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Posted on 02.03.2011

Mammogram Campaign Fulfills Mission & Improves Brand Awareness

Challenge Nashville General Hospital wanted to increase awareness and utilization of its new but under-utilized Breast Health Center, particularly with mammography. The hospital had a limited budget for advertising and promotion, but wanted to promote breast cancer awareness and early diagnosis among an underserved and high-risk population. Strategy and Tactics Lovell secured sponsors to fund mammograms for women over the age of 40 who had not had a mammogram in the previous year.  The sponsorship money covered uninsured patients and the co-pays or deductibles for insured patients.  Lovell implemented a publicity campaign to raise awareness and secured a TV advertising package valued at more than $7,000, for which it paid only $2,000.  The package included production of the ad, airing of 52 spots, logo design, Internet exposure and news and talk show coverage. Results The program generated massive media attention including several TV interviews with the Chief Medical Officer and an editorial congratulating the hospital and the sponsors for this program and unique partnership.  Through the program, nearly 300 women received mammograms - and eight percent of these women had never received a prior mammogram. Client Response "Mammograms in May was a total success for our hospital … I applaud the creative and innovative approach with which Lovell Communications addressed this important initiative and appreciate the fact that they secured our sponsors as well as outstanding media coverage on our behalf.  This program definitely impacted our community and improved our image and visibility." Roxane Spitzer, Ph.D. Former CEO of NGH

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