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Posted on 12.29.2011

Pinterest: A Unique Twist to Social Media

If you are a twenty-something female like me then you most likely know what Pinterest is, and you may even be borderline addicted.  For those of you who aren’t so acquainted, Pinterest is a relatively new social media site with a unique twist that allows its users to communicate through vibrant images.  With a quick visit to the Pinterest “About” page, you will learn that Pinterest is a virtual pinboard that lets you organize and share anything you find on the web.  An easy way I describe it to my friends is to imagine several pin boards hung up on your wall at home; each time you find anything unique in a magazine you rip out the page and pin it on the board so that you will be able to find it later without having to flip through the magazine again.  Pinterest is the same concept, but on the web.

Once signed up for an account, a Pinterest user is able to create and customize boards to fit their own personal interests while following other users and searching for images to re-pin (think re-tweeting on Twitter.) You can also share your pins and boards on Facebook and Twitter. Each image pinned to a board has the original website link so when other users look at your pins it creates more traffic to the websites and blogs where the images are being pulled from. The moment I signed up for a Pinterest account I was hooked and spent nearly every minute of my free time searching for images and links similar to my interests.  I was swept away by the overwhelming image overload of links to delicious recipes, creative decorating ideas and even travel destinations which are on my bucket list to visit. While Pinterest was originally just a social media outlet for users to organize and share their personal interests, it has recently made some buzz in the corporate world. Whole Foods Market, for example, has created a Pinterest page where they post their favorite recipes, pictures from food festivals throughout the country and even projects and art work that their employees love.  It’s not necessarily direct marketing for their brand, but there are thousands of Whole Foods followers who are actively sharing their personal ideas and interests through the company’s Pinterest page.  Customers are able to re-pin the images they see, allowing their own friends to see that they have been looking at that brand’s page.

Another aspect of Pinterest that differentiates it from other social media sites is that, because it is so organized and image oriented, followers can easily browse through content and clip out what they don’t want to see.  Users decide what they want to see on the web, without leafing through long searches and reading through lengthy text.  What a better way to catch consumer’s attention than to let them organize and pick out what they want to see each time they log in so that in the future they won’t have to browse through the exact same information. Do you think Pinterest could fit into your brand strategy?  Creating a page may help your company reach new demographics and increase sales.  Let us know what you think!

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