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Posted on 11.17.2011

Google+ Adds Pages

Google+ has recently introduced Google+ pages, opening another door in social media development for businesses and brands.  This new feature of Google+ allows businesses to create their own page in order to target and follow customers.  The second feature is one of the biggest differences between Google+ and its largest competitor; while fans of a page on Facebook can follow a business, there is no corresponding feature that allows the business to follow its fans.  Google+ on the other hand, facilitates and encourages businesses to follow fans, setting up new opportunity for marketing campaigns.  Below are some basic steps on how to create and optimize your own Google+ business page so that your company may stay up to date in the evolving social media world.

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  1. In order to create a Google+ page you must first have a Gmail account.  While you have the option to use a personal Gmail account (if you already have one), you may want to create a new one that is accessible to multiple people or anyone who will be dealing with your company page.  Simply visit plus.google.com to be directed on how to sign up for a Gmail account in order to access Google+.  After logging in, you will notice a Google+ icon at the top of your webpage which will take you to the Google+ page.
  2. Once you have signed up for your account, you will be able to click on “Create a Google+ Page” which will allow you to pick from one of five main categories: “Local Business or Place,” “Product or Brand,” “Company, Institution or Organization,” “Arts, Entertainment or Sport,” and “Other”.  After selecting your classification you will be asked to provide basic information including your company name and website. Once Google finds a matching result, it will use this information for your profile; otherwise you can add your business info and continue by determining the appropriate age group for your page to be visible to based on content and agreeing to terms and conditions.
  3. Once you are past the initial set up for your page, you can begin to customize your public profile.  The profile basics include your tagline for your page and a profile photo (your company logo would work well for this).
  4. Now that the basics of your page are complete, Google+ will give you the option to spread word about your business page.  Until your new page is completely customized and ready for debut, you may want to click “Finish” so you can proceed to edit your page information and add valuable content before making it open to the public.
By optimizing your business presence on Google+ through recommending links, promoting your page on your blog or website, and encouraging people to share your posts, you will see that this isn’t just any other social media page.  Google+ allows you to become more invested in your following and offers unique elements and indicators that allow you to understand trends to see who does and doesn’t like what you are sharing. Are you or your company using Google+?  If so, add us to your circle: Lovell Communications Inc.

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