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Posted on 08.23.2016

Maximizing Media Coverage: A Checklist

Every organization likes positive media coverage – especially when it appears in a news outlet that’s well read by their target audience. But in today’s business and media climate, scoring a good news story is only the beginning of a much bigger opportunity for reaching your potential customers, employees, volunteers, donors or other stakeholders. You can re-use, re-purpose and leverage a positive story in a variety of ways to support your business goals.


Here are a few ideas to consider for maximizing your next media hit:


Share it on social media. According to Pew Research Center, 62 percent of Americans get their news through social media at least some of the time, with Facebook and Twitter the leading platforms. Make sure your followers have the opportunity to see, share and extend the reach of your news across their own social networks by posting to your accounts. You may even be able to create more than one post per platform if you space them out and get creative in what aspects of the story you feature.

Post it to your website in your “news” section, on your homepage, on your blog – giving visitors an easy way to find positive information about your company from a third party source. Good etiquette is to include a summary or the first few paragraphs of the story before linking to the original article online, unless you purchase the rights from the publisher.

Email it to your employees. They’ll appreciate being in the loop on the good news, and they may even want to share it with their friends, family and social media networks.

Put it in your newsletter, if you have one, to support goodwill and loyalty among your employee and customer base.

Add it to your marketing/business development materials. What this looks like will vary based on your organization and the story itself, but there’s probably an opportunity for including some or all of the story in the materials you use to cultivate new business. (Think: pull-quote in your brochure, PDF attachment for sales emails, etc.)

Use it in recruiting. Potential employees will want to know if you were featured as best place to work, if your company was recognized for innovation, or if your CEO is the industry’s top expert. If the story lets you differentiate yourself from other companies or employers, use it to your advantage by including a mention or link in your job postings or other recruitment materials.


But don’t let this list constrain you. Depending on your organization, maybe only a few of these make sense – and maybe there are items missing from the list. The bottom line is to take time after you get a positive media story (and you finish doing your happy dance) to identify all the ways you can get even more mileage out of a good thing.


Erin George is a Senior Account Supervisor at Lovell Communications. Connect with Erin at erin@lovell.com 

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