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Posted on 03.02.2011

Six Ways to Better Your Facebook Page

Facebook is being increasingly embraced by businesses as a valuable tool to reach target audiences. Unfortunately, many businesses simply create a "like" page, and then rarely add new content or interact with its fans. Here are six simple ways to better your facebook page and increase its fanbase.
  1. Interact: It might seem simple, but it is very important. Don't just push content out - interact with your fans. Respond to comments and say thank you. It will go a long-way in building a positive brand-experience.
  2. Link everywhere: Your Facebook page should be linked and shared everywhere possible. Be sure to include the link on your website, blog, email signature, e- newsletter, etc.
  3. Post value-added content: A facebook page should include something extra from your brand. Post relevant news articles and links that your fans will appreciate. If you are a consumer brand, consider offering special coupons or promotions for your Facebook fans.
  4. Syndicate your blog content: Use Networked Blogs to share your blog content to your Facebook page. It is an easy tool that will share your blog posts with fans. To read full-posts, fans must click through to the blog, driving additional traffic.
  5. Blog about your Facebook page: If you have a blog, blog about your Facebook page. No matter how long your Facebook page has been established, if you mention it in a blog post, you will get new fans - every time. (Speaking of, do you like Lovell Communications on Facebook? If not, we would be pleased for you to join us there.)
  6. Ask others to refer their friends: Occassionally, ask your Facebook fans to refer their friends to your page. This is an easy way to increase your page's visibility and numbers.
What is your Facebook fan page? What has been a successful way for you to beter it?

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