16.2011

When Physicians and Patients “Meet Up” Through Social Media

I recently had the good fortune to speak with a sharp group of lawyers at the Attorney’s Workshop of the Federation of State Medical Boards (FSMB).  The FSMB, as the name suggests, is comprised of the state agencies that oversee the licensure and regulation of physicians throughout in the United States. Our discussion centered on social media and the implications of social networking in healthcare.  We examined some of the staggering statistics about the prevalence of social media before zeroing in o... Read More »

Posted on 12.14.2011

The Tweet that Saved the Jailbird

Ever said something that had way bigger consequences than you imagined it would?  Ever sent a Tweet, or made a post, or even hit send on an email that ended up being circulated to a group much larger than you intended? Ever gotten someone off death row? Arkansas resident Randy Franco can answer “yes” in all cases. Franco was a juror in a 2010 capital trial in which Erickson Dimas-Martinez was found guilty and sentenced to death by lethal injection for the murder of an Arkansas teenager... Read More »

Posted on 12.08.2011

What Three Things Can a Champion Wrestler Teach Us About Marketing?

As any marketing firm will tell you, marketing is a never-ending process. Whether it's attending networking events, connecting with past clients or writing that new blog post, there is always something that can be done. This can get overwhelming and cause one to want to give up. But if you want your company to stand out above the rest, you have to keep going. Anthony Robles, winner of the  2010-2011 NCAA individual wrestling championship, recently spoke at a local school in Nashville, TN (watch his insp... Read More »

Posted on 12.06.2011

NFIB Is Just Wrong to Advise Businesses Not to Apologize to Customers

I am stunned to see that the National Federation of Independent Businesses (NFIB), an organization to which I belong and generally support, sponsors an article advising small business owners not to apologize to customers when a mistake has been made. How did the the enewsletter piece, entitled, “Why You Shouldn’t Apologize to Customers” get past the otherwise sensible editors and member advocates?  In my opinion, telling small businesses to be careful not to apologize for a mistake is the singular... Read More »

Posted on 12.01.2011

Blacklisting a reporter: Is it ever ok?

The old adage “never pick a fight with someone who buys their ink by the barrel” remains sage advice for anyone working with the media. With the proliferation of online news channels, blogs and social media, this may be more true today than ever before. Today’s commentators aren’t necessarily bound to a journalistic code of ethics and they certainly don’t need ink to write their stories. All the more reason to treat the media – including bloggers and so-called citizen journalists – with equal... Read More »

Posted on 11.29.2011

Working with Reporters: What to Expect

If there’s one thing I learned about reporters in my time as a journalist, it’s that every single one of them is different. In temperament, in style, in their receptiveness to being pitched by PR pros – every reporter is unique. That means you may encounter a few surprises from time to time when working with newsroom staffers. (I recall one former colleague who insisted loudly on speaking to the CEO every time she called a company for a comment, no matter how small the story.) Fortunately, there... Read More »

Posted on 11.22.2011

Time to get “Sirious”

Last month’s launch of Apple’s iPhone 4S brought about a new kind of application, appealing to users young and old. Siri, a voice-activated technology developed by Siri Inc., takes the older iPhone standard voice control feature and turns it into your own personal assistant. As with any voice-recognition hardware, the accuracy of Siri depends on several factors and its responses can be volatile. If everything works well, Siri can make reservations and appointments, set reminders, and send emails... Read More »

Posted on 11.17.2011

Google+ Adds Pages

Google+ has recently introduced Google+ pages, opening another door in social media development for businesses and brands.  This new feature of Google+ allows businesses to create their own page in order to target and follow customers.  The second feature is one of the biggest differences between Google+ and its largest competitor; while fans of a page on Facebook can follow a business, there is no corresponding feature that allows the business to follow its fans.  Google+ on the other hand, facilitates... Read More »

Posted on 11.10.2011

How Service Members Stay Connected With Social Media

As I was thinking about two upcoming holidays, Veteran’s Day on Friday and Thanksgiving in two weeks, I was faced with the question: How do our service members stay connected with their family and loved ones? Many of us are blessed with the opportunity to spend time with those we love around the holidays or at least speak with them on the phone. Unfortunately, many service members based in the United States and overseas don’t have that luxury. After doing a little research, I discovered our service m... Read More »

Posted on 11.08.2011

Occupy Definitely Occupies My Interest, How About Yours?

Occupy movements continue to make headlines in communities across the U.S. and beyond and there are plenty of fascinating P.R. lessons to be learned from both the occupiers and the authorities responding to their activities. From a media relations perspective, however, I’ve been impressed that each group seems to have one or more designated “media ambassadors” to serve as spokespersons for the group. That’s smart and, from what I’ve seen locally, effective. Due to its grassroots nature, the lar... Read More »

Posted on 11.03.2011

Investor Relations Go Social

In a rather unusual but certainly interesting move, one of the world’s largest companies put its toes in the social media waters as a way to reach investors and financial analysts (as well as customers, employees and anyone else in the world with a computer and access to the Internet). Walmart Chief Financial Officer Charles M. Holley posted a message to the financial news aggregator site Seeking Alpha last month explaining how the Fortune 1 company plans to maintain its position in the global marketpl... Read More »

Posted on 10.27.2011

Three Simple Techniques to Boost Your Creativity

Whether you are crafting your next successful press release or brainstorming ideas for your client's new killer marketing campaign, your ability to think creatively is one of your most important skills and resources. Your creativity is why you get paid the big bucks and why your campaigns win the awards.  But what happens when the creative juices just aren't flowing? Here are three simple techniques that can quickly boost your creativity when the well is running dry. Step away. Many times you can be too... Read More »

Posted on 10.27.2011

Lovell Communications Wins Nine Gold Pen Awards

Lovell Communications Inc. was recently honored with nine Gold Pen Awards from the Nashville chapter of the International Association of Business Communications (IABC). The agency was recognized with highest honors in the Internal Communications category for their work in designing, creating and executing an employee survey and supporting campaign for Whitney Bank (New Orleans, LA). The award was one of only three Gold Pens awarded by IABC Nashville this year. Lovell received four Silver Awards for th... Read More »

Posted on 10.25.2011

The “Secret Sauce” of Good Media Relations

There are many ingredients that go into effective media relations. Having a good story or a knowledgeable and authoritative source to offer are, of course, two critical components. But responsiveness is the “secret sauce” of good media relations. It’s that key component for securing media coverage and building the kinds of reporter relationships that keep them coming back for more. Of course, one person’s responsiveness may be another person’s what-the-heck-took-you-so-long, so let me elaborate... Read More »

Posted on 10.20.2011

5 Steps for Effective Online Reputation Management

Online reputation management is a critical task for any company. The web is a world-wide conversation site whether your business has a strong internet presence or not.  The internet has made it possible for consumers and competitors to converse openly about opinions and experiences with companies, whether positive or negative.  With the prominence of review sites out there such as Yelp and CitySearch and Ripoff Report, in addition to social media sites, it is important to always be aware of any talk about... Read More »

Posted on 10.18.2011

Facebook Rolling Out Timelines

Once again, Facebook is changing its look and user experience with the introduction of Timelines.  In the near future, Timelines will replace the Facebook profile and offer a complete history of your Facebook usage dating back to the activation of your account. Formerly an organized profile with a tidy single stream of posts, the new Timeline features dual columns that chronicle your status updates, wall posts, images in varying sizes, shared links and more.  In addition, users can further customize th... Read More »

Posted on 10.13.2011

Top 5 Travel Apps to Help You Stay Sane This Season

Ahhh, fall. Here at Lovell Communications, the change of the season is unmistakable, and not just from the pumpkin cheesecake hanging out in the kitchen (thanks, Sarah!)  As talk of holiday marketing fills the air, I try to divert my attention away from the treats across the hall and let my mind drift to less calorific matters: holiday travel. The very mention of those two words together could make you want to hide under your desk until Santa and his reindeer jet off to the tropics. But fear not! Bel... Read More »

Posted on 10.11.2011

Merry Marketing - Get Ahead of the Holidays with Social Media

While many of us may just be starting to think about the holidays, some retailers have been busy marketing for months. Retailers aren't just advertising through the television, radio and internet anymore; they're saving money by marketing themselves with social media year round. Regardless of your industry or the season, there are a few tips you can learn from holiday retailers who promote themselves through social media. 1. JCPenney uses their Facebook page for both customer service and marketing. They... Read More »

Posted on 10.06.2011

Women Entrepreneurs in Nashville

I had a chance to moderate a panel of some of Nashville's top women entrepreneurs which you can watch in the video below. There is some great information in this video for anyone in business, especially for those who've started their own business or are looking to start a business. Hope you enjoy!... Read More »

Posted on 09.27.2011

Google+ Open to the Masses

You no longer have to wait for an invitation to be part of Google+. After a 12-week Beta launch to a limited number of users, search engine giant Google last week opened its new social network to everyone – eliminating the biggest drawback for the site compared to Facebook, which now has some 750 million users around the globe. So will Google+ now begin building a user base that rivals its much larger competitor? Time will tell. But a few improvements to the site, and simultaneous changes at Facebook,... Read More »

Posted on 09.23.2011

Netflix Splits and So Do Their Customers

If you’ve talked to an active Netflix user lately or kept up with the latest social media headlines, you’ve probably learned that Netflix customers aren’t too happy. Netflix, which has offered a simple DVD  movie rental and streaming package for years, recently decided to separate these two services and raise the prices of each. Netflix will become a streaming only company, while a new company called Qwikster will offer DVD rental. Reed Hastings, the Co-Founder and CEO of Netflix, explains the nee... Read More »

Posted on 09.20.2011

Facebook to Offer New Media Platform- Music on the Way

With more than 750 million users and counting, Facebook continues to keep up a steady pace at adding special features and updating content to keep users interested and wondering what the next big feature will be.  Lucky for those of us who spend hours a week on this addicting social media site, Facebook plans to announce a new music platform at its F8 developers’ conference in San Francisco this week. This highly anticipated music platform will allow users to share their favorite music, shows and movi... Read More »

Posted on 09.15.2011

25 Likes No Longer Needed for a Unique Facebook URL

Is it just me or is Facebook.com/php? =12yl727th6f3 not exactly the easiest web address to remember?  This is an example of what newly created Facebook fan page URLs all resembled prior to a very exciting recent update from Facebook. This week AllFacebook.com announced that Facebook pages no longer need to acquire 25 likes before creating a unique URL for their page. This is great news for companies who have recently launched, or are planning to launch, a company page on Facebook.  Prior to this enhanc... Read More »

