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Posted on 04.19.2012

Virtual Meetings - How to Use Skype for Internal Communications

Today, companies can be widely dispersed. Employees may live in different cities or countries from where the organizations are centrally located. Younger generations may request working from home or the local coffee shop, saying they feel more comfortable and inspired outside of an office setting. Some companies may not even have an office, but a team of mobile employees collaborating through various new technologies. So what happens when an important discussion needs to take place between members of an organization who are not located in the same area? Well, you have the next best thing: a virtual meeting.

There are MANY services available to conduct virtual meetings; from highly robust and paid services to free and simple ones. Recently updated, the Google+ platform allows for online video conferencing which it calls "Hangouts." Other major services include GoToMeeting and Cisco's WebEx. And did you know Facebook also allows for video chats between friends?

Facebook video conferencing is actually powered by one of our favorite services that we highly recommend, Skype. Skype can be used for free video conferencing directly with another Skype user, including online messaging and file sending. We recommend Skype to clients as a way to conduct meetings between organizational employees when not located in close enough proximity. If you haven't tried it out already and would like to, Skype requires a quick set-up process before online communication can begin. To make it easy for you, we've created a How to Set Up Skype video below that will walk you through the process.

What services do you like using for virtual meetings? Please let us know your recommendations in the comments below! Click here to sign up and receive our new blog posts via email.

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