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Posted on 06.30.2011

Twitter Adds New Search and Photo-Sharing Capabilities

Earlier this month, Twitter CEO Dick Costolo announced some exciting updates to Twitter at the D9: All Things Digital Conference in California.   The platform, which boasts more than 175 million register users, has begun rolling out new search and photo-sharing capabilities. Every day people share photos and videos with their followers on Twitter using third-party sites like yfrog and TwitVid.  Now, when those photos and videos are associated with a #hashtag or @username, they will pop up in search returns on Twitter.  For example, if you type @Google into the search bar, not only will your search return with tweets including that handle, it will also return photos and videos that reference that handle (they are located on the right-hand side under “Display Media”). Furthermore, according to official the Twitter blog, soon Twitter users will be able to eliminate the use of third-party sharing sites all together and have the ability to upload a photo straight to Twitter.  This function will be similar to uploading a photo with a status update in Facebook. So what does this mean for companies that promote themselves via Twitter?   It brings a whole new element of creativity and sociability to the space.  According to a recent HubSpot survey, Twitter serves roughly 1.6 billion searches a day.  By incorporating visuals into their tweets, companies have the opportunity to have images and videos they push out through Twitter seen by a massive audience that, before, only use to see their tweets.   Will you take advantage of these new features?

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