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Posted on 02.16.2012

Three Noteworthy Social Media Tips

I recently attended a social networking panel discussion at Belmont University. Sharing their opinions and expertise on social media were panelists Gerry Gorman, CIO of Cat Financial; Bob Hutchins, CEO of BuzzPlant; Clint Smith, CEO of EMMA; and Christi McNeil of the Social and Emerging Media team at Southwest Airlines. While some panelists took a more conservative approach to social networking than others and each company uses social networking in various ways, they each made some great points worth remembering. 1. Social media is different than mass marketing. It is important to remember that individuals are behind the technology you’re using. When using social media, remember to speak to an “audience of one” and focus on the individual. 2. It is dangerously easy to make noise via social media, but difficult to listen. To utilize social media successfully, it is vital you listen and respond to what your audience is saying, both the positive and negative. 3. Each social media channel serves a different purpose, so use them to achieve different objectives. For example, LinkedIn is a great tool for recruiting new employees; Facebook can be used to update organizational news; Yammer is used for collaboration between employees; and, as Christi McNeil pointed out, Twitter is a great way to quickly respond to customer service concerns. Be aware that your company may not need to use each of these social media channels to achieve its objectives. What social media services does your company use? Do you have any other tips to share?

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