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Posted on 03.20.2012

How to Rank Higher in the Search Engine of Life

Recently, I've just returned from a vacation where I noticed a fun similarity in the way Google ranks website value and how people rank each other's social value. And as you may already know, our social value can be extremely important in the successful marketing of our business as well as in our overall happiness. If you didn't already know, Google ranks websites for its search engine results by backlinks. A backlink is a link from another website back to your website - thus the name backlink. The more popular the other site is that links to you, the more valuable the backlink. It's a web-based voting system. scott mcintosh discusses social backlinks But what about in the real world? You come across many different people in your daily routines, some that you know and many that you don't. This is especially true when you are traveling. Humans are naturally a very social species and derive pleasure from connecting with others. Each person that you engage with throughout your day is an opportunity for a social backlink. Each person that "likes" you is another vote for you in the greater social network that is our lives. The more votes you get, the higher you move up in the ranks of business and in life. Now I'm not talking about "spamming" everyone you meet with your business card and sales pitch. Please don't do that. I'm talking about just being a nice person. I'm talking about engaging everyone you meet as you would a friend or loved one. Listen to them. Remember their names. Ask them how their families are and HEAR what they have to say. Empathize with them and respect their differences. Each new person you connect with on a social level throughout your life will not only help you in your business endeavors, they will also provide a greater richness that can only come from increased social connections. So get out there and build your social backlinks! And if you need help with online backlinks, call us.

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