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Posted on 01.17.2012

How to Improve Your Business’ Facebook Page

Facebook is expected to exceed one billion users by August 2012 thanks to countries such as Brazil and India where Facebook use is rapidly increasing. Remarkably, more than 50 percent of users log in daily. If used correctly, Facebook is a great tool to increase awareness of your business; however, it can be confusing. If you are acquainted with Facebook, you’re probably aware that there are a few different types of pages: personal, community, fan and business pages. While these pages were created to promote and inform different publics, many people do not distinguish between the various types. Instead, they use their business’ page as they do their personal or fan page. Below are a few tips to help your business use Facebook more effectively. 1Target Your Audience If you are trying to promote your company through a social media website, think about who you are trying to reach. Then design you page strategy around this audience. This will include asking yourself what type of content they would like to see or what content will be of most benefit to your target audience. Besides providing great content targeted towards your desired audience, another way to build traffic and awareness to your Facebook page is by following or liking other businesses’ pages. For example, if you are a local restaurant, think about liking pages on Facebook such as the city of Nashville, other local restaurants, local news stations and your frequent customer’s pages. 2. Produce and Reproduce Relevant Information Social media websites such as Facebook are about sharing. It is vital that you or your company interact with your friends and followers. “Liking” articles that friends have posted, congratulating your friends on their accomplishments and reposting material you found insightful will increase your presence on these sites and show your followers that you are listening to them 3. Think Before You Post Think about the effects your post will have on your friends and followers before you post it. If the material is controversial, irrelevant or could come off as brazen or offensive, you should think twice before you click. Also, keep in mind that whatever you post is out there for the world to see. While posts and comments can be removed on Facebook, there is no guarantee your friends and followers did not see the post before it was removed. 4Don’t Push Too Hard There is nothing wrong with promoting your company or yourself on social media websites. Just remember, a little goes a long way, especially online. How do you distinguish between your personal and business page? Do you have any tips that you or your business uses?

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