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Posted on 02.13.2015

Lovell Communications Brings the “Love” this Valentine’s Day – 12 Things Our Employees Love the Most About Public Relations

This Valentine’s Day Lovell Communications is bringing the love as we share some of our favorite things about working in public relations. We asked our team of dedicated, hard-working PR professionals to explain what they love most about their job. Here’s what they had to say:

  • “I love helping companies create and protect their brand reputations and grow their businesses so they can meet their financial and performance objectives.” – Paula Lovell, Founder
  • “I love digging into a client’s business plan and helping them develop ways to meaningfully move forward in their marketplace – whether that’s in a small physician practice in Florida or a publicly-traded hospital company from Nashville.” – Rosemary Plorin, President
  • “I love applying what I’ve learned through the years to help our clients manage similar situations and challenges.” – Dana Coleman, Vice President
  • “I love the rush I get from finding the right words and medium to tell a client’s story. It’s powerful to see an idea take shape in a way that adds to an important dialogue or helps shape public opinion.” – Rebecca Kirkham, Vice President
  • “I love working in partnership with clients to help them overcome challenges and maximize successes. It makes me valuable to my clients and keeps them happy.” — Robin Embry, Vice President
  • “I love the variety of clients and projects that come with working at an agency like Lovell. From developing media relations strategy to managing crisis communications, every day is different and filled with new challenges.” – Erin George, Senior Account Supervisor
  • “I love working with journalists and feeling the adrenaline rush after seeing a story I helped create and cultivate reach numerous audiences.” – Amanda Anderson, Senior Account Supervisor
  • “I love that public relations provides me the opportunity to serve members of my community from all walks of life by educating them of pertinent information they can use to make their lives better, easier or more healthful.” -- Andrea Turner, Senior Account Supervisor
  • “I love the variety in my workload. I work with my clients on so many diverse projects ranging from media relations to event planning to drafting articles to digital media and so much more; it makes me excited to come to work every day.” – Katelyn Fish, Account Executive
  • “I love creating. I’m challenged to produce new material daily. My favorite part of my career is helping a client achieve success through work I generated using my inner creativity.” – Leslie Raney, Assistant Account Executive.
  • “I enjoy the diverse nature of public relations that enables me to work with such a wide range of clients. I also love the writing-intensive aspect of the field and, most importantly, my supportive, smart and fun group of coworkers.” – Jacqueline Miller, Administrative Assistant

Feeling the love for Lovell? Connect with us and see our award-winning work at www.lovell.com.


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