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Posted on 12.08.2011

What Three Things Can a Champion Wrestler Teach Us About Marketing?

As any marketing firm will tell you, marketing is a never-ending process. Whether it's attending networking events, connecting with past clients or writing that new blog post, there is always something that can be done. This can get overwhelming and cause one to want to give up. But if you want your company to stand out above the rest, you have to keep going. Anthony Robles, winner of the  2010-2011 NCAA individual wrestling championship, recently spoke at a local school in Nashville, TN (watch his inspiring speech here). He had some great things to say about not giving up and he should know. Anthony had a hard time getting started in wrestling. He had a losing record his first years in high school. He wasn't recruited by any colleges. His father left when he was young, leaving his unemployed mother to raise four kids (at one point they were homeless). Oh, and did I mention he only has one leg? Anthony Robles was born with only one leg but wrestled through his daily challenges to become a champion! He didn't give up when times got tough and neither should you. Here are some takeaways from Anthony's speech that you should consider next time you're ready to quit: Nashville PR
  • Focus on what you CAN do in life and not what you CAN'T do. The only thing you have power over is yourself. You can't control your environment, you can only control how you respond to it.
  • The only difference between a champion and an average person is that champions work harder, champions put in more time.
  • The prize is in direct proportion to the price, the greater the rewards you seek, the greater the effort must be to achieve them.
In business as in life, passion and hard work pay off and that includes achieving your marketing goals. And this story gives me the inspiration to dig in and find a way  to deal with every challenge. Have you ever faced an enormous marketing challenge and overcome an obstacle to create a success?  

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