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Posted on 07.14.2015

Peer into the World of Periscope

Live streaming apps aren’t just for high profile brands and attention-seeking teenagers; innovative healthcare professionals are getting in on the action with Twitter’s Periscope. Mayo Clinic, one of Periscope’s top healthcare pioneers, has found great success educating its publics, conducting live Q&A sessions and even streaming surgical procedures. Want to be one of the trail-blazing few? Here’s the skinny on Periscope:

Why should you ‘Scope?

  • Innovative: Be on the forefront of mobile technology with this four-month old medium.
  • Authentic: Creates a firsthand, real-time experience for viewers.
  • Engaging: Viewers elect to watch and interact with your video.

What can you do with ‘Scope?

  • Train and educate
  • Conduct live Q&As and behind-the-scenes interviews
  • Provide crisis communications updates and information
  • Showcase innovative procedures
  • Highlight a subject matter expert
  • Break a big announcement or premiere a new product

How do you ‘Scope?

  • Download the app on your iPhone or Android mobile phone.
  • Create a compelling title and tweet the link to alert your audience to the live stream. For more viewers, schedule your stream ahead of time, cross promote on all social media channels and turn on your location to be found in map view.
  • Point and shoot! But, only film vertically; the platform does not support horizontal filming. Also, try to film for a significant amount of time to give viewers a chance to tune in.
  • Watch as the audience numbers rack up and the hearts (similar to Facebook likes) and comments roll in. Interact with your viewers in real-time using messages.
  • Relive the action on the Web! Brand new to this service is the possibility of Web replays for 24 hours after filming.

Finally, remember to always consider privacy issues and obtain permission BEFORE filming. Happy ‘Scoping!


Alli Finkelston is an Assistant Account Executive at Lovell Communications. Connect with Alli at Alli@lovell.com or @AlliFinkelston.

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