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Posted on 05.05.2015

Important Factors To Consider When Developing an App

I was recently asked to assist a client with the launch of a B2B mobile app targeting physicians. As the developers handle the techy elements and I work on the front end, launch and marketing, I find myself incredibly interested in articles and research that provide insight into what type of apps are resonating with consumers and the business world.

app tree

CA Technologies released a study conducted among 6,770 consumers and 809 business decision makers in 18 countries to determine what app characteristics influenced user experience. According to the study, Software: The New Battleground for Brand Loyalty, companies that launch apps that deliver a poor customer experience risk losing as much as 25 percent of their customer base, indicating apps can have a strong impact on company brands.

So, what did survey respondents value most when it comes to downloading and operating apps? Three characteristics topped of the list:

  1. Quick Loading: Close to 70 percent of respondents expect a load time of less than six seconds and almost half prefer for it to be closer to three.
  2. Simple Functionality: 70 percent ranked ‘perform task with little difficulty’ as the leading motivator when utilizing or determining whether to purchase an app and 80 percent think ‘easy to use features’ are most important.
  3. The Assurance of Security: Close to 50 percent answered that if they thought security was an issue they would get annoyed, 20 percent would leave the brand temporarily but would return and 10 percent would abandon the brand forever.

These top-ranking characteristics might seem apparent, but they’re a useful reminder that no matter how flashy the product or deep the functionality, if an app is slow or makes consumers question the security, apps can potentially damage a company’s reputation.

Despite the focus on security, the study also revealed users are becoming increasingly trusting of mobile apps. More than half of respondents reported they would use an app to perform functions such as paying taxes, voting in an election, renewing a passport, applying for a government permit or renewing a driver’s license. Clearly, we like the freedom and access that smart phones and mobile apps provide.

Apps represent a $25 billion market In North America, so there is no need to argue their allure and influence on our society.  But app development is complex and resource consuming, and with hundreds developed every day, not all are successful. It’s important to remember app development is not the answer for every product, process, company, etc., but if you do decide to go for it, make it useful, quick and secure.


Robin Embry is a Vice President at Lovell Communications. You can view more of Andrea’s blogs at http://lovell.com/author/robin-embry/.  Connect with Robin at Robin@lovell.com.

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