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Posted on 11.01.2016

Updates to Twitter: How Recent Changes Can Affect Your Content

Twitter can be an effective tool for certain organizations. It has evolved extensively over the past decade and recently updated its messaging and platform restrictions. Twitter is used for sharing short, precise content “in-the-moment.” With its 140-character limit, users have clear restrictions on the material they share. In the past few months, Twitter released changes to these limitations that make it much easier to share content. But how will this affect what you or your organization share? Here’s an overview of Twitter’s recent changes and how they may affect your content sharing. Twitter, content sharing

140-Character Limits: Tweets are still limited to 140-characters to encourage precise posts. However, Twitter made adjustments to what is included in the 140-character limit:

Mentions: Direct mentions (i.e.: @LovellComm) are not included in the 140-character limit. If you are tweeting or directly replying to someone, you’re now free to do so without counting the Twitter handles. This enhancement makes it possible to target your message without cutting into the characters you need to deliver it.

Shared media: Media attachments and shared media also no longer count towards the 140-character limit. This has drastically changed the way people share media since we have more space to share content. Direct links to images, videos, memes, gifs, etc., are included as “attachments” now and add an extra layer of engagement to your tweets.

Polls: Twitter Polls are a great way to engage your audience. Short surveys and questionnaires provide valuable feedback for your business and are an easy way to interact. Polls typically run for just one day, and can aid in communication between platforms.

Links: Most links still count towards the 140-character limit; however, if the link is directly related to shared media, such as a photo or video, it doesn’t count. This makes it possible to link your tweet to relevant material to drive traffic back to your website or another online post. Take every advantage to link back to your company website as it helps boost your SEO.

Quoted Tweets: You can now quote someone else’s tweet without it counting towards your 140-character limit. This is useful in sharing industry news or hot topics related to your business, or for quoting speakers and making real-time conference posts.

Twitter’s new changes are a nice addition to the platform. Continue to be mindful of oversharing, even with these new changes. These adjustments can definitely help you more effectively engage your followers, however, when used well.


Berkley Aiken is an Administrative Assistant at Lovell Communications. Connect with Berkley at: Berkley@Lovell.com

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