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Posted on 02.10.2011

Program for Special Needs Students Gets New Brand Image

College Living Experience (CLE), a program that provides intensive academic, independent living and social skills instruction to college students with autism spectrum disorder (ASD), attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), Asperger’s syndrome, non-verbal learning disorders and other learning disabilities opened three new locations in May 2007 and engaged the services of Lovell Communications to create consistent, branded elements that unified all six programs. Strategy and tactics Lovell conducted primary and secondary research relative to CLE’s clients and potential clients and determined that CLE’s primary audience is highly educated parents who seek information pertaining to their child’s diagnosis. They want their children to learn to be independent, but also want to know they have resources and support at their disposal should they need it. CLE’s secondary audience is educational professionals who provide services to students with special needs and their parents, such as high school counselors, special education teachers and educational consultants. To communicate with these audiences, it was imperative that all marketing materials contain careful messaging and appealing imagery. Results Elements of the re-branding campaign included:
  • A program backgrounder;
  • Media relations efforts to support our goals of raising awareness of all six sites across the country, resulting in print circulation of more than 200,000;
  • New photography to for all marketing and communications material;
  • A new website that was optimized for search engines;
  • Collateral for all parties interested in CLE’s services, including parents and education professionals;
  • Advertising for the program utilizing actual students, resulting in communication with 300,000 highly targeted readers;
  • A tradeshow booth for display at events catering to CLE’s target audiences; and
  • A family of flier, poster and postcard templates for program directors to customize for their local events.
Client Response “When you say revamped, you really mean revamped! The [brochures] are absolutely wonderful. Packed with information, beautiful pictures…I can go on and on. Thank you.” Patricia Giner Senior Outreach Coordinator College Living Experience

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