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Posted on 07.08.2010

Is Nashville the Health Care Mecca?

It turns out that Nashville’s health care industry contributes nearly $30 billion and 210,000 jobs to the local economy, securing Nashville’s position as a health care industry hub. This week the Nashville Health Care Council released an updated economic impact study that shines a spotlight on the role of the health care industry in Nashville. Health care is the engine of growth for Nashville’s job base and directly accounts for one in eight jobs, with health care companies paying more than 20% of the local tax base and providing more than 20% of local personal income. At Lovell, we have the privilege of being a part of this growth engine every day, working with dozens of health care companies (locally and across the country) from many different sectors of the industry. We consider ourselves very fortunate to have been on the front lines as Nashville’s health care scene for more than two decades as it has built critical mass, bred its own successes, and inspired possibilities for Nashville’s future in projects like the Medical Trade Center. 95 percent of Council member CEOs indicated that a Nashville headquarters location is important to their company’s positive performance, and approximately half believe that health information technology is the most promising sector to enter today. Having seen our community and industry leaders in action, we know it is no coincidence that the anchor tenant for the Trade Center, the Health Information and Management Systems Society (HIMSS), will very specifically attract vendors from the health I.T. sector and their customer base, which includes pretty much every company in America that remotely touches patient information. Perhaps the moniker of America’s “Health Care Mecca” is not so far off, after all.

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