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Posted on 05.27.2016

Infographics…. Can they help tell your story?

Infographics are an effective way to share information. They are a mix of graphics, information, and images that collectively relay important content in a fun and efficient manner. They are visually pleasing, direct, and informative, and have become a go-to for many companies.

Visual aids are important with the prevalence of social media in today’s world. We move so quickly that information presented in a visually stimulating way is more engaging than text alone. When trying to tell your organization’s story, you want material that will represent you well. Infographics are a great way to do that.

Here are some helpful ways infographics can boost your company and help tell your story:  

1. Brand awareness:

Infographics are a representation of your business. Present images in an engaging way to capture the interest of your audience. Use the same voice and imagery of your brand to share your message in an effective way. As you build infographics for your company, keep in mind the message you are trying to relay to your target audience. Focus on this and ask yourself: what am I trying to present for this project? Does this match my company’s voice? And does the imagery represent my company well?

2. Content management:

Infographics are efficient for relaying significant information. Create clean text and images that are unique and relevant. Use infographics to simplify complex or detailed content in order to present in a more concise and unified way. By combining notable content with imagery, your company can better manage topics to promote your brand.

3. Engagement:

Use infographics to boost engagement. Excite your audience about your message, which in turn, excites them about your brand. Use different components of your infographics on your social media platforms to drive engagement and further promote your company’s message. Infographics are fun representations of your brand. Use this to your advantage, but keep in mind your audience when sharing.

For more on infographics: Click Here

Berkley Aiken is an Administrative Assistant at Lovell Communications. Connect with Berkley at: lovcom@lovell.com

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