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Posted on 10.13.2015

Sharing is Caring: 6 Tips for Announcing Your New Website

6 Tips for Sharing Your New Website

You’ve worked for months on your new website. You’ve researched key audiences and developed content and functionality that speaks to them. You’ve spent time crafting the words on every page, visualizing the functionality and picking out images that best reflect your brand. You’ve invested thousands of dollars to ensure this is the best site for your company. Now what?

Now comes the fun part! It’s time to share your new website with the outside world. Here are a few tips and considerations when doing so.

  • Testing. Testing… Is this thing on? One of the most crucial steps before launching any new website is the testing phase. Typically, a test version of the new site will be available to allow for reviewing all text (spell check!), testing links and any contact forms, and just generally seeing how the site looks from the perspective of an average reader. It’s also a good idea to save any public announcements until the site has been live for a few days to determine if there are any functionality issues that didn’t present themselves during the test phase.
  • SEO OMG. Search engine optimization continues to be a hot topic as companies seek to boost online rankings. Nobody wants their company’s good news on page two of a search result. While there is an algorithm Google uses to determine how relevant your website is to your search term(s), some common SEO tactics include writing quality content and including keywords relevant to your topic or industry. Stuffing a ton of keywords into a page is no longer considered good SEO practice.
  • Think about who needs to know. Audience is important when it comes to announcing something as critical to your brand recognition as a website. Before making any public announcement, it’s commonly accepted to start sharing your new site with your employees. They should be built-in brand enthusiasts and willing to share the good news with their circle of contacts.  Other audiences to consider would be any partner organizations with which your company regularly does business, such as existing customers, potential customers and social media followers.
  • The customer is always right. If your website includes any online ordering or e-commerce functionality, it’s important to notify existing customers who utilize the service that your site may look different. Take this as an opportunity to solidify your ongoing relationship with these customers by assuring them of your site's capabilities.
  • Consider media. While we don’t always recommend issuing a press release when launching a new website, it can be beneficial in some circumstances. If your website provides added value to customers through new functionality, like the addition of an e-commerce or online ordering component, or if you’ve begun sharing insight through blog posts or an online news room that may be relevant to your industry, a press release may be in order.
  • Social media. Last, but certainly not least, share your new site with all of your social media followers on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google +, Pinterest, Instagram or any other outlets on which your organization is active. And if you’re looking for a more visually appealing and engaging way to share the information, consider online tools like Pagemodo to create social media posts and promotions using beautiful stock imagery or your own photos.

Amanda Anderson is a senior account supervisor at Lovell Communications. You can view more of Amanda’s blogs here. Connect with Amanda at amanda@lovell.com or @AmanderTN.




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