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Posted on 06.08.2010

Want an easy way to gain new customers?

Try Groupon, a website that offers city-specific deals daily. Businesses pay no up-front cost to Groupon - instead Groupon takes a percentage (usually 50%) of the deal. And with tens of thousands of people receiving emails from Groupon every day, the exposure is huge! (Nashville's Groupon has more than 80,000 subscribers).

Last week we put Groupon to the test for our client, Matt McGee, DDS, PC and it was a huge success. He offered a $99 teeth-whitening deal, regularly priced at $300 and almost 250 people purchased the deal. That means: 250 people will come to Dr. McGee's office for the whitening treatment. 250 people will experience Dr. McGee's friendly and experienced staff. 250 people will likely become ambassadors for professional teeth whitening and Dr. McGee. And many of those 250 people may consider having Dr. McGee become their regular dentist. While Dr. McGee is doing the whitening treatment for a one-time steep discount, the long-term financial gain could be huge. To help promote Dr. McGee's Groupon, we utilized:
  • Facebook - Dr. McGee's fan page as well as personal pages
  • Twitter
  • Blogs - Four popular local bloggers blogged about the deal
Dr. McGee also staffed his office to handle the influx of calls about the deal and to book appointments. The initiative was a huge success. If your business has a product or service to offer, and you are looking to gain new customers, check out Groupon. It may be just the deal you have been looking for.

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