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Posted on 11.17.2016

Why You Need Video Marketing In Your Social Strategy

There’s a reason great videos go viral – engaging videos are worth being shared! The more times your videos are shared, the wider your brand reaches, thus expanding your audience. Here are a few reasons you need to incorporate video into your social media strategies.

Videos increase traffic 200-300% and boost engagement. Video marketing
According to Hubspot, video makes a large impact on your audience, urging its members to engage with your brand. Sixty-four percent of users are more likely to buy a product after watching a video, and fifty percent of executives look for more information after seeing a video showcasing a service or product.

Videos help convey complex information.
Have you ever needed to explain something to someone in person because it was too difficult to email? That’s how video marketing solves the issue of explaining complicated topics about your brand. So when you have something complex to get across, video is the best tool for making that information comprehensible for the audiences you are trying to reach.

Videos humanize your brand.
Creating a video that demonstrates the values, beliefs and mission of your company gives your target audience a way to connect with you. Video case studies are even better – showing potential consumers success stories from your work with past consumers allows them to imagine themselves working with your organization and ending up with similarly positive results.

Videos are popular!
Sixty percent of marketers are already using video marketing. If you want to stay head-to-head with your competition, it’s important to learn how to create engaging video and the best way to share it on social media.

If you are not already incorporating video in your social content, take another look at the benefits of including them in your strategy. It’s worth the investment.


Bailey Wimmer is an Assistant Account Executive at Lovell Communications. Connect with Bailey at Bailey@lovell.com

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