Posted on 09.13.2011

Lessons in Crisis Preparedness

As our nation paused last week to reflect on the tragic events of 9/11, GovInfoSecurity.com asked leading security experts how the attacks changed the approach organizations take to their disaster preparedness planning. These crisis response lessons are as important for communications and public relations practitioners as they are for security and information technology specialists to ensure the survival of an organization when the unthinkable occurs. Here’s a summary of advice worth repeating from G... Read More »

Posted on 09.08.2011

Knowing when it’s your turn to talk: A reality check for toddlers....and CEOs

As the mother of an (almost) two-year-old, taking turns is a frequent topic of conversation in my house. We’re still working on mastering the fine art of sharing but – despite an occasional “my turnnnn!”-induced meltdown – it’s a concept my toddler innately seems to grasp. Aside from the occasional aggressive driver and that guy in the Southwest boarding line who pretends he didn’t see you, most adults seem to understand when it’s their turn as well. However, even the most fundamental les... Read More »

Posted on 09.06.2011

AT&T and blink-182 Use Social Media to Reward Fans for Copyright Infringement

There is no doubt about it: the unlawful exchange of music has changed the face of the industry. Long gone are the days of free peer-to-peer sharing, but illegal downloading still continues today. Copyright infringement happens all the time too, especially on YouTube. Each day, users post homemade videos using someone else’s music in the background, only to have their videos later taken down. Type “blink-182” in YouTube’s search engine and you’ll find countless fan videos containing t... Read More »

Posted on 09.01.2011

The Best Book Yet on LinkedIn and How to “Work It”

I’ve read books on social media ‘til I’m blue in the face.  Most of them are a waste of time and have a shelf life of about 15 minutes since everything Internet is moving so swiftly.  Wayne Breitbarth’s book The Power Formula for LinkedIn Success is different. Many people in my age bracket and at my stage in their career (that’s all I’m going to say about that!) are scratching their heads about the real value of LinkedIn.  I’ve heard more than a few of our PR firm’s clients say things... Read More »

Posted on 08.31.2011

The Art of Conversation

Facebook’s website for developers characterizes the conversational pattern of speaking and listening as “The Virtuous Cycle,” which is a pattern of communication in which actions are reinforced through a feedback loop to produce favorable results. Facebook points out what should be obvious: an effective conversation is based on two experiences – listening and speaking. Does the way you’re using social media allow your users to “speak” to you? Are you creating a dialogue, inviting participat... Read More »

Posted on 08.25.2011

Social Media Served with a Porterhouse Steak

You may have recently heard about the grand slam homerun scored by the social media and customer service teams at Morton’s Steakhouse.  You can read about “the greatest customer service story ever told” in two short tweets from Peter Shankman, or you can read the fuller coverage his tale has received by mainstream news sites from Forbes to Time to Britain’s Daily Mail. Here’s the short version. Shankman, a social media guru and consultant, is a big meat eater and fan of Morton’s Steakhous... Read More »

Posted on 08.23.2011

Tales of Social Media, First Amendment Rights & Hackers

        Social media, First Amendment and data security issues are interwoven in recent accounts of current events that raise fascinating concerns and questions. In San Francisco, attempts were made to foil protesters planning to disrupt public transportation services when the Bay Area Rapid Transit authority temporarily interrupted cell service at several subway platforms. This unleashed a barrage of reaction and debate on both sides of the issue. Perhaps the most not... Read More »

Posted on 08.18.2011

When it comes to working with reporters, relationships rule

There are many factors that determine whether a reporter covers a story. Is there a news hook? Is the story compelling? Is it relevant to that media outlet’s readers, listeners or viewers? And so on. As a communications professional, you unfortunately can’t control all variables that determine whether a reporter covers your story. But one thing you can do to improve your chances is to get to know the reporter(s) in question. In my experience, reporters are more likely to pick up the phone or return a... Read More »

Posted on 08.10.2011

Promoting Your Small Business, Or Just Shameless Self-Promotion?

Answer:  Yes. If you’re doing it right, you don’t own a small business – it owns you.  And when it comes to marketing, there usually isn’t a big budget (or a lot of time), so you’ve got to make every effort count. While the internet has been the great equalizer on some fronts, small businesses still havethe ability to stand out with their customers in a personal way that big businesses just can’t compete with.  So don’t forget my top five never-fail, no-cost tips for promoting your sm... Read More »

Posted on 08.03.2011

Five Ideas to Generate Conversation on Your Hospital Facebook Page

Ed Bennett has long been the official record keeper of hospitals’ use of social media in the U.S.  For more than five years, he has diligently researched hospitals’ presence in various social media platforms, then documented and segmented usage statistics in an unbelievably useful and generous manner on his blog, Found in Cache. But even with more than one thousand hospitals now attempting to engage patients on Facebook, consumers often still face a surprising dearth of authentic or “engaging” c... Read More »

Posted on 08.02.2011

The Print Versus Online News Debate

Not long ago, when I was standing on the other side of the fence that separates public relations and journalism, my temper nearly got the better of me when a PR friend told me a story about scoring local news coverage for his client. My friend had coordinated interviews between his client and a reporter at the daily print newspaper, and the story was set to run in, let’s say, Wednesday’s paper. On Tuesday, a reporter from a competing news outlet pinged him, inquiring about the very same story top... Read More »

Posted on 07.28.2011

Google Analytics Adds Social Media Metrics Plug-in

The internet has been ablaze the past few weeks following the launch of Google’s new social network, Google +.  However, that’s not the only exciting service that Google has introduced of late.  Google recently announced through their blog that Google Analytics now offers a social media metrics plug-in.  Many of you are familiar with Google Analytics for analyzing traffic metrics to your company or personal website, however, with the introduction of the social media metrics plug-in, you can now see h... Read More »

Posted on 07.19.2011

Companies have feelings too

While corporations can be perceived as cold and indifferent, I’m often surprised by the level of emotion I see working with clients facing controversial or potentially newsworthy matters. Perhaps it should come as no surprise that lawsuits, investigations, negative reviews and unfavorable media coverage tend to stir up some downright human emotions. Companies – and the executives who run them – aren’t immune to feeling sad, hurt, defensive – even angry. They want to vent, share their side of the s... Read More »

Posted on 07.12.2011

A Girl After My Own Heart: Grammar Girl

I love Grammar Girl.  She’s funny and accurate, without being condescending.  In an interview on NPR she discussed her new book of 101 words that are commonly misused, wherein she offers handy ways to remember what’s right and what’s wrong. Her comment about getting tangled up in other people’s misuse of words particularly resonated with me because I’ve been noticing a fairly pervasive misuse of a certain contraction, and it’s driving me crazy. Even some of the most educated and intelligen... Read More »

Posted on 07.05.2011

Data Breach Prevalence Raises Concerns

As the saying now goes, “another day, another data breach.” The news of breaches involving personal health information (PHI) and other personal data by organizations from Citigroup to gaming companies like Sony and Sega is staggering.  Beyond the news reports, the anecdotal evidence I’ve observed recently from friends reporting, “I’ve been hacked!” speaks to the prevalence of online security problems. While the federal government has established breach notification regulations through HI... Read More »

Posted on 07.01.2011

Not Everybody's Celebrating Social Media Day

Yesterday was Social Media Day, and it really got me thinking… What makes a brand’s social media marketing efforts memorable? Is a flashy campaign always necessary, or does it just boil down to constant and authentic interactions with customers? And is there such thing as “too much” interaction? With all the traveling I've done last month, I couldn’t help but notice Southwest’s heavily reliance and involvement in social media. But according to the U.S. Department of Transportation, So... Read More »

Posted on 06.30.2011

Twitter Adds New Search and Photo-Sharing Capabilities

Earlier this month, Twitter CEO Dick Costolo announced some exciting updates to Twitter at the D9: All Things Digital Conference in California.   The platform, which boasts more than 175 million register users, has begun rolling out new search and photo-sharing capabilities. Every day people share photos and videos with their followers on Twitter using third-party sites like yfrog and TwitVid.  Now, when those photos and videos are associated with a #hashtag or @username, they will pop up in search re... Read More »

Posted on 06.30.2011

When the Whistle is Blown: Preparing for Public Disclosure of a Qui Tam Suit

Many key sectors of our nation’s economy operate in highly regulated environments.  Healthcare, financial services, energy, transportation … businesses in these spaces know all too well that following the letter of the law can be challenging – particularly when the laws are highly complex and ever-changing.  Highly ethical, disciplined companies can find themselves out of compliance with regulators and subject to a qui tam action. Too often, companies facing a qui tam lawsuit or other discussion... Read More »

Posted on 06.29.2011

Internal Communications When They Matter Most

  Companies often contact our firm looking for help managing the disclosure of an external strategic issue or crisis event.   These types of issues often have significant legal aspects to them, but can range from competitive issues to regulatory matters to qui tam actions or civil lawsuits. As part of a situational analysis, we work with the client to understand and prioritize the company’s stakeholders and audiences. With slight variations, we most often hear a list that goes somethin... Read More »

Posted on 06.10.2011

New Law Pertaining to Photos Shared on Social Networks Worth Noting

If you share photos on social networks, a new Tennessee law is worth noting; particularly by those who may occasionally have a thoughtless moment, or worse, a wicked mean streak! It amends an important section of state law that deals with harassment as a criminal offense in a manner that, as local columnist Brantley Hargrove notes, is troublingly broad and vague when examined closely. The intent of this amendment to the law is undoubtedly to acknowledge the growing role of social media in our lives and t... Read More »

Posted on 06.06.2011

Web 2.0: Research Treasure Trove or Corporate Land Mine?

If you’ve followed our blog for long, you’ve read some persuasive arguments for increasing your company’s presence in social media.  With the right research, implementation and maintenance, tools like LinkedIn, Facebook, YouTube and Twitter can be powerful resources in your PR and marketing toolbox. But beyond the obvious promotional platform afforded by social media, research and information gathering on the Web 2.0 has become commonplace for many professions. Business development officers, colle... Read More »

Posted on 06.06.2011

Lovell Communications Inc. Announces New Promotion

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (June 2, 2011) - Lovell Communications Inc., a strategic public relations and crisis communications firm serving clients nationwide, today announced the promotion of Sarah Mansouri to assistant account executive. Having previously held an administrative assistant position at Lovell, Mansouri is now an assistant account executive and provides special project support to the Lovell Communications team. She assists agency clients in the areas of media monitoring, media relations, writing, re... Read More »

Posted on 06.02.2011

What’s Distracting You?

