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Posted on 08.02.2013

Our Summer Intern's Experience

Sharing our summer intern's experience... Lovell Communications Summer Intern

As my summer internship with Lovell is quickly coming to a close, I can hardly believe how time has flown. My experience has been filled with growth, laughter and lots of learning. Aside from shaping me into a more well-rounded PR professional, my favorite thing about these past two months has been the people I've gotten to work with and learn from. The associates here, each and every one, have been so kind and generous with their time and knowledge. I was constantly presented with learning opportunities, whether it was learning how to use Cision or sitting in on a corporate call with one of our clients. I can truly say that every single thing I have worked on or been a part of during my time at Lovell has been beneficial to my future in the PR field. My advice to future interns is to make sure to take advantage of every opportunity that comes your way. Ask questions, take the initiative and get feedback because even the most minute of tasks has a lesson that is yours for the taking.

I want to send out a huge THANK YOU to the whole Lovell team. You've treated me with patience, kindness and a dedication to aid in my professional success that is unlike anything I've ever experienced. I will be forever grateful for this incredible opportunity!

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