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Posted on 07.22.2009

How Does the Business World See You? Check Your Google Resume.

how-does-the-business-world-see-you---check-your-google-resume1 People use search engines like Google to gather information on just about anything.  Believe it or not, they may be Googling you. Increasing numbers of Americans are seeking new job opportunities, and the internet is often the first place they go. Whether you're an interview candidate, potential new boss or even a vendor under consideration for a new contract, businesspeople are probably checking you out online. So, how can you enhance your online presence?  Here are a few tips to improve your "Google Resume."

1. Google Yourself - First and foremost, visit Google and enter your name to determine what people see when they research you.

2. Use Social Networks to Establish Online Profiles - One of the great things about social networks like LinkedIn and Facebook is that their pages rank high on search engines results pages. LinkedIn is especially good because it is oriented towards working professionals - your profile will be structured like a traditional resume (work history, achievements, awards, etc.) - and your profile will be visible to the outside world, even those who are not LinkedIn members. In addition to these social networks, Google is even allowing users to create profiles that will show up in search results.

3. Start a Blog - Launching a blog on a service like WordPress or Blogger is free and easy.  Write a short article every week or so on a topic within your professional space.  For example, as a marketing guy, I might react to a piece of advertising-related news or profile a new online tool's usefulness for promotional purposes.  Also, consider joining Twitter, which is a micro-blog site on which each post is limited to 140 characters.

4. Take Your Time - Don't feel like you need to join three social networks, start a blog and launch your Twitter profile this week.  Begin with a manageable task (example: join LinkedIn) and build from there. That will help ensure each component of your Google Resume is valuable to others and a good use of your time.

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