Survey Estimates Electronic Distractions Cost Thousands per Employee in Lost Productivity Trends in communications and business practices continuously evolve; even bad ones. A survey conducted in March for harmon.ie, a provider of social email software, reveals modern trends in electronic distractions that diminish productivity. One of the most interesting findings relates to an increasingly common addition that psychologists call “online compulsive disorder.” The survey found this addiction t... Read More »

Posted on 05.31.2011

One Cool Marketing Story

The other day we were meeting with an executive team of an architectural firm to present the marketing plan we’d developed for them.  Since the firm had told us their biggest challenge is finding out about projects before they are already granted to other firms, part of our plan included strategic networking.  That’s code for getting out there in the marketplace and hobnobbing with people who make or influence hiring or contracting decisions. We were discussing why every member of the firm shou... Read More »

Posted on 05.17.2011

Wanted: PR Firm for New Reality TV Show

Twice in the last few months I’ve been contacted by TV producers asking if our firm was interested in playing a role in what the person on the other end of the phone purported to be the next biggest reality TV series:  The internal workings of a PR firm. Frankly, I’ve always thought what goes on inside our firm on a daily basis would make good fodder for everything from a sit-com to a suspense thriller.  And, with work that ranges from helping one client manage media coverage about dead bodie... Read More »

Posted on 05.17.2011

Lovell Communications Inc. Wins More Than 20 Industry Awards

NASHVILLE, Tenn (May 17, 2011) – Lovell Communications Inc. has been recognized by their peers with 22 industry awards thus far in 2011. The agency accepted 16 Parthenon Awards from the Public Relations Society of America Nashville Chapter in April and recently received six Healthcare Advertising Awards from Healthcare Marketing Report. Lovell won six Parthenon awards, including Best in Show, for their social media, community relations and media relations work on the Trinity Medical Center Certificate... Read More »

Posted on 05.12.2011

Is Data Breach Management the Latest Crisis Communications Trend?

The specifics of an effective crisis communications response vary for different types of organizations, but the importance of developing a crisis communications plan before a crisis occurs is universal. The recent highly-publicized Sony data breach, which may impact as many as 100 million customers, is just the latest reminder of how critical Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) compliance is for any organization that handles customer payment card information. It also underscores the im... Read More »

Posted on 05.06.2011

Three Must Know Tips for Maximizing TweetDeck to Manage Your Twitter

I'm sure you've heard of Twitter, but have you heard of TweetDeck? If you're in the marketing  and communications space, you probably have a Twitter account, if not many Twitter accounts. Managing multiple accounts can get overwhelming, as you are constantly having to log-in to each different account and remember multiple logins and passwords for each. There are a few services out there that make this process much easier, with the two most popular being TweetDeck and HootSuite. Both have their pros and con... Read More »

Posted on 05.03.2011

The Difference In Breaking News Today and 10 Years Ago

I can distinctly remember sitting in my 10th grade Algebra class when news broke nearly 10 years ago on September 11, 2001, that terrorists had attacked the World Trade Center. Our entire student body gathered in the auditorium as we watched the news unfold on CNN. Sunday night’s news of Osama bin Laden’s death was just as momentous, as I will always remember sitting on my couch watching TV when ABC interrupted my Sunday night guilty pleasure to broadcast the breaking news. Although I watched... Read More »

Posted on 04.28.2011

10 Tips for Managing Contentious Public Meetings

If your business or organization finds itself the subject or host of a public meeting, your preparation may need to include more than just setting up chairs and a microphone. If the discussion is likely to get lively or contentious, take some extra time in planning to avoid unnecessary tensions. 1. Crowded rooms empower crowds. Always hold public meetings in a room of appropriate size. If a larger-than-normal crowd is expected at a regularly scheduled meeting, consider moving the meeting into larger spa... Read More »

Posted on 04.27.2011

MEDIA MATTERS: Advice from World-Class Journalists and Intriguing Media Minds

Heather Demetra, or HEAB as she is called in the blogging world, runs a popular foodie blog entitled Heather Eats Almond Butter. She began the blog, which is now her full time job, in November 2008. Heather has hit the 1 million reads mark and continues to grow her traffic daily with her interesting (and often comedic) posts about healthy eating, a new baby, and the never ending antics from her husband and dogs.  Since Heather is my sister, it was pretty easy for me track her down to ask her a few question... Read More »

Posted on 04.22.2011

Newly Released Social Media Tool

GOBA, which stands out for “Get Out Be Active,” was recently released on the market in the form of iPhone and Android apps. GOBA helps social media users get out from behind their computer screen and interact with each other. The new app allows users to list their personal interests such as running, coffee shops, gardening or painting, and when events are created around those interests, friends with the same interest will be notified of the event. The user can also choose to meet new people by allowi... Read More »

Posted on 04.20.2011

Getting the Real Power Out of LinkedIn

Want to discover why LinkedIn is becoming one of the most powerful networking tools in business today? This is part two in our series of posts on best practices for tapping into LinkedIn's network of more than 100 million professionals... Read More »

Posted on 04.15.2011

Tips for Enhancing LinkedIn Value to Business

LinkedIn, the social network for the world’s professionals, recently announced it had hit a milestone. As of March 2011, it now has more than 100 million users and is growing at over a million users a week! That’s a lot of users! So what does this mean to you? It means more people and companies are using LinkedIn and if you want to do business with them, you should use it, too! Here are some tips on how to maximize LinkedIn’s powerful network to increase your company’s awareness and gain more cus... Read More »

Posted on 04.12.2011

Research Unveils Best Time to Tweet, Blog, Email and Update Facebook

HubSpot recently hosted a webinar with Dan Zarrella, HubSpot's Social Media Scientist, on the “The Science of Timing” where he shared findings from his more than two years of research on the best days and times for marketers to Tweet, blog, email and update Facebook. Here are some of the most useful takeaways I gathered from the presentation: Twitter and Facebook: Re-tweeting is at its highest between 2-5 p.m. EST. Tweet later in the day and later in the week for best results. Saturdays... Read More »

Posted on 04.08.2011

News Media Depend Increasingly on Aggregators, Social Networks to Deliver Audience

The U.S. news industry depends increasingly on other organizations to deliver a growing portion of its audience, finds “The State of the News Media 2011,” a report from the Pew Research Center’s Project for Excellence in Journalism. These players, which frequently take a share of the revenue and control the audience data, include independent networks, aggregators and social networks. One author of the report notes that in a world where consumers decide what news they want and how they want to g... Read More »

Posted on 03.29.2011

Google Panda: Odd Name, Big Consequences

First it was Google Caffeine, then Google Mayday.  Now it is Google Panda. These are more than clever names; they are changes to Google’s search engine algorithms in order to meet user expectations by providing the best possible search results as fast as possible. Everyone has typed in a search term and received a page of results full of junk or spam websites (websites that are independent of your search terms and designed to trick search engines or websites that consist only of advertisements and con... Read More »

Posted on 03.22.2011

Healthcare Social Media Tips from the Best in the Biz

Last week I attended the Health Care Marketing and PR Social Media Summit presented by the Mayo Clinic Center for Social Media and Ragan Communications. I heard presentations from organizations like Mayo Clinic, Kaiser Permanente, Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, Inova Health System and the U.S. Department for Health and Human Services. Each organization had its own thoughts and strategies on social media, but all agree – if you want to be visible on the Internet you have to be visible on social... Read More »

Posted on 03.08.2011

Engage Before You Sell: Social Media Book Based on the Old Rules of Good PR

I just finished reading Scott Stratten’s UnMarketing, wherein he stresses that businesses need to stop pitching their products and start engaging their target audiences. What struck me about his pithy cornucopia of sound advice on how to drive sales in an online world is how much it reminded me of two things:  old-fashioned grassroots/guerilla marketing (think Jay Levinson) and one of the greatest business books of all time, Service America!, by Karl Albrecht and Ron Zemke in 1985.  These guys’... Read More »

Posted on 03.04.2011

Campaign Energizes Employees and Communicates Brand Promise Effectively

Challenge Merger mania hit Memphis in 2004, when out-of-state institutions absorbed five local banks. Even local Memphis business icon Union Planters Bank was acquired by Regions Financial Corp. of Birmingham, Ala., during that year. The goals were to keep the UP brand top-of-mind during the period leading up to the name change as a result of the acquisition, retain customers and energize employees. Lovell was engaged at the end of January and the campaign was to launch the first week in March. Strate... Read More »

Posted on 03.03.2011

Clayton Associates Testimonial

"Through the years, the firm has done an admirable job of crisis communications, ESOP and employee communications, media relations, and business-to-business communications. I know that many of our hospitals are pleased with the results of Lovell's hospital marketing and physician practice enhancement work... In lieu of any in-house marketing or public relations department, we elected for Lovell to serve us in that capacity, and we were enormously pleased with our decision." R. Clayton McWhorter Former P... Read More »

Posted on 03.03.2011

TeamHealth Testimonial

"We initially hired a big-city, big-name PR firm because we thought they were best equipped to meet our needs. A year into the relationship, we realized how wrong we were. They were unable to provide the level of attention and strategic counsel we needed to address our communications challenges. After losing our fourth account executive within 18 months, we terminated our contract and hired Lovell Communications upon recommendations from colleagues. We now know the value that a good PR firm can provide to i... Read More »

Posted on 03.03.2011

Balfour Beatty Construction Testimonial

"We hired Lovell Communications to boost brand recognition for our new name. High-profile coverage secured by Lovell in regional and national publications generated calls, emails and the attention we wanted. Thanks to the Lovell team for outstanding strategic planning and solid execution. They delivered some of the best construction PR I've seen." Rocky Wooten Senior Vice President Balfour Beatty Construction... Read More »

Posted on 03.03.2011

Bill Peoples US Army Corp Testimonial

"I have instructed and observed many media training sessions in over 30 years in Public Affairs and none were more professional or practical than yours. Your combination of experience as a journalist, spokesperson, and media advisor gives you the perfect blend of experience to be a great media trainer." Bill Peoples Chief of Public Affairs US Army Corps of Engineers Nashville District... Read More »

Posted on 03.03.2011

Community Health Systems Testimonial

"The response from the CHS recruitment brochures has been substantial. I am seeing a heightened interest in the company using these brochures compared to our techniques in the past. Potential employees and physicians with whom we want to develop a relationship are presented with a high-quality, professional-looking piece in a well-written and appealing format… we've raised the company image about two notches with this attractive piece." Bob Horrar Sr. Vice President, Administration Community Health S... Read More »

Posted on 03.03.2011

Roscoe Robinson VUMC Testimonial

"VUMC engaged Lovell Communications to assess internal communications and make recommendations to improve the flow and effectiveness of those efforts. The firm conducted an in-depth internal audit, including interview and focus groups...Their work validated our sense of the situation and uncovered new areas upon which we could focus. Lending a fresh eye to the challenge of communicating with more than 8,000 individuals, the firm developed effective internal systems and helped us reconfigure our communicatio... Read More »

