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Posted on 11.08.2012

Instagram: It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Facebook

Perhaps you hadn't noticed when Facebook purchased Instagram last spring. The purchase came just after Facebook changed its look and user experience with the introduction of Timelines, which replaced the Facebook profile to offer a complete history of your Facebook usage dating back to the activation of your account.

Whether or not you took note then, Facebook is going to great lengths to make sure you know just who owns the free photo sharing application now, starting with last week's launch of Instagram's new Web profiles. We get the feeling we've been here before.

Instagram's profiles bare an uncanny resemblance to Facebook Timelines, and allow users access to Instagram photos online, which, until last week, were only available to view through the Instagram application on mobile phones. The new Instagram user profiles feature a small profile image, a Timeline cover photo, an "About" area and statistics about followers.















Over the next week, Instagram will slowly roll out the Web profiles to all users. Much like Facebook URLs, your Instagram page will eventually be located at instagram.com/yourusername.

If you're a business on Instagram, the new Web profiles present the opportunity for you to further engage with your followers.

"We believe this is a big step in allowing brands to have an Instagram home on the web where they can share recent shots with just about anyone," Instagram chief Kevin Systrom reported. "We're obviously very excited by the adoption of Instagram by the world's major brands and we'll continue to build products that suit both them and users alike."

If your company is not already on Instagram, does the Web profile feature provide more incentive for you to jump on the bandwagon? If you are on Instagram, what do you think about the new feature? Let us know in the comments below.    

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