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Posted on 04.27.2011

MEDIA MATTERS: Advice from World-Class Journalists and Intriguing Media Minds

Heather Demetra, or HEAB as she is called in the blogging world, runs a popular foodie blog entitled Heather Eats Almond Butter. She began the blog, which is now her full time job, in November 2008. Heather has hit the 1 million reads mark and continues to grow her traffic daily with her interesting (and often comedic) posts about healthy eating, a new baby, and the never ending antics from her husband and dogs.  Since Heather is my sister, it was pretty easy for me track her down to ask her a few questions about her experience in the business of blogging. Q. How did you get into blogging? A. My husband introduced me to fitness blogs which led to my discovery of healthy eating blogs. I was disappointed to find that there were very few written by women who had lost a tremendous amount of weight through diet and exercise alone. So, I decided  to start my own. I simply wanted to share my story hoping that it would and help and encourage others. Q. How much daily response are you getting from your blog? A. I average 7,000 to 8,000 page views per day. Q. How much of your time does it take up? A. I spend at least three hours a day, if not more, writing my post and answering comments/emails. Q. How much has social media played a factor in your blogging and what is working best for you? A. Honestly, I never put much of an effort into SEO for my blog. I simply started writing. I guess I just found my niche, and people started to find me. I do post on Facebook and Twitter but, again, I don't put much effort into the social media aspect of my blog. I'm too busy interacting with my readers, and that is much more important to me. Keeps 'em coming back, and I am grateful for their readership. Q. You have such a large following, how did you initially build your blog traffic? A. In the beginning, I commented on a lot of other blogs. Those bloggers would read my blog and link back to me. I post often, and I've always taken the time to respond to my readers. I never did much self promotion. If you're a good writer and post interesting info, then the readers will come. Q. As a PR professional, how would I reach out to you about an idea I think you would like to blog about? A. I am not a fan of emails from PR companies UNLESS they have obviously taken the time to read my blog. Those blanket emails where Heather Eats Almond Butter is simply inserted into the opening paragraph get deleted immediately. If you want me to review a product or offer something to one of my readers, then make sure it's something I'd actually like and be willing to promote. Read my posts. Do your research, and write a personal email reaching out to me. Q. How do you get paid (make money) being a blogger? A. Foodbuzz pays me a certain dollar amount based on the number of page views I receive. They handle the advertising for many of the "foodie" bloggers.

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