Posted on 03.03.2011

US Army Corps of Engineers Testimonial

"I have instructed and observed many media training sessions in over 30 years in Public Affairs and none were more professional or practical than yours. Your combination of experience as a journalist, spokesperson, and media advisor gives you the perfect blend of experience to be a great media trainer." Bill Peoples Chief of Public Affairs US Army Corps of Engineers Nashville District... Read More »

Posted on 03.03.2011

Accuro Health Solutions Testimonial

"Lovell Communications was instrumental in raising Accuro's profile during a critically important time in the company's growth. Through coverage in premier publications and speaking engagements at major industry events, they helped us elevate our brand and leverage existing clients to create growth. I consider them to be a vital part of the company's success." Brent McCarty Former CEO Accuro Health Solutions... Read More »

Posted on 03.03.2011

Cadence Bank Testimonial

"We were impressed by the communications strategy and plan that Lovell developed for us. Not only were the key messages extremely effective, but Lovell also made sure we were well prepared to deal with any questions that might arise. Our collaboration with Lovell was successful and created real value for our organization." Mark Abernathy President and CEO Cadence Bank... Read More »

Posted on 03.03.2011

Vanderbilt University Medical Center

"Lending a fresh eye to the challenge of communicating with more than 8,000 individuals at multi-levels of our organization, the firm developed effective internal systems and helped us reconfigure our communications department into a more cohesive and coordinated operation. …Lovell Communications has the expertise to assess and analyze the state-of-health of a company's communications efforts and offer focused solutions to the communication challenges that face large organizations. They have also assisted... Read More »

Posted on 03.03.2011

Strength for Service Testimonial

"Lovell Communications used publicity, direct mail, online communications and strategic partnering to produce incredible results for us. An $18,000 investment in the direct mail generated more than $100,000 in donations. With a separate investment of about $26,000 for media relations and online work, Lovell created a buzz for our Strength for Service book that allowed us to distribute more than 80,000 copies in a year (150% more than the year before). Plus, we are extremely pleased with the enormous amount... Read More »

Posted on 03.03.2011

Patients Connect with Peers, Find Support Online

More Reasons to Consider Digital Marketing in Healthcare Patients increasingly use online connections to find healthcare information and to connect with peers who share a condition or disease, according to a new study “Peer-to-peer Healthcare” from the Pew Internet & American Life Project.  The implications for marketers are clear: online advertising is going to be more and more effective. Online peers substantially expand one’s network beyond just friends and family, to whom people tra... Read More »

Posted on 03.02.2011

Six Ways to Better Your Facebook Page

Facebook is being increasingly embraced by businesses as a valuable tool to reach target audiences. Unfortunately, many businesses simply create a "like" page, and then rarely add new content or interact with its fans. Here are six simple ways to better your facebook page and increase its fanbase. Interact: It might seem simple, but it is very important. Don't just push content out - interact with your fans. Respond to comments and say thank you. It will go a long-way in building a positive brand-... Read More »

Posted on 03.01.2011

Most Important Tool in the PR Bag of Tricks? Humanity.

Things took an interesting turn for the Red Cross last week when an employee accidentally fired off a tweet from the charity’s account instead of her own. No big deal, right? Well, not exactly, given that 270,000 followers of @RedCross received a tweet that read: "Ryan found two more 4 bottle packs of Dogfish Head's Midas Touch beer...when we drink we do it right #gettngslizzerd." Those 100 characters were music to the ears of Dogfish Head’s marketing team, which quickly re-tweeted the misfire to... Read More »

Posted on 02.22.2011

Three Successful Start-Ups With Marketing Strategies That Will Make You Smile

Starting and running a small business is exciting, challenging and rewarding.  It can also be daunting, stressful and exhausting. As the founder of a 23-year-old marketing and PR firm, I recently moderated a panel of three rock star women entrepreneurs and got a dose of inspiration.  The audience at the business breakfast, hosted by The Bank of Nashville at an innovative office suite designed for start up or fledging businesses, loved these women’s unique and ambitious stories about how they star... Read More »

Posted on 02.16.2011

Blissdom Opening Video: Women Rule the Social Web

I had the opportunity to attend the Blissdom blogging conference in Nashville last month. The conference opened with this inspirational video that is chock-full of facts about the reach of the internet and the influence women wield online. httpv://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Wdr8UvKgDuA At Lovell, we have created some fantastic programs over the years geared toward women, who are typically the key decision makers in the home. Our PR programs today almost always include a social component. We are con... Read More »

Posted on 02.11.2011

A Gentle Reminder to Healthcare Communicators

Listen in on the discussions of almost any peer group and you are likely to hear group-specific dialogue and terminology. Football fans speak of time in the red zone and protection in the pocket. Airline personnel might reference open-jaw tickets and deadhead passengers. Because our firm specializes in healthcare communications, marketing and issues management, our team spends the majority of its time working with healthcare professionals. In the course of any day, we’re in meetings or on the phone... Read More »

Posted on 02.11.2011

Event Management Produces Coverage Reaching Eight Million People

Challenge Soccer World, a local retailer, selected Lovell Communications to spearhead its efforts in promoting and organizing the Soccer World Super Clasico- in less than six weeks. Nashville's first international soccer match featured the UAG Tecos, an elite Mexican team, and the U.S.-based LA Galaxy. Strategy and Tactics Lovell orchestrated a news conference with Nashville's Mayor and representatives from both teams to announce the event. In addition to media relations efforts, Lovell implemented... Read More »

Posted on 02.11.2011

National Media Relations Generates Millions of Impressions

Challenge More than 300 million children and 1.5 billion adults live without a single pair of shoes.  Soles4Souls, the shoe charity that gives away free sheos to people in desperate need, estimates that Americans have 1.5 billion pairs of unworn shoes lying in their closets.  With the success of their mission relying heavily on new and gently worn shoe donations, Lovell Communications was engaged to bring national print media exposure to this critical need for shoes worldwide.Strategies & Tactics Lo... Read More »

Posted on 02.11.2011

Regions Strive for Five

Challenge Regions Bank wanted an internal communications program that would engage its employees, sharpen their customer service skills and provide them with the information and tools to sell new packages offered by bank. Strategy and Tactics Borrowing from the popular game show Deal or No Deal , Lovell developed a program called Package or No Package, which encouraged and incentivized employees to ask if customers would be interested in a product package. One of the components of the program was... Read More »

Posted on 02.10.2011

Strength for Service Direct Mail

Challenge Lovell Communications was asked to increase awareness and raise funds for the non-profit daily devotional book project called Strength for Service to God and Country. The funds would be used for the printing and distribution of the books to the U.S. military free of charge. Strategy and Tactics Lovell created a turn-key campaign for churches called Strength for Service Sundays. The special Sundays gave churches an opportunity to support the troops through collections during services.  Love... Read More »

Posted on 02.10.2011

Restructuring Marketing Function Saves Money

Challenge As at many universities, Belmont's marketing was fragmented and a large number of people were responsible for many different departments and colleges throughout the university. It was a classic case of "silo" thinking where the right hand didn't know (or certainly couldn't take advantage of) what the left hand was doing in terms of advertising buys, public relations, research, and video and collateral production. Our mission was to restructure the system and realize economies of scale for the u... Read More »

Posted on 02.10.2011

Rebranding at its Best: Comprehensive Campaign Raises Awareness

Challenge Ombudsman Educational Services operates alternative education programs across the country. Lovell Communications developed a cohesive set of materials and messaging to help Ombudsman reach decision-makers and key members of its key audiences. Strategy and Tactics Based on research and interviews with employees and school district administrators, we identified the elements needed for Ombudsman’s branding campaign. Those elements included: • New photography to be used in all marketing... Read More »

Posted on 02.10.2011

Program for Special Needs Students Gets New Brand Image

Challenge College Living Experience (CLE), a program that provides intensive academic, independent living and social skills instruction to college students with autism spectrum disorder (ASD), attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), Asperger’s syndrome, non-verbal learning disorders and other learning disabilities opened three new locations in May 2007 and engaged the services of Lovell Communications to create consistent, branded elements that unified all six programs. Strategy and tactics... Read More »

Posted on 02.10.2011

Media Relations Successfully Positions National Restaurant Chain

Challenge Off The Grill, a fast-casual restaurant, had received negative publicity because of filing for Chapter 11 bankruptcy. The company had since reorganized and wanted to re-establish the brand locally and position itself as an innovative delivery, dine-in and take out concept experiencing unprecedented growth. Strategy and tactics Lovell developed message points and secured feature stories in several key national trade and local consumer publications. Additionally, new store openings were supp... Read More »

Posted on 02.10.2011

Media Relations Boosts School Enrollment

Challenge One in 150 children is diagnosed with autism today – and the numbers continue to increase at a rate of more than 20 percent a year. However, experts say current public education and social programming for students with autism is limited by a lack of resources and expertise, and many students do not receive the individualized programming they need. Educational Services of America (ESA), the nation’s leading provider of special and alternative education, created a... Read More »

Posted on 02.10.2011

Direct Mail Generates $500,000 from $25,000 PR Investment

Challenge The Ponder Company is a group of consultants that provides merger and acquisition counsel for hospitals and health care organizations. Management was convinced that they were more experienced than the firms with the "bigger" names and felt that if they could reach their target customer with that information, they would get hired more frequently. Strategy and tactics Lovell Communications decided that communicating the volume of work performed by Ponder & Co. to top tier hospital exec... Read More »

Posted on 02.10.2011

Charter School Accomplishes Enrollment Goal with Recruitment Brochure

Challenge Ombudsman Educational Services’ mission is to provide alternative education programs to help students go back to school, stay in school and graduate. Ombudsman and its parent company, Educational Services of America (ESA), operate charter schools in Arizona for students who are at risk of dropping out of school, or have previously dropped out of school. Ombudsman planned to open new locations in Tucson after operating seven successful charter schools in Phoenix. They asked Lovell to develop a... Read More »

Posted on 02.10.2011

Campaign Stimulates Enrollment in Private School

Challenge Foster children attend as many as six schools in one academic year and are twice as likely to drop out before graduation. Many children in foster care have undiagnosed learning disabilities that make it difficult for them to succeed in a traditional classroom environment. Educational Services of America (ESA), the nation’s leading provider of special and alternative education, wanted to reach out to foster parents in Duval County, Fla., to help them understand and access services for their... Read More »

Posted on 02.10.2011

Communicating Change to Employees

Challenge More than half of the world's largest companies trust the firms of Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu (DTT) for professional services and financial advice. To stay current with local, national and international regulations and trends, the people of DTT are accustomed to change … but usually not during the heat of tax season. Strategy and tactics When DTT realized an untimely computer upgrade needed to be made to one of its mainstay programs, they feared employees would resent the inevitable inter... Read More »

