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Posted on 06.01.2016

Marketing Healthcare Information Technology Solutions: Made “Easy”

If you’ve been involved in the development and execution of marketing campaigns for healthcare IT products in recent years, you know it’s not exactly a simple task. With hefty price tags, complex technology and multiple stakeholders involved in the sales cycle, marketers must be cognizant of the unique challenges in today’s changing healthcare landscape and find ways to overcome them.

Consider the following strategies to avoid the common pitfalls and create more compelling and effective marketing campaigns.                

1.Beware of Marketing-Speak

A common mistake in IT marketing is the use of language that is too complex and jargon-heavy “…elastic load-balancing to manage the datafication of your enterprise!” or language that is overly vague “…lower costs and accelerate workflows!” leaving the reader wondering what you’re really trying to sell.

Potential buyers don’t want to be confused. They don’t want to be dazzled by obscure language. They want practical information about your product so they can make informed decisions.

So, mirror conversational language. Provide specific examples of how your solution can be used and what results it can achieve. Tell a story.

2.Bundle Up!

Don’t feel the need to “productize” each feature and function individually. Instead, think about the business challenges your products are designed to address and consider bundling similar products together as a comprehensive suite.

This approach offers several key benefits. One very practical advantage to bundling products is that it reduces your risk of overwhelming prospects with too much information. Busy professionals may not have time to review extensive pieces of collateral or attend long PowerPoint presentations.

In addition, bundled solutions can often be implemented more cost-effectively than a series of individual products, reducing strains on budgets and IT resources.

3.Show Some Street Cred

This one is huge. Whenever possible, your marketing materials should quantify the benefits that your solutions offer and provide a set of proven case studies. By establishing your credibility, you are addressing one of the most important goals in the sales cycle – lowering your buyer’s perceived risk. Customers want to protect their bottom lines and their professional reputations. 

It Doesn’t Have to Be That Hard

In sum, use common sense and know your buyer. Remember, at the end of the day, your potential customers are real people, so talk to them that way. Understand what they are looking for and incorporate that human perspective into your marketing messaging.

By using these three strategies, healthcare IT marketing may not be entirely easy, but, at least it can be a little easier.


Stephanie Sargent is a Senior Account Executive at Lovell Communications. Connect with Stephanie at: stephanie@lovell.com 

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