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Posted on 02.17.2015

The Benefits of Working in an Office

As I sit at home for my second snow day this week (and second ever for my California native self), I can’t help but reflect on the importance of having an office in which to work, or at least a designated working space. An office creates a productive and working mindset that is often necessary to focus. At least, that’s true for me.

While you might fantasize about the idea of working from home, it’s more difficult than you may think. Since your home is also where you sleep, relax, cook and clean, it is difficult to clear space – physically and mentally – for you just to work. It’s seldom the people around you who are the main distractions; it is your mind’s inability to ignore your surroundings. When you work where you live, it is easy to take some extra time to clean the dishes, walk the dog, catch the end of a TV show, or allow mental distractions to detract from your productivity.

I appreciate the motivation an office environment creates, and here's why I think it is beneficial:

  1. Maintaining a work life vs. home life. An office provides a working space separate from your home. This enables you to leave home (and all its distractions) when you begin work and also provides a better sense of “leaving work” at the end of the day. The act of going to and leaving an office encourages a better work-life balance.

  2. Escape from other distractions. Piggybacking on my previous point, working from an office forces you to physically (and hopefully mentally) remove yourself from the chores, kitchen, bed and all other distractions in your home. You will be more focused on work, making you more productive.

  3. Coworkers. Working near coworkers provides social and productivity value. The relationships you form with your coworkers increase your job satisfaction, often enhancing your work output. Additionally, coworkers are essential when you need opinions, feedback, ideas or edits for a project. Two minds really are better than one.

  4. Routine. While the discipline to wake up early every morning and report to an office may seem difficult some days, it holds you accountable. When you are in the mindset of working each day at an exact time for a certain number of hours, your body and mind adapt. Without someone or some place to report to, however, you may struggle to find the motivation to begin and/or continue working.

Do you prefer working from an office or your house? Have you found one to be more difficult than the other? Share with us! 


Jacqueline Miller is an Administrative Assistant at Lovell Communications. You can view more of Jacqueline's blogs here. Connect with Jacqueline at jacqueline@lovell.com or @JacqMills28.

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