Posted on 02.03.2011

Webinar Showcases Thought Leadership and Promotes Brand

Challenge The healthcare and medical billings marketplace was experiencing increased compliance requirements and enforcement, especially related to the privacy and security of patient data (HIPAA/HITECH) and incorporating new rules related to payment collection and credit/debit cards (EHNAC, PCI). InstaMed, the industry’s leading healthcare payments network, sought to build their profile and promote their brand with large healthcare systems and Fortune 100 banking organizations. Strategy and Tactic... Read More »

Posted on 02.03.2011

Communications Plan Facilitates Physician Practice Acquisition

Challenge When Community Health Systems (CHS) signed a letter of intent to acquire the largest and most prestigious physician practice in Spokane, Washington, the deal required a successful vote of the Clinic’s 75 physician shareholders – and the transaction needed to close in less than 90 days.  Spokane is a highly competitive healthcare market, and the dominate provider in the community was expected to pose significant competitive, legal and legislative opposition. Strategies and Tactics Coo... Read More »

Posted on 02.03.2011

Rebranding Alive Hospice Attracts Attention and Earns Awards

Challenge Alive Hospice is one of the oldest hospice programs in America.   Because it has been a growing and evolving agency, over the years its marketing materials and visual identity became inconsistent and diluted. Lovell was asked to rebrand all the agency’s materials and create a consistent visual identity and “voice.” Strategy and Tactics Lovell updated Alive Hospice’s logo, renamed Alive Hospice’s service lines to include/emphasize the Alive name, developed a comprehensive brochure... Read More »

Posted on 02.03.2011

Online Town Hall Connects with Prospective Customers and Partners

Challenge Emdeon, a leading provider of revenue and payment cycle management solutions, embarked on an aggressive plan to increase awareness around Emdeon eRx Network, position the company as a thought leader, and help drive greater electronic prescribing revenues. Strategy and Tactics Lovell developed a strategy to showcase Emdeon’s leadership, participation in a federal pilot project for ePrescribing of controlled substances, and their knowledge and insight of the DEA’s newly released Interim Fin... Read More »

Posted on 02.03.2011

Persuasive Healthcare Content Promotes Hospitals and Physicians

Challenge Hospitals want to maximize their marketing dollars. Though advertising can help advance a provider’s brand, “earned media” (media coverage or articles) is a cost-effective way to enhance top-of-mind awareness with patients and potential patients. Strategies and Tactics Lovell’s bilingual monthly Health Tip Updates is a turnkey program consisting of health and wellness articles and related radio public service announcements (PSA). The articles provide medical education about issues - r... Read More »

Posted on 02.03.2011

Creative Fundraising Campaign Increases Web Traffic by More Than 435 Percent

Challenge Nashville’s Alive Hospice wanted to creatively celebrate its 30th anniversary, as well as nurture relationships with friends and donors. Strategy and Tactics Lovell developed a campaign entitled Angels of Alive Hospice - Friends for Life. At the forefront of the campaign were angel drawings created by celebrities with Nashville ties, such as Peyton Manning, LeAnne Rimes, Amy Grant and Kenny Chesney. For the holiday season, the angels were reproduced on cards and ornaments and sold through... Read More »

Posted on 02.03.2011

Mammogram Campaign Fulfills Mission & Improves Brand Awareness

Challenge Nashville General Hospital wanted to increase awareness and utilization of its new but under-utilized Breast Health Center, particularly with mammography. The hospital had a limited budget for advertising and promotion, but wanted to promote breast cancer awareness and early diagnosis among an underserved and high-risk population. Strategy and Tactics Lovell secured sponsors to fund mammograms for women over the age of 40 who had not had a mammogram in the previous year.  The sponsorsh... Read More »

Posted on 02.03.2011

Media Relations Outperforms Advertising

Challenge Gold Skin Care Center and its founder, Dr. Michael Gold, sought to increase the patient base at its dermatology practice and advanced aesthetics spa. Strategy and Tactics Lovell recommended that the practice not compete for advertising space in ad-heavy local lifestyle publications, but instead invest in public relations (with no advertising dollars) to maximize his limited budget at the time.  Our firm developed press kits, media pitches, feature and trend stories and general medical ne... Read More »

Posted on 02.03.2011

Cleveland Regional Medical Center

Media Relations Persuades Community Challenge The financial security of a community hospital in rural Texas was threatened when a group of local physicians announced plans to build a boutique hospital.  The new facility was expected to target high-profit, low-risk procedures while leaving behind low-reimbursement services such as emergency, intensive care and obstetrics, as well as 100 percent of the charity care burden. Strategy and Tactics Because of the complex nature of this debate, Lovell... Read More »

Posted on 02.03.2011

Hospital Advertising Campaign Increases ER Visits by 25%

Challenge The Medical Center (TMC) in Bowling Green, Ky., opened a new $30 million emergency room in the fall of 2003.  TMC wanted to increase emergency room volumes while positioning itself as the "hospital of choice" for emergency care and related services in Bowling Green and the surrounding areas. Strategy and Tactics Lovell recommended an integrated marketing campaign, consisting of advertising, public relations and community outreach components. Our multi-layered “We Save Lives” ad camp... Read More »

Posted on 02.03.2011

Targeted Media Relations and Speaking Engagements Raise Revenue Cycle Manager’s Profile

Challenge Lovell was engaged to raise the profile of Innovative Managed Care Solutions (IMACS), a provider of web-based contract management technology for hospitals and healthcare systems. Strategy and Tactics We devised a multi-pronged strategy to reach key influencers by positioning company leaders as experts within the healthcare reimbursement community and developing and leveraging a series of provider case studies, which were featured on the company’s website and served as the foundation of many... Read More »

Posted on 02.03.2011

Cost-Effective Branding Materials Have National Impact

Challenge LifeCare Hospitals, a nationwide network of long term acute care facilities, needed to raise brand awareness among key stakeholders. Target audiences included patients and families, referring physicians, discharge planners, case managers, managed care organizations and other healthcare professionals. Strategy and Tactics After  focus groups and management interviews, Lovell worked with the company to create a cohesive identity system that was leveraged throughout the company’s corporate an... Read More »

Posted on 02.03.2011

Branding, Marketing and PR Improves Top-of-Mind Awareness

Challenge TeamHealth is the nation’s leading provider of hospital-based clinical outsourcing of emergency medicine, hospital medicine, radiology, teleradiology, urgent care and pediatric staffing and management services.  TeamHealth engaged Lovell for guidance on consolidating geographically disparate businesses under a single corporate brand and gaining more top-of-mind awareness with its target audiences. Strategy and Tactics After  research, which included one-on-one interviews with C-level exec... Read More »

Posted on 02.03.2011

A Smooth and Thoughtful Name Change

Challenge After plans for the sale and name change of a 100-year-old Catholic hospital were announced, Lovell set out to facilitate a smooth transition with both internal and external publics, communicating the strengths of the new owner and introducing a new logo - all in less than six weeks.   Strategy and Tactics Because the hospital was deeply rooted in the community, it was important for communications efforts to acknowledge the hospital's rich history and reinforce messages of consist... Read More »

Posted on 02.01.2011

One Space or Two?

A recent article by Farhad Manjoo of Slate.com struck a chord with me and sparked some spirited exchanges between some of my professional acquaintances. I don’t believe I can say it any better than Manjoo did in “Space Invaders: Why you should never, ever use two spaces after a period,” but the article reflects what I learned long ago in a concentrated course in typography; and never learned in typing, English or journalism. It makes complete sense that we might now abandon a practice that came a... Read More »

Posted on 01.27.2011

The “Sorry” Word Works

For almost 25 years, Lovell Communications has provided marketing and brand reputation counsel to some of the greatest hospitals, health systems and academic medical centers in the country.  We might help rollout and build new hospital services … or announce billion dollar mergers or exciting medical advancements … or help launch an important community health initiative. We’re fortunate to work with extraordinarily talented executives and skillful physicians. Unfortunately, many a conscientious... Read More »

Posted on 01.26.2011

The Rules of Engagement – How to Maximize Your Media Relationships

January 26th, 2011 Come prepared. Play fair. Treat others with respect. In business and in life, these are a few of the principles most of us aspire to live by. Working with the media is no different. Yet, too often these simple rules are forgotten the minute a reporter calls. Sometimes it’s out of fear; other times it’s simply a lack of understanding about how the media work. Whether you’re seeking the spotlight or already feeling the glare of it, it pays to understand how the game is played... Read More »

Posted on 01.26.2011

MEDIA MATTERS: Advice from World-Class Journalists and Intriguing Media Minds

Sree Sreenivasan is Dean of Student Affairs & digital media professor at Columbia Journalism School and contributing editor for DNAinfo.com, a hyperlocal Manhattan news site he helped launch in 2009 with Joe Ricketts, the founder of Ameritrade and new owner of the Chicago Cubs & Wrigley Field. The site was named one of BusinessInsider's top six news startups of 2010.  Sree is a frequent guest on NPR on the subject of digital media.  We talked about the kinds of news skills being taught at one of t... Read More »

Posted on 01.25.2011

Personalizing the Online Customer Experience

In an age when more and more purchases are done online, it can be difficult for a company to create a personal interaction. This leads to little brand loyalty from buyers. Groupon (and other flash deal sites) give brands the opportunity to leverage massive quantities of new customers and turn them into brand ambassadors. However, few do. Lands' End Canvas offered a Groupon last year for its high-end, J. Crew-like brand Lands End Canvas. I bought one for my husband, Matthew, and used it to purcha... Read More »

Posted on 01.04.2011

Census 2010: Portrait of America

Census Data Helps Guide Marketing Decisions On Dec. 21, 2010, Commerce Secretary Gary Locke delivered the 2010 U.S. Census resident population and apportionment counts to President Obama and unveiled the official results to the public. This marks the twenty-third time this once-a-decade ritual to count the nation’s population has been completed since 1790. As of Apr. 1, 2010, the total U.S. resident population of the 50 states and the District of Columbia was 308,745,538, up 9.7 percent from 281,4... Read More »

Posted on 12.29.2010

When Bad Publicity is Just Bad

Ever heard the saying any publicity is good publicity? Until recently, one online retailer lived by that adage with astounding success. Like many people, I was aghast after reading a recent New York Times article profiling this retailer’s practice of leveraging negative customer reviews to secure top ranking in Google and other search engines. Essentially a nastier, online version of the famed Soup Nazi (minus the quality product that kept people lining up for punishment), the retailer achieved infamy... Read More »

