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Posted on 08.17.2010

Ways to Improve Your Email Marketing Open Rates

Have you invested the time and money on an email campaign that is delivering less than extraordinary results? Racking your brain on ways to improve the open rates of your latest email marketing masterpiece? Well rest assured! I’ve put together a short list of important points that could immensely impact your campaign results. Before hitting the irreversible Send, consider the following: 1. The Subject Line:
  • Have your company’s name or your connection with the recipient visible in the subject line.
  • Keep the subject line concise – no more than 8 to 10 words.
  • Let the recipient know there is valuable information in the message - but don’t give away all the details.
  • Make it timely.
  • Conduct an experiment by creating two versions of the same message and change only the subject line. Split your audience into two groups and send one subject line to one group and one to the other and see how it affects your open rates.
2. The Design:
  • According to MarketingSherpa’s research, more than half of email recipients use a horizontal preview pane; therefore it is important to have the most important information in the top four inches.
  • The same survey found that recipients read more of an email’s text if graphics are included near the top – this could be a custom designed stationary or branded masthead.
  • Use a font and colors that are easy on the eyes. Simple, intentional font and style choices can help grab and keep your readers’ attention.
3. Distribution:
  • Mailings that go out between Tuesday and Thursday typically receive better open rates and results.
  • Consider your recipients’ time zone. Avoid sending the email first thing in the morning or late in the evening.
  • Always personalize your message.
  • Within 8 – 10 days resend the message to recipients who did not open it the first time.
Have you seen a particularly effective email campaign that’s intrigued you lately? Also, check out some of Jessica's latest posts about effective email marketing campaigns.

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