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Posted on 02.10.2011

Restructuring Marketing Function Saves Money

As at many universities, Belmont's marketing was fragmented and a large number of people were responsible for many different departments and colleges throughout the university. It was a classic case of "silo" thinking where the right hand didn't know (or certainly couldn't take advantage of) what the left hand was doing in terms of advertising buys, public relations, research, and video and collateral production. Our mission was to restructure the system and realize economies of scale for the university. Strategy and tactics - 2000 to 2005 Using "Lovell Dedicated" where we placed an individual on site for a specific amount of hours per day or week, we developed a consolidated university marketing team, called a Flywheel Team℠, that was able to work together to manage web site development, create two new logos, coordinate advertising, share market research and production costs. Results Effective almost immediately, with a consolidated ad buy and the development of an in-house agency, the university reclaimed close to 10 percent of its budget. On a continuing basis, members of this marketing team share research and data, operate in a coordinated fashion that maximizes limited budgets, works together to share video shoots, manages a mandatory university-wide set of graphic standards and works in every way to bring synergy and cost savings to marketing across all areas of the university. The Flywheel Team℠ continues in effect. Client Response "At Belmont, once unfamiliar terms like 'branding,' 'message,' and 'media relations' are now part of normal discussions at meetings. Not only have you brought together energies and ideas, but you have also created a new way of thinking toward service to our constituents." Dr. Robert Fisher President Belmont University

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