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Posted on 03.24.2016

Why Your Company Should Start Blogging

Making the decision to launch a company blog is huge. There are a lot of questions you should ask yourself when making the decision. 

Do you have enough time?  Your blog can not go without updates for months at a time while you try to figure out what you want to say. 

If you come up with a topic, do you have the time to research and develop good solid posts? No one will take you and your company seriously if your posts are irrelevant or full of typos.

Are you serious and committed? Your blog will be an extension of your company; it needs to reflect your professionalism and expertise.

If you are still on the fence about whether a blog presence is worth the time and effort, here are a few reasons why you should start:

  1. Blogging can show potential clients you have the expertise and knowledge they need. Maintaining a blog means you must stay up to date on the latest trends and technology in your field. Having to write about the latest trends ensures you are always with the times.
  2. It can help your SEO. Adding new content regularly helps search engines index your website, increasing your chances of getting more traffic.
  3. Each new blog post represents an easy way to create social media content. With each new blog, a new tweet or Facebook post can go out to your followers. This gives consumers a way to find out about the blog, but also spreads the word about the post. As your followers share or retweet, your blog goes out to a larger audience.
  4. This gives you a chance to show your company’s personality and voice. Blogging about relevant and interesting topics is a great way to show your expertise, but it can also show who you are. Blogging gives you and your employees a chance to give a voice to your company and show clients and consumers who the company really is. Is your company serious with a hint of sass, or knowledgeable and authoritative but understanding and relaxed?

Taking on a blog is a huge decision, but it is an important one to make. What have you found to be the benefits or challenges of maintaining a company blog? Please share your experiences with us.

Stephanie Haag is an intern at Lovell Communications. Connect with Stephanie at: intern@lovell.com 

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