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Posted on 01.25.2011

Personalizing the Online Customer Experience

In an age when more and more purchases are done online, it can be difficult for a company to create a personal interaction. This leads to little brand loyalty from buyers. Groupon (and other flash deal sites) give brands the opportunity to leverage massive quantities of new customers and turn them into brand ambassadors. However, few do. Lands' End Canvas offered a Groupon last year for its high-end, J. Crew-like brand Lands End Canvas. I bought one for my husband, Matthew, and used it to purchase a few new sweaters. We received great customer service and prompt shipping. But that is not where it ended.

Two weeks after receiving the purchase, he received a hand addressed card in the mail. Inside was a branded note card, with a personalized, hand-written note thanking Matthew for his purchase and encouraging him to contact customer service if he had any questions. We could not tell if the card was actually hand-written or printed - it looked that legitimate. Since receiving the note, we have told many people about Lands End Canvas, and we have browsed their site several times. Kudos to Lands End Canvas for making what could have been an ordinary online purchase extraordinarily personal!

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