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Posted on 07.18.2016

My 5 favorite things about working in PR/marketing/communications:

As I consider my experience, I’ve been involved in a variety of PR, communications, and marketing roles even before I recognized them as such. PR and marketing are all around us. Music, sports, healthcare… anything worth talking about. If you’re involved in PR, you understand it’s an industry like no other and one that is constantly evolving. One day you could be producing a video and the next buckled down in a “war room” environment to tackle a crisis. Whatever the case, it’s an exciting industry that many gravitate towards. Below are my five favorite things about working in PR/marketing/communications. What are yours?                                     

1) PR is everywhere!
Public relations and communications is a career path encompassing countless sectors. There are virtually no limitations. Love music? Maybe writing for a music industry publication is for you! Have a heart for community involvement…try a nonprofit organization. Interested in healthcare…PR is essential there, too. It’s out there ready for you to get involved.

2) Camaraderie: People, People, People!
There’s an old joke in the PR world that if you chose this business because you like people, then you’re in it for the wrong reasons. But honestly, I’m the biggest lover of people you could find! People make this world tick, and there is tremendous camaraderie and an ability to teach one another in this business. The PR professionals I work with have great respect for each other, learn from one another, and we build on our shared experiences. That’s the beauty of it. We need each other to perform and when we work together, we perform well.

3) Excitement & Opportunity
There is never a dull moment in the PR world. Crises erupt, unexpected developments unfold, or even something as small as a link not working properly in a recent press release can send you scurrying. PR is a constant roller coaster, but it’s that cool, upside down roller coaster that straps you in for the ride of your life. It’s full of endless opportunity, so sit back and enjoy the journey!

4) Learning—it never stops!
PR pros have an endless curiosity for their craft. We are constantly developing new ideas and searching for ways to improve our knowledge. It’s a never-ending cycle and a gratifying way to continue to perfect our skills. The late, great B.B. King once stated: “The beautiful thing about learning is that no one can take it away from you.” Keep that in the back of your mind as you navigate through your PR career.

5) Making a difference & seeing results
It’s extremely rewarding to see the results of your hard work. Our industry encompasses so many outlets, it’s almost impossible not to make a difference. Whether it’s driving support for a community hospital or placing an article that helps a small startup grow, from small victories to big wins, the tangible results you achieve are great rewards, and have a positive impact on both your clients and your career.

Berkley Aiken is an Administrative Assistant at Lovell Communications. Connect with Berkley at: Berkley@lovell.com

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