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Posted on 04.22.2011

Newly Released Social Media Tool

GOBA, which stands out for “Get Out Be Active,” was recently released on the market in the form of iPhone and Android apps. GOBA helps social media users get out from behind their computer screen and interact with each other. The new app allows users to list their personal interests such as running, coffee shops, gardening or painting, and when events are created around those interests, friends with the same interest will be notified of the event. The user can also choose to meet new people by allowing an event notification to be sent out to local users with whom they are not yet friends but who share the same interests. Instead of texting, calling or emailing several friends to see if they would be interested in getting together, GOBA allows users to communicate much more efficiently. The app also allows advertisers to contact users by offering discounts and deals. For instance, if a GOBA user lists Italian cuisine as one of their interests, they might then be able to access a page with deals and discounts from local Italian restaurants. Co-founder of GOBA Stuart Young thinks social media tools such as Facebook, Twitter and Foursquare should make it easier for users to connect with each other in person, according to The Nashville Business Journal. “We believe the world is starving for social interaction that goes beyond a keyboard or mouse. GOBA allows people to do more of what we love with those we enjoy being with,” Young said in the news release. Let us know in the comments why you would or would not use a service like GOBA.

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