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Posted on 09.21.2012

The Social Platform to Raise Awareness for World Alzheimer's Month

September is World Alzheimer's Month. Alzheimer's has become the sixth-leading cause of death in the United States and one in eight Americans over the age of 65 is affected by this disease.

Alzheimer's disease was first identified more than 100 years ago, but research into its symptoms, causes, risk factors and treatment has gained momentum only in the last 30 years.

Because of our work with many hospitals, health systems, nursing facilities and non-profit organizations, we often find ourselves reading, writing and researching Alzheimer's and dementia related topics.

We're pleased to see various companies and celebrities have turned to their Twitter accounts promoting their involvement and awareness for World Alzheimer's Month by using the Hashtag #ENDALZ. For example, eBay is promoting World Alzheimer's Month by donating $1 to the Alzheimer's Association for every re-tweet (RT) their tweet receives.

Twitter isn't the only social media platform people are using to promote awareness for this disease. Instagram and YouTube users have uploaded pictures and videos of affected family members, community involvement and other events that show their participation and dedication to a great cause.

This kind of viral effort, when executed well and supported with other promotional efforts, such as video, traditional media outreach, cause marketing, etc., can be a cost effective way to promote a message. September 21st, is World Alzheimer's Day; the Alzheimer's Association encourages everyone to wear purple to show their support for the fight to end Alzheimer's. Comment on our blog with a picture of you wearing purple to end Alzheimer's and raise awareness, or share your own personal story how Alzheimer's or Dementia has affected your life.

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