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Posted on 07.19.2013

Maximizing Facebook Graph Search for Your Business

Facebook has begun launching its newest feature, Facebook Graph Search. Graph Search gives users a more personal experience, allowing them to ask questions such as "Where have my friends traveled this year?" or "Find friends who like reading." Users are able to search for places, interests and products, but now the engagement level has been upped to combine the three with your friends, or friends of friends, experiences.

There are many ways any business can benefit from Graph Search, for example: Facebook Graph Search

  • Claim your location: Use the Facebook search bar to search your company name and see how many pages come up. There could be more than one due to multiple check-ins from customers or employees, so you would need to merge or delete the pages you do not want. Once your location is claimed, encourage your customers to check-in

  • Stay up-to-date: Make sure your page has up-to-date information, such as location, contact information, hours, keywords, etc. The more optimized your page is for keywords of the services you provide, or products you sell, the more likely you are to be picked up in search results.

  • Post regularly, and with a purpose: The more you post, the more engaging content you will (hopefully) be providing for the people who like your page. You can engage your current viewers and increase the likelihood of attracting new people to your page by optimizing your posts for your keywords as well.

  • Increase your likes and engagement: Businesses can get caught up in wanting to accumulate a high number of "˜likes" to their page. That's great but it's more important for those "˜likes" to be from engaged users. "˜Likes," from engaged users are important because the more you have, the better the likelihood of your site showing up in a search result. Ask your audience to interact with your posts, do a Facebook competition, post photos (as they have high visibility), etc.

  • Monitor your competitors: Graph Search gives you the ability to look at the demographics of not only people who like your page, but those who like the competition as well. Additionally, you can take a deeper look into the age, race, gender and location breakdowns; this could lead to adjustments in your marketing in a certain city or geographic area.

Take advantage of the visibility the Facebook Graph is providing. It is powerful tool that can boost SEO and increase your chances of being seen by those who are interested in your product or service. Engagement and optimization are key in Graph Search, and if you follow these tips, you can maximize your business engagement and potentially increase revenues.

What have you learned by taking advantage of Facebook Graph Search?


Katelyn Fish is an Account Executive at Lovell Communications. You can view more of Katelyn’s blogs here. Connect with Katelyn at Katelyn@lovell.com, or @katelynfish.

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