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Posted on 08.07.2014

Why I Love Healthcare Marketing (And You Should, Too!)

As a (semi) recent college grad who studied sports broadcast communications, I get a lot of people asking me why I chose to focus on healthcare marketing instead of diving into the sports world. I would love to give you my life story but I am going stick with why I love healthcare (and you should, too!)

The short of it is that I had an internship junior year at The Rehab Documentation laptop and stethoscopeCompany (ReDoc) and worked under one of the co-creators of WebMD. That summer drew me to healthcare for good. Here are a few reasons why I've fallen in love with the field (and you could, too!):

You're always on your toes: One of my favorite classes in college was crisis communication. At Lovell Communications we work on crises for clients, and in the healthcare field those types of situations come up often.

Learning and Growing: The opportunity to grow is around every corner, providing you the chance to become the best version of yourself. I have always thought all things health related were wildly interesting. I constantly watch documentaries, read books - anything to find out more about the new health trends. Working in the healthcare field -especially just starting out - I have learned an immense amount about health topics, but what I find the most interesting is watching my superiors learn and grow as new clients are added and new projects come along. We are always teaching and learning from each other, showing that even the most experienced expert can be better.

Endless Opportunities: When most people think healthcare they think physicians and hospitals. And while healthcare public relations deals a great amount with those areas, I have had the opportunity to work on vastly different projects. From announcing the oldest mother to have her own child through IVF to beginning to work on an educational healthcare TV series to throwing baby showers for corporations, I am never bored when it comes to the project work in this field.

In the end - you're helping someone: There is nothing that I find more fulfilling than helping people. The healthcare field lends itself to always helping someone in need. Yes, I realize it might seem odd to considering the job of developing a marketing plan for a hospital or brainstorming a name for a new health App, as a way to help people. But I love playing a role in helping educate people about their healthcare and the choices they can make. It's called healthcare marketing. .  


Leslie Raney is an Assistant Account Executive at Lovell Communications. You can view more of Leslie's blogs here. Connect with Leslie at leslie@lovell.com, or @lesliedr.

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