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Posted on 11.10.2011

How Service Members Stay Connected With Social Media

As I was thinking about two upcoming holidays, Veteran’s Day on Friday and Thanksgiving in two weeks, I was faced with the question: How do our service members stay connected with their family and loved ones? Many of us are blessed with the opportunity to spend time with those we love around the holidays or at least speak with them on the phone. Unfortunately, many service members based in the United States and overseas don’t have that luxury. After doing a little research, I discovered our service members often stay in touch with their loved ones through social media in a few unique ways. Just a few years ago, service members relied on emails and hand written snail mail letters to communicate with their loved ones. Social media now allows them to communicate in real time. It’s no surprise that our service members stay connected through Facebook, but I was unaware of Facebook’s recent launch of the Facebook Stories Project. Facebook not only serves as a platform for users to chat for free, send messages and upload pictures, but it also allows users to share their stories online. There are hundreds of millions of stories on Facebook’s Stories Project page in one of about 30 different story categories.  “Military” is one of those categories where service members and their loved ones can share personal stories, tell how Facebook has helped them stay connected, seek advice and share information. Service members also use online video services such as Skype to communicate with their loved ones. Free services like Skype allow users to see and talk to each other instead of just typing messages. All they need to do is purchase a relatively inexpensive webcam. Seeing and virtually interacting with those you are chatting with is comforting, especially when children can see their parents. While communicating via social media is instant, handwritten letters and packages are still appreciated by service members. If you are a service member or have one in your family, how do you communicate with them? What changes in technology and social media would you like to see to make long distance communication more effective? Lovell Communications Inc. would like to thank all current and former service members for their dedication and service to our country.      

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