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Posted on 04.25.2013

Is Your Brand Living on the Edge with Facebook?

Facebook has changed. Again. Their new feature, EdgeRank, is supposed to help ensure that users receive content that is relevant and wanted. The EdgeRank algorithm determines which posts on your company or personal page will appear on your followers' news feeds.

According to Facebook, EdgeRank factors several distinct attributes in determining what appears in a news feed, including the number of comments a post receives, who posted the story and what type of post it is (such as photo, video, status update, etc.).

To help breakdown how the algorithm works, GetPostRocket.com released a fun and informative infographic for folks who may not be math or algebra gurus (like me). PostRocket breaks down the algorithm into two main social factors: 1) how an individual user interacts with the author and content of a post and 2) how the Facebook universe interacts with the author or content.

In a nutshell, it works like this: if you've engaged with the author before, you are likely to see their posts in your news feed. And if you've liked or shared similar content before, you are likely to see more posts of the same nature.

Applying that logic to the Facebook community at large, the more users who engage with a post, the more likely that post is to appear in other users' news feeds (so expect to see more dancing baby videos or hysterical animal pics). Conversely, if users give negative feedback to a post, or as the number of shares and likes decreases over time, the less likely that post is to appear on users' news feeds.

Appearing in news feeds is important, as not all Facebook spaces are created equal. Comscore.com reports that 40 percent of user time on Facebook is spent on the news feed while only 12 percent is spent on profile and brand pages.

So the need for businesses, both large and small, to increase the likeability and "shareability" of their posts is increasingly important for the content to be seen by the largest audience possible. (Though it's important to remember that promoting posts and purchasing ads on Facebook will also increase your traction.)

Is EdgeRank working for you? Are you getting more of the content you like or want? Is your business able to conquer the new algorithm, or will your page fall off the edge?  


Jon Sutton was an Administrative Assistant at Lovell Communications. You can view more of Jon's blogs here.  

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