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Posted on 02.10.2011

Strength for Service Direct Mail

Lovell Communications was asked to increase awareness and raise funds for the non-profit daily devotional book project called Strength for Service to God and Country. The funds would be used for the printing and distribution of the books to the U.S. military free of charge. Strategy and Tactics Lovell created a turn-key campaign for churches called Strength for Service Sundays. The special Sundays gave churches an opportunity to support the troops through collections during services.  Lovell wrote the copy and conceptualized the design for an eight page direct mail booklet that was sent to every Methodist church in America introducing the program.  Compelling photos were selected of military personnel and soldiers receiving and using Strength for Service to strengthen the message. Results The project has been so successful that Strength for Service has made it an annual initiative and will be distributing its fourth mailing in 2010. To date, hundreds of churches have participated in the effort and raised almost $400,000 – more than 10 times the organization’s investment. Client response ”For the past three years, Strength for Service has worked with Lovell Communications on an all-church direct mailing to raise needed funds. This year, with a $16,000 investment, we have raised more than $132,000 or 10 times what we spent! Lovell has done an excellent job communicating the message of the project in a fresh and relevant way every year.” Larry Coppock Director Strength for Service

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