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Posted on 04.15.2011

Tips for Enhancing LinkedIn Value to Business

LinkedIn, the social network for the world’s professionals, recently announced it had hit a milestone. As of March 2011, it now has more than 100 million users and is growing at over a million users a week! That’s a lot of users! So what does this mean to you? It means more people and companies are using LinkedIn and if you want to do business with them, you should use it, too! Here are some tips on how to maximize LinkedIn’s powerful network to increase your company’s awareness and gain more customers. Optimize your profile page for better LinkedIn search results. One of the most powerful tools in LinkedIn is the search feature. You can search everything on LinkedIn from people and companies to jobs and groups. So, just like you would optimize your website for discovery from search engines like Google,  you need to optimize your LinkedIn profile for discovery inside LinkedIn. Do this by first thinking about the types of words potential customers would search for when looking for whatever service or product it is that you provide. Then take those ‘keywords’ and use them as often as possible throughout your LinkedIn profile. For example, if I live in Nashville and am looking for an photographer for my wedding, I may search through people using the words “Nashville photographer.” (Note: You can also refine your searches using the tools on the left side of the page. So instead of typing Nashville in the search field, you could refine your search by location.) There are 708 results for “Nashville photographer” but I’m not going to look through them all. I’m going to click on the first couple of results, check out their profiles, and decide whether or not to pursue using them further. So the photographers reaching the top have done a great job of including those keywords throughout their profile to ensure they appear first in the search results. Don’t make it spammy though. Remember that those searching will hopefully click through to your actual profile and they’ll need to see some well written text that sells them on your potential. Create a great company landing page that sells your business! According to LinkedIn, “...Company Pages present an opportunity to reveal the human side of your company, provide a peek at the individuals behind your brand, and highlight how members use your products. Your Company Page offers tools to bring your brand to life.” Your company page can be discovered through your personal profile or in the search results when people search companies (instead of people). So, just as you did your personal profile, be sure to optimize your company profile to ensure its discovery in the search results for your targeted keywords. Once you've directed someone to your LinkedIn company page, you want to maximize customer conversions. So when creating your page, take the time to discuss all of your company’s abilities and utilize graphics where images are allowed. Have you had any success with LinkedIn? We'd love to hear about it in the comments.

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