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Posted on 08.11.2016

Social Media Monitoring: What You Don’t Know Can Hurt You

It’s common for clients to seek Lovell’s expertise to maximize their social media presence. Developing a solid social media strategy that directly relates back to an organization’s strategic goals is a valuable undertaking.  And while it is possible to create a strategy solely based on assessing a brand’s audiences and key messages, it may not be comprehensive if you don’t research and understand the broader conversations happening online.Social media monitoring


Before launching into the development of a social media strategy, consider doing some social media monitoring around your brand and its keywords. Then determine a good schedule for regular social media monitoring to help inform your ongoing content strategy. This can help you better ascertain what people outside of your organization are talking about so you can address relevant discussions.


To begin social media monitoring, assemble a list of key search terms around the topics you want to follow. A good place to start is with your brand name, followed by your specialty areas and any current issues or topics your organization is addressing at the moment. Armed with this list of terms, you can begin to search various social platforms to see what is being discussed. It is possible to conduct multiple searches on each social platform you’re interested in monitoring or use a paid monitoring tool to aggregate the content. Depending on the nature of your monitoring, you may want to conduct searches daily, weekly or monthly. It’s wise to assemble a report to keep track of mentions of your brand or industry you want to revisit.


The reason behind a social media strategy can range from increasing engagement to properly addressing a company crisis. If you are conducting social media management to find proactive opportunities for engagement, you may want to screengrab conversations you have on behalf of your brand. If you are monitoring a specific crisis, it is useful to have a report of online discussions surrounding the issue so you can discuss them with your team and develop timely responses.


Depending on your needs, it can be wise to have your social media manager or marketing team handle regular social monitoring to stay abreast of a particular issue or topic. Discussions can escalate and spread quickly via social media platforms and it is important for an organization that engages in any kind of social media activity to understand what is being said about them by their online audiences.


Kristy Lucero is an account executive at Lovell Communications. Connect with Kristy at kristy@lovell.com

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