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Posted on 05.12.2015

Pew Report Explores 2015 Media Landscape

You don’t have to work in public relations to know that the news media landscape is in the midst of dramatic change. But if you are a PR pro, you had better be paying attention. Continued declines in print newspaper circulation, the rise of mobile news platforms and increasing popularity of podcasts are among the dynamics that affect how we produce, position and pitch content to the media.

Thankfully, the Pew Research Center provides a comprehensive look at what’s happening in the industry in its 2015 State of the News Media report.

The report is important reading for those of us who rely on the media to gain exposure for our companies/clients, whether through earned media, advertising or sponsored content. More broadly, Pew explains: “Americans’ changing news habits have a tremendous impact on how and to what extent our country functions within an informed society. So too does the state of the organizations producing the news and making it available to citizens day in and day out.”

Pew’s report offers a variety of data and analysis, including individual fact sheets for each media segment. Some of the things that caught my eye include:

  • 39 of the top 50  news sites have more traffic coming from mobile devices than from desktop computers
  • Mobile advertising rose sharply, climbing 78 percent to $19 billion in 2014
  • Cable news saw prime-time viewership drop 8 percent from the prior year
  • Newspaper circulation was down 3 percent from last year, contributing to the industry’s 19 percent slide since 2004
  • Podcast listening is on the rise, with NPR’s podcast downloads alone growing 41 percent year over year (despite the fact that I haven’t listened to Serial yet).

Check out the full report at this link, and click on the icons at the top to view the industry segment fact sheets and explore the data in depth.


Erin George is a Senior Account Supervisor at Lovell Communications. You can view more of Erin’s blogs here. Connect with Erin at erin@lovell.com or @ErinLawley.

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