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Posted on 09.01.2011

The Best Book Yet on LinkedIn and How to “Work It”

I’ve read books on social media ‘til I’m blue in the face.  Most of them are a waste of time and have a shelf life of about 15 minutes since everything Internet is moving so swiftly.  Wayne Breitbarth’s book The Power Formula for LinkedIn Success is different. Many people in my age bracket and at my stage in their career (that’s all I’m going to say about that!) are scratching their heads about the real value of LinkedIn.  I’ve heard more than a few of our PR firm’s clients say things like, “I’m on LinkedIn, but I don’t know what to do with it,” and I felt the same way.  Little did I know. Breitbarth’s book is chock full of really (and I mean really) useful tips and practical ways to manage your LinkedIn account so that it actually produces for you.  Produces what, you ask? Business connections and business leads. The book explains the value and impact of recommendations (think keyword searchableNashville PR Firm Recommends Power Formula for LinkedIn and rankings) as well as how to politely acquire them.  There’s a great chapter on “hyperlinks to hot leads,” and another on how to find your customers.  One of my favorite tips is to simply think about the keywords your potential customers would have in their profiles and use the Advanced People Search function, including a geographic radius around your zip code, to find those individuals.  Once you find them, Breitbarth tells you how to properly reach out and get connected through, of course, one of your first-level connections. There are 20 chapters of worthwhile reading in this little book.  It’s an eloquently simple guidebook for those of us who used to think LinkedIn would die on the vine.  Are you maximizing the power of LinkedIn?  Do you have any success stories you can share?  

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