Posted on 12.29.2010

New Pew Study Reveals How Different Generations Use the Internet

December 29th, 2010 There is no debating the prevalence of online communications in today’s culture. Targeting your online marketing strategies to reach the audiences important to your organization’s success requires understanding how people access and use the Internet. Generations 2010, a recent study by the Pew Research Center’s Internet & American Life Project, reveals trends by generation in the online activities of Americans and indicates shifts in those patterns in the year since Pew... Read More »

Posted on 12.16.2010

Playing Tourist in My Hometown: An Expert’s Invitation to Nashville

I love to play tourist in my hometown of Nashville, and downtown was really hopping last week before a Tennessee Titans game. It’s always full of energy and offers great people watching when the Titans or Nashville Predators, our NHL Hockey team, are playing at home. I know some locals flee or avoid the area during big events but, even if you’re not going to the game, it’s great to see downtown full of people and enthusiasm. A host of big events are scheduled in our great downtown in the last wee... Read More »

Posted on 12.07.2010

The AMA Finally Weighs in on HIPAA and Social Media

A couple of weeks ago the American Medical Association released the long awaited guidelines on physician use of social media.  Healthcare marketers should keep these new best practices in mind as social media strategies are developed, designed and implemented, and may even want to suggest that these guidelines be included in a healthcare organization’s social media policies for employees. This announcement is quite timely because there is currently a stampede underway with hospitals, medical practic... Read More »

Posted on 11.30.2010

Building Rapport with Reporters

Engagement is great – but relationships matter As media relations professionals working with journalists every day, Lovell team members have a unique perspective on the value of maintaining good relationships with reporters and editors. We work hard at cultivating positive rapport and mutual respect with newsroom professionals across the country, and we take great measures to stay relevant and timely to journalists’ interests and expectations. For most communications professionals, direct involvem... Read More »

Posted on 11.30.2010

MEDIA MATTERS: Advice from World-Class Journalists and Intriguing Media Minds

Allen H. Neuharth was the founder of USA Today and The Freedom Forum, and he grew Gannett to the largest newspaper company in the US.  I talked to him about how the industry has changed. Q. Throughout your career, you have advocated for the First Amendment.  Has your opinion or perspective changed since internet “citizen journalists” have become so prominent … some who do not have the same sense of responsibility, scruples or ethics as we like to think the majority of traditional journalists poss... Read More »

Posted on 11.12.2010

The Facebook Firing – What happened to ‘three strikes, you’re out?’

This very tweeted story still has me scratching my head. An employee with an ambulance service in Connecticut receives two performance-related complaints within 10 days.  One complaint is from a customer (a patient); the other is from a referrer (a hospital employee).  Neither are good – for either the employee or the employer.  We’ll call these complaints “strike one” and “strike two.” The employee’s supervisor asks the employee to prepare a written report of the incidents. The emp... Read More »

Posted on 10.29.2010

Newly Published and Upcoming Resources for Healthcare Use of Social Media

Hospitals and providers are riding the social media wave and, finally, tools and ethical guides for appropriate usage are emerging. Both the CDC and the Ohio State Medical Association published manuals recently, and leading provider associations are in the process of offering their own codes of conduct. These tools are definitely materializing none too soon! Approximately 20 percent of hospitals nationwide are already using social media in a variety of innovative ways. Additionally, more than 1,300 docto... Read More »

Posted on 10.27.2010

A Brave New World for Covered Entities and Business Associates: HIPAA and Web 2.0

Important questions come up – from marketing, legal counsel and C-suite executives – when healthcare providers and their vendors approach the intersection of HIPAA and social media. Who is liable for employee postings made on a hospital’s Facebook page?  What about provider comments made on a personal blog or Twitter account? And where does liability fall when patients or families take their own photos at a medical facility and post them on the Internet? It’s an interactive world out there and a... Read More »

Posted on 10.27.2010

MEDIA MATTERS: Advice from World-Class Journalists and Intriguing Media Minds

Monthly Q&A by Paula Lovell Kelly Greene covers retirement planning and living as a staff reporter at The Wall Street Journal and writes a bi-weekly column, “Family Value,” focused on intergenerational financial issues. She is co-author of, "The Wall Street Journal Complete Retirement Guidebook: How to Plan It, Live It and Enjoy It," which is a New York Times Bestseller. In 2005, she was honored with the American Society on Aging’s National Media Award for her body of work. In 2007, she rece... Read More »

Posted on 10.21.2010

New Uses for Social Media in Healthcare

I was honored to have the opportunity to speak to representatives from some of the nation’s best hospitals and healthcare companies earlier this week at the Modern Healthcare Best Places to Work Conference in Dallas, Texas.  I presented on the topic of “Communications in a New World” and discussed the realities of internal and external communications in the age of social media. In chatting with a few attendees at the awards dinner later that night, several people commented on the slides I shared sho... Read More »

Posted on 10.12.2010

Hospitals and Providers: Five Guidelines for HIPAA Compliance in Social Media

As healthcare marketers continue to delve into social media, so too, they continue to encounter questions about the balance between engaging their audiences and exposing their organization to potential HIPAA violation. It can be a dicey question, and many legal advisors are still wary enough to keep the kibosh on social media strategies on principle. But let’s face it, it’s a Web 2.0 world and “Because I’m afraid of it” just isn’t a good enough reason to stay analog. Your patients are in soci... Read More »

Posted on 10.07.2010

Gap's New Logo: A Mistake

In case you missed the big news, Gap has quietly launched a new logo. Gone are the serif font caps, replaced by a bold Helvetica with a gradient box behind the p. It currently only appears on their website, but it is out there - and people are talking. Marketing folks and  consumers alike are scratching their heads wondering, what the heck? I am scratching my head right along with them. While Gap has been struggling, this rebranding effort will certainly not help them. The blue gradient box make no sense... Read More »

Posted on 09.30.2010

Endorsing Your Clients Without Disclosure Is Risky Business

Both PR firms and ad agencies have to be especially careful to fully disclose any association they have with a client when it comes to endorsing or even speaking favorably about the client or its products. It’s quite simple, really. Don’t pretend to be someone you’re not. Don’t act like an unbiased consumer when you are speaking favorably about a client’s product or service; because you are not. If you are getting paid in any form, new regulations require that you clearly and prominen... Read More »

Posted on 09.28.2010

Six Ways to Better Your Facebook Page

Facebook is being increasingly embraced by businesses as a valuable tool to reach target audiences. Unfortunately, many businesses simply create a "like" page, and then rarely add new content or interact with its fans. Here are six simple ways to better your Facebook page and increase its fanbase. 1. Interact: It might seem simple, but it is very important. Don't just push content out - interact with your fans. Respond to comments and say thank you. It will go a long-way in building a positive... Read More »

Posted on 09.27.2010

MEDIA MATTERS: Advice from World-Class Journalists and Intriguing Media Minds

Michael Granberry, a native of Dallas, Tex., has been a newspaper reporter since his college days and has covered everything from the assassination of John F. Kennedy to Watergate to the King Tut exhibit in London to the Dallas Cowboys. His career includes stints at the Los Angeles Times, The Washington Post and The Dallas Morning News, where he is now part of the paper’s GuideDaily and GuideSunday sections, covering arts, culture and entertainment.   Michael has been awarded a Katie by the Dal... Read More »

Posted on 09.14.2010

How Reporters Get Info (and how you can get info to reporters, too)

Students of Media Relations 101 can you tell you the basic ways in which reporters generally gain information on a topic: press releases and interviews generally top the list, followed closely by “research.” Just 10 years ago this last category was fairly narrow.  Though online research would certainly have been included, it would likely have been limited to accessing things like company websites and online annual reports. But in the age of transparency and social media, reporters have a... Read More »

Posted on 09.07.2010

When A Crisis Goes Viral

It’s no secret healthcare providers are embracing Facebook, Twitter and other forms of social media to connect with patients. According to new research, an estimated 90 percent of hospitals use social media and up to one third have a formal social media plan in place. But embracing social media also means committing to a new level of transparency – something many providers may not fully understand until the chips are down. While most organizations want to be open and honest in a crisis, many fi... Read More »

Posted on 08.27.2010

How to Decide Whether to Use a Facebook Page or a Facebook Group

Facebook groups and pages are both great tools for increasing a company’s exposure, but marketers are constantly faced with the question of which one to utilize. Unfortunately, there is no simple answer because every situation is different. According to an article in Search Engine Journal, pages are better suited for “long-term relationships with your fans, readers or customers” and groups are more effective for “hosting a (quick) active discussion and attracting quick attention.” Here is a simple... Read More »

Posted on 08.26.2010

Clients in the News

Soles4Souls' founder and CEO, Wayne Elsey, was featured in the September issue of SUCCESSmagazine. National CPA Health Care Advisors Association (HCAA) served as an expert for a story in American Medical News about physician's meeting productivity targets.  HCAA also contributed an article toPhysician's Money Digest on plugging profit leaks in medical practices. Tami Heim, partner at The A Group, was featured in Christian Retailing. Congratulations to Trinity Medical Center for receiving supp... Read More »

Posted on 08.26.2010

Client Congratulations

Lovell would like to congratulate our client, Educational Services of America (ESA), for making Inc. Magazine's 2010 Inc. 5000 list as one of America's fastest-growing entrepreneurial businesses.  The list is ranked according to percentage revenue growth from 2006 through 2009. Also congratulations to ESA for being recognized as one of the region's 25 fastest-growing private companies by the Nashville Business Journal. The winners were chosen based on percent growth over a three-year period. It... Read More »

Posted on 08.26.2010

MEDIA MATTERS: Advice from World-Class Journalists and Intriguing Media Minds

John Seigenthaler, Sr., is founder of the Freedom Forum First Amendment Center at Vanderbilt University. For 43 years he was an award-winning reporter, editor, publisher and CEO for The Tennessean in Nashville. He also was the founding editorial director of USA TODAY and served in that position for a decade. I asked John to share his thoughts about the threat of citizen journalism on the integrity and reliability of traditional news reporting. Q. The first thing I learned as a “cub” newspaper... Read More »

Posted on 08.19.2010

The Power of Hitting "Forward"

I am not one to “forward.” I approach the “forward” button in my email software in a manner similar to how I approached Kenny Niles (name changed to protect the innocent) in seventh grade: with a combination of shyness, modesty, uncertainty and nausea. I’m not sure which of those human conditions affects me the most as my mouse hovers over the sacred “forward,” but it reminds me of grade school every time. Will someone (anyone?) else think this message I’m about to forward is fu... Read More »

Posted on 08.17.2010

Ways to Improve Your Email Marketing Open Rates

Have you invested the time and money on an email campaign that is delivering less than extraordinary results? Racking your brain on ways to improve the open rates of your latest email marketing masterpiece? Well rest assured! I’ve put together a short list of important points that could immensely impact your campaign results. Before hitting the irreversible Send, consider the following: 1. The Subject Line: Have your company’s name or your connection with the recipient visible in the... Read More »

Posted on 08.11.2010

Brands Successfully Reach Bloggers at BlogHer

Last week, I took a few days off of work to attend BlogHer in New York City. BlogHer is the nation's largest blogging conference for women. It draws more than 2,500 attendees from across the country, as well as some of the world's largest brands. Before, during and after BlogHer, many brands have off-site, private events to cultivate relationships with bloggers. I had the opportunity to attend many of these events and was very impressed by the brands' presentations and creativity. Here is a list of my to... Read More »

Posted on 08.03.2010

Are Women and Men Managers Really That Different?

