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Posted on 02.14.2020

My Internship Experience | Natalie Simpson

Looking for an internship? It can be difficult to know from a quick website description what to expect. Everyone has heard about interns who were mainly personal assistants or assigned busy-work unrelated to developing their skills. I can say my experience at Lovell was nothing like this. I was given work that not only kept me busy but also challenged me every day.

I expected to learn more about communications when I came to Lovell, but I didn’t expect to learn about so many different aspects of the health care industry. Lovell Communications is a firm with all health care clients. I had some background in this industry through an internship at another health care focused company and my senior capstone project in college, which centered on a nonprofit cancer research center. I thought these experiences would give me insight into the work at Lovell, but I was wrong about how diverse health care could be. In this internship, I learned about different branches of health care – from behavioral health to palliative care – and left with a much more well-rounded understanding of the industry. I also got to do work for clients who were making a difference in their communities, which made me feel good about the impact of the work I was doing.

My favorite part of my time at Lovell was the variety of work I was able to do. I crafted social media posts for different platforms, wrote articles for a client, even assisted at an event attended by the governor and much more. I was surprised by how much they trusted me, and this gave me more confidence in my skills. There were times when I would have the opportunity to produce content – about a topic I knew nothing about – and I would have to dive in, do some research and teach myself to write about it like an expert. This was one of the best parts of my experience because I was constantly learning.

That isn’t to say things always went perfectly. There were times when I messed up, or I thought I wasn’t working as efficiently as I should be. However, what makes my experience at Lovell stand out from others is the culture of teamwork. On day one I was told one of the pillars of the firm is, “We don’t let each other fail,” and on multiple occasions, I saw this was true. Everyone’s door is open, and they are happy to answer your questions. As an intern, I got to have weekly check-in meetings where I could share how I was feeling about my workload. They don’t just claim to be a team at Lovell; they take steps to put it into practice.

My time at Lovell made me more confident in my communications skills and in my decision to pursue a career in public relations. Being able to learn from people with a variety of backgrounds was extremely valuable, and it opened my eyes to how broad a career in communications could be. No one’s career path was the same. My experience at Lovell not only made me feel prepared for the professional world but also made me excited to start in my career.

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