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Posted on 09.25.2013

LinkedIn’s New Analytics Feature Drives Better Content Marketing Strategies

LinkedIn is used as more than a social media platform for finding a job nowadays. It is a great place to share industry related content with all of your connections or company page followers. Now LinkedIn has added analytics for company pages, allowing you to compare your page to your competitors and gain further knowledge about your followers and their interaction with your posts. This information can help you better develop content marketing strategies.

According to an article recently published by Ragan, content published on LinkedIn generates six times more engagement than job updates. Will Hambly, the online marketing manager at LinkedIn, shared ten tips to maximize content marketing opportunities. I pulled out my top three on which to comment.

  1. Incorporate images with your updates (LinkedIn updates with images have a 98% higher engagement rate than plain text updates).
  2. Provide snackable and shareable content (read: clear and succinct content that people want to tell their colleagues and friends about).
  3. Include a call-to-action that aligns with both the text and image of the update.

I cannot stress enough the importance of images in posts. A lot of this has to do with the SEO behind images, as they do boost your content, thus engaging more of your viewers. I love the term he used, "snackable and shareable." Content that is short in length and easy to digest, as well as engaging, will lead to your readers sharing your content with their followers, thus double or even tripling your reach. Finally, always include a call-to-action. That is the point of you sharing your content to begin with isn't it? You want your readers to do something after reading your post. Whether that's engaging with your company further, encouraging additional research on a topic, commenting on an issue, or making a purchase, every post needs to inform those reading.

What's great about these content marketing tips is, when you start implementing some of these suggestions on your company pages, you can now track how people are engaging with your content through LinkedIn's analytics. According to a LinkedIn announcement in late July, the new analytics tool will allow you to:

  • Identify the updates that drive the greatest engagement
  • Filter engagement trends by type and time period
  • Get more detailed demographic data about your followers
  • See the growth of your follower base and benchmark it against similar brands

A look very similar to Google Analytics, each post will have engagement numbers based off of clicks, interactions and followers acquired. By identifying what content is engaged with the most often, or at certain times, you can begin to tailor your posts to better connect with your followers. If you'd like to learn more about your followers, you can now view demographic information which can be filtered by seniority, industry, company size, function or employee. This will help you develop targeted messages towards certain demographics you'd like to engage in your posts. Also, a unique tool no other sites offer is the, "How you compare" measure. Although it only provides you with a comparison between your followers and those of your competitors, it is still an insightful measure to watch as you work to improve your content marketing.

After incorporating the content marketing tips I mentioned, and consistently viewing your page analytics for LinkedIn, you'll be on your way to engaging your readers the most efficient and effective way possible. What are your initial impressions of LinkedIn's new analytic features?


Katelyn Fish is an Account Executive at Lovell Communications. You can view more of Katelyn’s blogs here. Connect with Katelyn at Katelyn@lovell.com, or @katelynfish.

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