By nature and by trade….I am interested in communications. I had a lot of fun bantering back and forth with Jim Blasingame, well-known Small Business Advocate, on his recent radio show devoted to small business owners.  We were discussing male and female managers and, although we were talking in grand generalities and had a lot of laughs, we agreed there are some very basic differences in the way men and women communicate and perform as leaders.  It emanates from the fact that, in general,... Read More »

Posted on 07.29.2010

Don’t Take It Personally: Media Relations Can Be a Brutal Business

Salespeople aren’t the only ones who have to make “cold calls.” In the PR world, we have to pick up the phone everyday and talk to the media…busy people who are often frantically working on a deadline…doesn’t that sound like fun! I used to think if I adhered to Media Relations 101 and pitched a reporter a newsworthy story that fit their beat, it would be worth their time to listen. But, hey, reporters are no different than the rest of us and they are entitled to a bad day. At the other end... Read More »

Posted on 07.27.2010

Reaching Your Audience

Whether your organization is planning a multi-million dollar ad buy or staging a protest at city hall, knowing your audience is vital to a successful campaign. This simple – yet often overlooked – step in the planning process may seem like marketing 101, however many organizations drop the ball when they make assumptions about their customers or prospects without checking the facts. Developing messages that influence perception and move marketshare starts with some basic questions: * What are the... Read More »

Posted on 07.27.2010

MEDIA MATTERS: Advice from World-Class Journalists and Intriguing Media Minds

Mike Kennedy is the overnight foreign editor for NPR. In the dead of night, he works with correspondents from around the globe, helping put together stories that run on Morning Edition. He spent the majority of his career as a reporter for the Los Angeles Times, much of that time as a national and foreign correspondent. He was ever-so-briefly the city editor of the Nashville Tennessean before moving on to NPR in 2008. Q. You’ve served as a war correspondent for the L.A. Times, city editor for the Tenne... Read More »

Posted on 07.27.2010

Clients in the News

Emdeon executive, Rick Sage, served as an expert for a story in the Tennessean regarding ePrescribing National CPA Health Care Advisors contributed articles to Physician’s Money Digest on ‘Boosting Practice Revenue' and ‘Selling Your Practice to a Hospital’ Alex S. Palmer & Co. featured in the Denver Post for completing the Denver FBI Building Hylant Group of Nashville client executive, Kimberly Douglas, mentioned on NashvillePost.com and in theTennessean... Read More »

Posted on 07.20.2010

Lovell Communications Signs Five New Clients

NASHVILLE, Tenn., (July 20, 2010) - In the second quarter of 2010, Lovell Communications Inc. signed contracts to serve as the public relations and marketing company for five new clients: Community Hospital Watervliet - a not-for-profit, 85-bed, acute care facility located in rural Southwestern Michigan that provides services in emergency care, inpatient and outpatient rehabilitation, orthopedics, radiology, laboratory and inpatient and outpatient surgery. Emdeon, Inc. - a leading provider of revenue... Read More »

Posted on 07.13.2010

Use Your E-Newsletter Analytics

Many companies have email newsletters down pat. They know that communicating through email on a regular basis is a cost-effective way to connect with their target audience. However, few companies take email newsletters to the next level by analyzing the open and click-through rates. Recently, I was impressed by this email I received from Red Envelope. Every Thursday the company does a special, one-day sale. An item that was on sale interested me and I clicked through, but opt-ed not to purchase... Read More »

Posted on 07.08.2010

Is Nashville the Health Care Mecca?

It turns out that Nashville’s health care industry contributes nearly $30 billion and 210,000 jobs to the local economy, securing Nashville’s position as a health care industry hub. This week the Nashville Health Care Council released an updated economic impact study that shines a spotlight on the role of the health care industry in Nashville. Health care is the engine of growth for Nashville’s job base and directly accounts for one in eight jobs, with health care companies paying more than 20% o... Read More »

Posted on 06.16.2010

Your Social Media Policy Needs More Than Teeth … It Needs Bite

From the moment we learn to walk and talk, human beings quickly learn that life is structured with rules. But as we master walking and talking and move on to, say, whispering and tiptoeing, we quickly realize that rules without consequences are rarely motivating. As the Mother of a dear and devious four-year-old, I’m keenly in touch with this educational concept.  For my little darling, a rule without a consequence is like a 20-inch, rainbow-striped candy cane: she can’t resist breaking it.... Read More »

Posted on 06.08.2010

Want an easy way to gain new customers?

Try Groupon, a website that offers city-specific deals daily. Businesses pay no up-front cost to Groupon - instead Groupon takes a percentage (usually 50%) of the deal. And with tens of thousands of people receiving emails from Groupon every day, the exposure is huge! (Nashville's Groupon has more than 80,000 subscribers). Last week we put Groupon to the test for our client, Matt McGee, DDS, PC and it was a huge success. He offered a $99 teeth-whitening deal, regularly priced at $300 and almost 250... Read More »

Posted on 06.01.2010

Is it really news? Does it matter anymore?

True confession time. My name is Rebecca and sometimes I write news releases about things that aren’t really news. Now that I’ve gotten that off my chest, let me explain. You see, I’m one of those people who actually remembers what life was like before Facebook, Twitter and even the Internet made it easy for something seemingly insignificant to reach people far and wide. Back then, press releases were reserved for truly newsworthy events. Frontloaded with the five Ws (who, what, when, where and w... Read More »

Posted on 05.25.2010

Yes, Virginia, You Can Measure The ROI On Social Media

It firmly resonates with me when marketers take a measured approach to social media.  “Measured” being the operative word. At last weekend’s annual conference of Public Relations Society of America’s Counselors Academy, I was gratified and relieved to hear so much discussion centered around the importance of ROI in social media.  The point being:  Tuning in and “listening” to customers’ or stakeholders’ blogs and tweets means nothing if an organization doesn’t actively react to... Read More »

Posted on 05.14.2010

No, really. They are serious about it.

HIPAA Enforcement is Hiring and Gearing Up for More Activity Alerting all healthcare communications staff: we have fresh confirmation that a new era of diligence has begun at the Office of Civil Rights (OCR) for HIPAA enforcement of privacy and security. And as you know, security breaches lead to public relations nightmares, especially when a regulatory investigation is involved. And, officials are reminding us that they can now impose penalties of up to $1.5 million per violation. Since the enforceme... Read More »

Posted on 05.12.2010

Advertising in the Dominican Republic

Last week I had the opportunity to travel to the Dominican Republic with World Vision (a humanitarian organization) and blog about my experiences daily. During the week, we traveled in a three hour radius around the capitol city of Santo Domingo. Throughout the country, I was struck by all the political advertising. Posters were everywhere - even in what appeared to be the middle of nowhere. People's homes were papered with posters. Cars were covered with advertising. Almost all billboards were for... Read More »

Posted on 04.29.2010

The power of “sorry”

Mistakes happen. It’s a sad truth that anyone who works in healthcare – even those of us far removed from the frontlines – knows all too well. However, I recently caught a fascinating new documentary that made me think about patient safety in a new light. Narrated by actor Dennis Quaid, whose newborn twins almost died as a result of an overdose of a common blood thinner, Chasing Zero: Winning the War on Healthcare Harm, provides insight into why mistakes occur and what can be done to prevent t... Read More »

Posted on 04.15.2010

How to Successfully Pitch Bloggers

As a very active mommy-blogger with a somewhat large audience, I receive pitches from PR practitioners every single day. As a PR practitioner myself, I find myself often evaluating these pitches with that hat on. I am shocked by how many bad pitches are sent! Many times the PR person has a great product, but most bloggers probably don't even read the pitch because it doesn't appear to be relevant to them. If you or your company has a product that would be of interest to bloggers, when you... Read More »

Posted on 04.08.2010

Small Business Owners Need Big Supporters

Yesterday I got a good reminder about roles and responsibilities of a small business owner. It was:  Practice What You Preach. I am frequently asked to speak about how to market small business; in fact today I am speaking at a Nashville Chamber of Commerce event called CEO Storytellers.  I plan to discuss how I started Lovell Communications:  our company history, our growth, challenges we’ve faced, managing cash flow and other tidbits I think small business owners worry about. One of the... Read More »

Posted on 04.06.2010

The Realities of HIPAA in Social Media

Part Two in the discussion of PR and Legal Counsel as Uneasy Bedfellows and Strategic Partners The number of hospitals and healthcare providers jumping into social media increases daily.  (Check out Ed Bennett’s impressive resource if you don’t believe me). Like most all consumer-driven businesses, hospitals are eager to reap the value that social media can deliver – often with remarkable cost efficiency. Healthcare administrators’ apprehensions about the perceived liabilities of soci... Read More »

Posted on 03.25.2010

Lessons from a crisis: how Toyota lost its way

Like many of you, I’ve been following the Toyota recall with great interest. Aside from the many PR lessons to be learned, I’m fascinated by the role Toyota’s corporate culture seems to have played in shaping not only the company’s response to the crisis but also in shaping the very crisis itself. Revered for its meticulous attention to quality, many industries – including healthcare – have tried to take a page from Toyota’s playbook, developing ‘lean’ business processes and encour... Read More »

Posted on 03.23.2010

PR and Legal Counsel: Uneasy Bedfellows and Strategic Partners

I have been blessed to work with some of the finest corporate attorneys in the country, but it is not always an easy partnership.  At times it can seem like legal and PR professionals are formed differently in the womb.  But when these experts make a love connection, the work product can be truly magnificent. Because of my work in corporate crisis communications, I frequently interact with general counsel and corporate litigators in the areas of regulatory compliance and medical liability. These le... Read More »

Posted on 03.09.2010

Social Media: Have we missed the point?

As Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube continue to infiltrate companies’ strategic marketing plans, it’s important to understand the purpose of social media. The purpose of social media is to connect with your audience. Let me reiterate, connect. Many companies are making the mistake of diving into social media head-first without really understanding the purpose – to build a relationship. This is where businesses have gone wrong in their efforts and fail to see any success. If you don’t allow y... Read More »

Posted on 02.02.2010

Lovell Communications Adds To National Client Roster

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (Feb. 2, 2010)– Lovell Communications Inc. has signed new contracts to serve as the public relations and marketing communications agency for four national and one Colorado organization. Diatherix Laboratories Inc., located in the HudsonAlpha Institute for Biotechnology in Huntsville, Ala., operates as an independent high complexity CLIA-certified clinical laboratory providing advanced multiplex molecular diagnostic services to assist healthcare providers in the detection of infectious... Read More »

Posted on 01.21.2010

Andrea White & Jackie Slagle Join Lovell Communications Inc.

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (January 21, 2010) - Lovell Communications Inc., a strategic public relations and crisis communications firm serving clients nationwide, today announced the addition of two new employees. Former aide to Governor Phil Bredesen, Andrea White joins the firm as Senior Account Supervisor. The other new face of the Lovell team is Jackie Slagle as Administrative Assistant. “The firm has acquired seven additional clients in very recent months, and I am delighted to bring in these top-flight... Read More »

Posted on 12.11.2009

Economic Survey Results

Last week Lovell Communications Inc. conducted an email blast survey on opinions about the economy.  Approximately 88 percent of 194 respondents (mostly business people and professionals) indicated they think the economy will either remain the same or improve over the next six months. Last May 2009, when we conducted a survey with the same question, 89 percent of the 174 respondents indicated they felt the economy would remain essentially the same or improve between mid-May 2009 and mid-November 2009. N... Read More »

Posted on 11.19.2009

Outdoor Advertising: Going Outside the Box

I recently was in California directing a photo shoot and saw a lot of cool outdoor billboards. It made me think about traditional media and how it fits into marketing campaigns today. While I am a big proponent for using social media like Twitter and Facebook, I do think billboards can still draw attention. Especially if they are executed creatively and make sense with a company's marketing strategy. Check out this site which showcases 50 fabulous, eye-catching billboards. Most of the billboards shown ar... Read More »

Posted on 10.02.2009

Direct Mail Successful Year After Year

One of the projects I have enjoyed working on the most during my time at Lovell is the annual Strength for Service direct mail piece. (Strength for Service is an ecumenical daily devotional geared toward the military and others in service professions.) Each year, we do a mailing to more than 35,000 Methodist churches encouraging them to host a Strength for Service Sunday – a turnkey program for churches to collect donations support this non-profit book. It can be a challenge to come up with a fresh loo... Read More »

Posted on 09.21.2009

Lovell Communications Wins 11 Gold Pen Awards

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (September 21, 2009) – Lovell Communications Inc. (LCI), was honored on September 17 with 11 Gold Pen Awards, presented by the Nashville chapter of the International Association of Business Communications (IABC). The agency received six Gold Awards for Ombudsman Educational Services, College Living Experience and Down East Community Hospital in the areas of media relations, brand management, brochure writing, technical writing and print news release. LCI received two Silver Awards f... Read More »

Posted on 07.27.2009

Lovell on NashvillePost.com

A news brief about our eight new clients ran today on NashvillePost.com.  See it here: A Fine First Half for Lovell by Geert De Lombaerde Thanks for the mention!... Read More »

Posted on 07.22.2009

How Does the Business World See You? Check Your Google Resume.

People use search engines like Google to gather information on just about anything.  Believe it or not, they may be Googling you. Increasing numbers of Americans are seeking new job opportunities, and the internet is often the first place they go. Whether you're an interview candidate, potential new boss or even a vendor under consideration for a new contract, businesspeople are probably checking you out online. So, how can you enhance your online presence?  Here are a few tips to improve you... Read More »

Posted on 07.22.2009

Lovell Communications Adds Eight New Clients

NASHVILLE, Tenn., (July 22, 2009)–During the first half of this year, Lovell Communications Inc. has signed contracts to serve as the public relations and marketing communications agency for eight companies: AlliedBarton Security Services LLC in Conshohocken, Pa., is the largest American-owned contract security company. Cadence Bank in Starkville, Miss., is a regional bank with a network of more than 35 locations in Mississippi, Tennessee, Alabama, Florida and Georgia. College Living Experience in C... Read More »

Posted on 07.16.2009

Lovell Communications Announces Appointments

NASHVILLE, Tenn., (July 16, 2008) – Lovell Communications Inc. recently announced the promotion of Rebecca Kirkham to senior vice president and the addition of Mary Brenna O’Neil as an assistant account executive. Kirkham, who previously served as vice president, has more than 13 years of experience developing marketing and communications strategies for publicly traded and privately held companies. As a senior writer and consultant, she assists Lovell’s clients with media relations and crisis manag... Read More »

Posted on 07.15.2009

Do You Open Direct Mail?

In college, my freshman year roommate and I used to sign up for free samples so we would get mail. While I don’t get as giddy about free shampoo samples now as I did back then, I do still enjoy receiving product samples and good direct mail. Although, now I tend to evaluate the packaging, messaging, etc., instead of just tearing into the little box for my goodies. I think the way companies approach their direct mail campaigns says a lot about what they think of me as a potential customer. For instance,... Read More »

Posted on 07.10.2009

Production Management 101: Video Production (The Last of a Two-Part Series)

In my last blog I provided hints for print production and now want to share some recommendations for your next video project. I’ve worked on dozens of videos but still get a pit in my stomach after every shoot. I wonder…did I capture everything, did I get enough good sound bites in an interview, was the sound working (the last one is typically out of your control but I threw it in because it did happen…thanks again, sound guy). Whether you’re working with a video production company on a corpo... Read More »

Posted on 05.12.2009

Blogging for Southwest Airlines

Last month, I blogged about how my scrapbooking hobby influences my creative work at Lovell Communications. Well, another one of my hobbies has trickled into influencing my work as well - blogging. I started blogging several years ago about you guessed it, scrapbooking, but it has evolved to a hybrid mommy-scrapbooking blog since I had my son, Elias, 10 months ago today. I am pleased to share that I have been asked by Southwest Airlines to be its official mommy blogger. What does this mean? Southwest run... Read More »

Posted on 05.11.2009

Lovell Communications Survey: Will the Economy Improve, Get Worse or Remain the Same During the Next Six Months?

*Update 5/13: Nashville Business Journal covered the survey results here: Area Business Leaders Bullish on Economy.* Just last week, almost 90 percent (89.1%) of 174 survey respondents indicated they believe that the economy will either remain the same or improve over the next six months. Better yet, about 55 percent (54.5%) think the economy will improve, and slightly more than 10 percent (10.9%) think it will get worse. [graph displays rounded figures] Even before the recent good news ab... Read More »

Posted on 04.30.2009

Is Your Crisis Communication Crash Cart Ready?

You guessed it! It is time for another PR / medical analogy from the resident Lovell nurse. There have been a lot of crises in the news lately - the swine flu, the global financial downturn, Lindsay Lohan's love life. Thankfully, most of our clients are well-prepared to respond to crises because they have put a crisis communications plan in place. Naturally, I find a way to relate this to my clinical experience and equate crisis preparation to the development of code response plans. And so the an... Read More »

Posted on 04.28.2009

Facing the Music

We've all seen them - those interviews on the 10 o'clock news that make you cringe. Like a trainwreck in slow motion, we watch, turn away and then go back for more. Perhaps it's a guilty looking CEO trying unsuccessfully to get to his car while fielding questions from an aggressive reporter. Or an executive angrily defending his organization - and in the process - picking a fight with a journalist. Or, my personal favorite, this guy. Whether you feel outraged, dumbfounded or downright sorr... Read More »

Posted on 04.20.2009

What Kind of Critic are You?

One of the many things I enjoy about my job is working with graphic designers to create logos, collateral, advertising and other visual communications for my clients. When I saw this cartoon on a blog, it made me laugh because I had a story that went along with every critic. Sometimes, I am a blender: I see a concept and I like something from several options, and I ask the designer to merge them together. Sometimes I am a waffler: I want to see A LOT of concepts before the perfect one emerges... Read More »

Posted on 04.15.2009

Is Levi Johnston “News”? Really?

My question is really quite simple.  I’ve asked it of countless audiences in the last few days – friends, family, clients, strangers, my neighbors, my pastor, my nanny, my doctor: Is Levi Johnston’s indiscretion on the Tyra Banks Show really “news”? Everyone (literally, every single person with whom I broached this) agrees:  No. Interestingly, an alarming number of news publications and websites disagree. As of this writing, hundreds of articles and posts have been written about Mr. Johnsto... Read More »

Posted on 04.13.2009

Lovell Communications Wins Four Healthcare Marketing Awards

NASHVILLE, Tenn (April 13, 2009) – Lovell Communications Inc. (LCI) was honored on March 26 with two Prisms Awards and two Prism Citations from the Tennessee Society for Healthcare Marketing and Public Relations. The agency received a Prism Award for its re-branding efforts on behalf of Alive Hospice and for its work on the Metropolitan Nashville Hospital Authority’s website. LCI also received two Citation awards for the Alive Hospice 2007 annual report and for Alive Hospice’s corporate identity... Read More »

Posted on 03.30.2009

Taking My Hobby to Work

Confession. I am an avid scrapbooker. And when I say avid, I mean, I have more paper and embellishments than Michaels. So it comes as no surprise that some of my favorite projects that I work on at Lovell are those that involve collateral development. I love the process - coming up with the right size and format, figuring out the right pictures for the piece, working with a designer to get the appropriate look and finally receiving the finished piece off the printer. In the video below I share a few scrapbo... Read More »

Posted on 03.25.2009

Assess, Diagnose, Plan, Implement and Evaluate: A Nurse's Approach to Public Relations and Marketing

You clinicians out there are probably familiar with the ADPIE (Assess, Diagnose, Plan, Implement and Evaluate) approach to patient care. Because nursing is so deeply ingrained in my psyche after 16 years in the industry, I still use this approach as a strategic planning tool for our health care and non-health care PR / Marketing clients. The acronym illustrates the importance of gaining an in-depth understanding of our clients’ businesses, by investing time and resources into the assessment and diagnosti... Read More »

Posted on 03.18.2009

Paula on Small Business Radio

Lovell on why small businesses need to market themselves during a recession... Read More »

Posted on 03.12.2009

Lovell Communications Executive Presents in National Media Training Seminars

Rosemary Plorin provides communications expertise to health care executives... Read More »

Posted on 01.22.2009

Rosemary Plorin Named Partner In Lovell Communications Inc.

Rosemary Plorin is named Partner of Lovell Communications... Read More »