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Posted on 07.28.2015

Six Tips To Produce An Effective Testimonial Video

Our firm is experiencing a significant increase in client requests for testimonial videos. Why are these so popular? Anyone can talk at length about how they believe their company is the best in the industry, makes the most innovative widget or provides gold-standard customer service. But when a customer speaks favorably about a service or product, the message is perceived as more trustworthy and powerful. 

Lovell clients use testimonial videos for various purposes to improve and/or increase business development, employee recruitment, consumer marketing and internal engagement. Through the years we’ve had tremendous success in delivering testimonial videos our clients appreciate and find to be invaluable to their communications goals.

Here are six tips that will help you produce a testimonial video that will speak to your audience and please your C-suite:

1.Understand the goal of the video

This seems to be an elementary suggestion, but you would be surprised how lack of communication on the front end can result in a video that doesn’t deliver. Ask how the video is going to be used, who is the audience and, if you could script the interviewee, what would you want him or her to say.

2.Develop interview questions in advance and share with the interviewee

It’s the interviewer’s job to develop and ask questions that will result in useful answers. Carefully think through every key point you want to capture and develop a question that will produce (fingers crossed) the answer you want. Also, provide the interview questions in advance. This allows the interviewee time to prepare and will help you secure better answers.

3.Provide advanced coaching

Most people don’t have experience in front of the camera, so providing some coaching is typically always appreciated and it will make the interviewee more comfortable. A few tips include:

  • Choose solid colors and avoid shiny jewelry
  • Don’t move around in the chair (try to avoid providing your interviewee a chair with wheels)
  •  Look at the interviewer, not the camera
  • Remind the interviewee that the viewer will not hear the question, so the answer needs to start with some context​

4.Hire a professional videographer

The quality of the video is largely dependent on the expertise of the videographer. Some companies can pull off more amateur, edgy looking videos because the intended audience expects and embraces that kind of product. If you work for a corporation that is trying to persuade a C-suite audience or more sophisticated consumer, I highly recommend you pay for a professional videographer. The quality of the camera and lighting automatically elevates the look of the end product.

5.Listen to the answers, not your questions

This is the most challenging part of producing an impactful video. As an interviewer, it’s critical to listen to every word of the answer to ensure you secure the sound bites you need. Also, if there are 10 seconds you love out of a three-minute answer, ask the interviewee to speak to that particular point again. The more interviews you do, the better you will become at mastering this tip.

6.Secure tons and tons of b-roll

​Rarely does an interviewee nail an answer without a few stumbles along the way. Capturing b-roll that can be used to cover tricky edits will make your time in the editing suite easier. Believe me, you will never say, “Wow, we captured way too much b-roll.” You will more than likely use every bit.

Do you have any tricks of the trade that you find helpful? I would love to hear them.


Robin Embry is a Vice President at Lovell Communications.  Connect with Robin at Robin@lovell.com.

*Image courtesy of Wamda

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